Article Title: Sharon Prince: Working Towards A Better Future

Grace Farms is a unique piece of land designed for an escape from the chaotic daily lives we experience. A combination of nature’s untouched beauty and well-planned structures in Grace Farms have led to a sense of tranquility to its visitors as well as faith. The landscape is based on the traditional idea of a community center but has advanced far ahead of it. It features both a library and a court, among other facilities. While Grace Farms has received a positive reputation due to its serene beauty and sense of community, the credit behind the success of Grace Farms belongs to its founder, Sharon Prince.

Sharon Prince founded Grace Farms with the intention of bringing people together and working against various causes such as human trafficking. Through partnerships with prestigious organizations such as the UN, her work has borne fruit. Performances at the center also bear light on significant issues. Recently, American artist, Carrie Mae Weems brought to light issues of inequality, racial discrimination, and injustice through her performance of Past Tense, a modern retelling of the famous play, Antigone. While her story takes us through the horrors of the topics at hand such as violence, the ending leaves a little room for hope. She hopes that her performance at Grace Farms, along with the efforts of Sharon Prince and partnering companies may lead to a change, no matter how minor. Thus, she will continue to work with Grace Farms bearing the slight hope that something may come of it one day.

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