You Can Declutter With Unroll Me

 Emails have become part of our identity as a society. We have come to rely on it for our day to day activities, whether business or personal. As a culture, we depend on email to notify and alert us of things going on at work, at home, school, and just life in general. 

The first thing people ask you for when filling out an application or shopping online is your email address. Certain websites may not even allow you to browse their sites unless you provide your electronic mailing information. That being said, your inbox can get cluttered fast. 

This is an ongoing issue that causes us to scroll and scroll through our inboxes until we get fed up and finally create a new email address. The emails never stop coming, so you have to make time to get your inbox under control. Between taking care of our families and working, there was no time to clean up our mailboxes until now.

You can now declutter your inbox by going to This is a great new kind of sorting service that will unclutter your inbox with just the click of a button. Finally, our email hero has come along. is a time-saver that you want to spread the word about. 

This service is absolutely free and extremely easy to use. Just sign in and start cleaning your inbox in seconds. It gives you just a few options to choose from. You just sort, delete, unsubscribe, or keep. Yes. It is that simple. This is the solution to a clean inbox, and you will not be disappointed.

Email is part of our lives that is never going to go away. It’s our very own personal digital space, and we should do our best to nurture and keep it as easy to navigate through as possible. This service is short, sweet and to the point. Go ahead and Unroll Me today.

HCR Wealth Advisors Provides Insight on the Financial Markets

HCRHCR Wealth Advisors has recently done some research on the financial markets. The firm found out that the markets have recently experienced some polarizing results. There have been major differences in the way both the stock market and the bond market have performed. In terms of the stock market, there has been a major upswing as stocks have risen in value during the past couple of months. The bond market has gone in decline over the past couple of months. As a result, many investors and financial experts are a little curious about why there is such contrast in the financial markets.

During the month of May, the S&P 500 Index rose to an all-time high. This meant that stocks had their highest gains in history. While this has been a very encouraging sign about the health of the economy, most investors do not have the most positive outlook on the financial markets. According to HCR Wealth Advisors, most investors currently have a bearish outlook on the state of the financial markets. This is quite unusual because whenever there are highs in the stock market, investors have an outlook that is bullish.

While many investors have a bearish outlook on the markets, financial experts are quite certain that the economy is in very good shape. According to them, the unemployment rate is still quite low, inflation is stagnating and the financial markets remain at high levels. As a result, it is unlikely that a recession is going to occur anytime soon. This is therefore great news for businesses, investors and individuals who are worried about a possible economic downturn in the near future.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a firm that specializes in providing comprehensive financial services to many clients. It serves clients that include families and high net worth individuals. HCR Wealth Advisors firm differs from other financial services firms in that it allows clients to have more autonomy when it comes to managing their investment portfolios. Along with providing clients more autonomy with investment decisions, it also has a very talented team of professionals who are experts on the financial markets. This experience helps clients get the guidance they need in order to reach their financial goals.

This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.


OSI Industries’ New Manufacturing Deal

OSI industries has been involved in food services for more than 100 years. This Illinois-based company specializes in food manufacturing, and it has clients all around the world. Some of the company’s biggest clients are McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Subway and Pizza Hut. As of 2019, OSI Industries is worth more than $6 billion, and it’s one of America’s largest private companies. More than 20,000 individuals work for this food giant. Some of the company’s advanced facilities can be found in Poland, Brazil, the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, India, Hungary, Spain, Germany and China. Join Linkedin to see all updates at OSI Group.

On the other hand, OSI industries is now involved with one of the food industry’s most exciting products. Meatless burgers have become quite popular since 2018, and many food manufacturers are getting into the mix. This plant-based food can be seen as a healthier solution when being compared to traditional meats. Impossible Foods is one of the companies that’s at the front of the movement. This particular company is located in California, and it’s the creator of the new Impossible Burger. The Impossible Burger’s success has taken off in the past year, but it has been sold in only a few markets. Upscaling the production limits of this plant-based burger will come via OSI Industries because OSI has all of the tools for the trade.

OSI already has a strong history of producing and processing massive amounts of foods, such as beef, pork and poultry. McDonald’s has used OSI as one of its main producers of beef patties. Thanks to having numerous advanced facilities in the US and a fine resume of success, Impossible Foods has chosen the Illinois-based food manufacturer to mass produce its meatless burgers. Since industry trends are on an upward trajectory, OSI Industries can expect to capitalize on this revolutionary new product. Learn More:

Laerte Codonho: The Fight to Defend Against Competitors

Founded in 1987 by Laerte Codonho, Dolly is a well-known soft drink company in Brazil that has quickly gained the respect and attention from the citizens of Brazil. Since it’s creation, Dolly’s fortunes quickly grew due to widespread aggressive marketing tactics, and by being the first to sell diet soft drinks after proving to the government that the artificial sweeteners used were safe for public consumption. Dolly remained the center of attention furthering its growth in the early 2000s by entering the guarana soda market, which is a highly popular soft drink in Brazil (Askreporter).


Since it’s founding Dolly was a soft drink company beloved by many. However, as his success grew resentment towards Laerte Codonho and his company grew by his competitors. In Brazil the soft drink industry was a highly competitive one. For Dolly to receive attention having great success, their success took away from the success and profit of its competitors. As competitor soft drink companies’ profits decreased their resentment grew, especially after Dolly’s emergence into the guarana soda market taking away from its competitors even further.


No matter the industry, in the world of business a company’s can change at any moment. This truth Laerte Codonho learned the hard way in the early 2000s when legal officials investigated him on several occasions at the height of his success. He believed the onslaught of legal actions against him was due to the actions of Coca Cola, one of his international competitors. Laerte Codonho’s claims are not baseless. In several interviews given by former Coca Cola executives they singled out Dolly for elimination from the soft drink industry, as well the accountant for Dolly having ties to Coca Cola caused Dolly to be charged with tax evasion when the accountant failed to pay the required taxes for the soft drink company. 


As a result of the siege of legal actions against Laerte Codonho, his success began to dwindle forcing him to close one of his facilities. Despite the struggles, he is fighting back against his competitors by aggressively defending his company by increasing public awareness of the unethical business practices used by competitors. From the public’s view all companies work within the limits of the law not engaging in unethical business practices that can sully their reputation. Sadly, this is not always the case. When in competition against larger companies there are many ways a smaller company making its name known can have its success and growth slowed through the actions of its competitors. 

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How OSI Group and Its CEO Sheldon Lavin Optimize for Sustainability

OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin is credited with letting the company unlock its true potential and move towards the practice of attaining new strategies. Those very strategies have been the key to the company’s success over the past few years, where it went from being a small supplier to McDonald’s initial operations to becoming one of the most well-known food processors in the world.

Today, OSI Group is considered one of the global leaders in the meat and food processing industry with more than 65 locations in 17 countries. With over 20,000 employees and a net worth of over $6 billion, the company is also paving the way toward sustainable practices in an industry that’s highly demanding of resources to support its operations.

In order to meet this commitment for sustainability, OSI Group has always ensured that it turns towards technological advancements in its day to day operations. This is something that has been in effect ever since OSI Group’s early days, when the company was named Otto & Sons and had broached the adoption of liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezing – which was also when Sheldon Lavin joined its operations.

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Today, OSI Group has moved towards attaining newer technological advances that are not only beneficial for its own operations, but are also friendlier to the environment. This is possible through its highly focused research and development department, which makes the adoption of sustainable solutions a part of its everyday operations.

Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group has also created the position of chief sustainability officer to devote optimal resources to the ideology of environmentally friendly practices. At the time of writing, the position is filled by Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, who was vice president for the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) before joining OSI Group.

All of these activities are focused towards meeting sustainability goals in a time where they are highly crucial for an industry such as meat processing,

Through these efforts and still maintaining its status as one of the major players in the meat and food processing industry, Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group have shown the world that achieving certain sustainability goals is not impossible when you put your mind to them – even when you have to make a few organizational changes to make it all happen.

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Laerte Codonho Offers an Explanation of Soft Drink Industry Wars

In the last 20 years, large conglomerates have often muscled out the small business man. If you ask the large multinational company manager, he will always tell you that this is the way of modern business. However, small businesses negatively affected by BIG business are now speaking out. “It is only by being vociferous that we can stand up against these large conglomerates,” says Laerte Codonho, founder of Dolly Sodas in Brazil (Askreporter).


It is in telling his story that Mr. Codonho plans on creating awareness of what large companies like Coca Cola are doing to the small enterprise. In a recent article published at Premier Gazette, Mr. Laerte Codonho says that there is an increased threat affecting Brazil’s soft drink industry. He says the problem is unfair competitive practices and the manipulation of legal processes to create an obstacle course that small industry soft drink producers just can’t navigate. 


Codonho has had legal struggles for years, and has been repeatedly singled out by multinational competitors for legal issues. This type of issue hampers Mr. Codonho’s ability to grow his company into a larger soft drink provider. 


In The Beginning, The Future Seemed Bright


Mr. Codonho founded his company in 1987 and he found a substantial niche for his product in the diet soda industry which was virtually non-existent at the time. The company held a certain prominence in the 1990’s, and so it’s percentage of the Brazilian software market grew. This led to diminished profits for international competitors. In turn, this caused resentment as the Dolly company continued to gain favor among consumers, the displeasure of competing companies also grew. 


Legal Issues Arose


Laerte Codonho began to come under scrutiny for legal issues. He became suspect for wrongdoing and tax evasion. Mr. Codonho believes this excessive scrutiny is a result of being pressured by the large international soda companies like Coca Cola. Laerte Codonho says that former executives of this large multinational chan singled out Dolly as a wrongdoer. Mr. Codonho, like many other small businesses believes this to be an unfair practice made by international soft drink providers. 


The Bad Publicity Causes A Loss of Popularity


As the legal tax issues get resolved in the courts, the Dolly brand has been struck by the defamation caused by the larger companies, causing it to be derailed from its national rise. Dolly has now had to close a factory in Sao Paulo, an action that has hit the workers hardest. 


Despite the problems, Laerte Codonho, founder of Dolly, is informing everyone about the actions of his competitors in hopes of bringing insight to the unfair practices that plaque the industry. He uses various marketing means to show the public what is going on. 



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EOS Lip Balm Review – How The Popular Lip Balm Company Found Success

When EOS lip balm first came into the game about seven years ago, creators Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra didn’t want it to be just another short-term fad product like so many other lip care products that are on the market.

Teller and Mehra started EOS with most of the funding coming from their own pockets, a detail that drove them to want to do the best for those purchasing their product. They were, however, confidant in the new line of balms simply because they knew what they were producing was something people would love.

Teller and Mehra wanted to design EOS lip balm specifically for women; they found that while most lip balms were marketed towards both men and women, it was mainly women who were purchasing them. In fact, nearly eighty percent of women purchase lip products.

This marketing strategy actually caused some retailers to initially overlook EOS. However, while originally only available in Walmart and Walgreens, Eos lip balm can now be found in nearly any store across the United States.

Like any new product, Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra had to work hard to get EOS lip balm into the public eye. They promoted the organic ingredients used to create their product and after a very short amount of time people began to love it. Now, only a few years later, the balm essentially sells itself. Satisfied consumers post about EOS and the aesthetically pleasing packaging attracts other consumers.

Teller and Mehra have also expanded the products that EOS creates to include skin care items such as lotions and shave cream. After only a few short years, it is apparent that EOS has only just started its journey to the top of lip and body care products.

Beal is the Chicagos Landlord

Beal Properties is a modern day landlord in the Chicago Area. Beal is different in the landlords of the past as they understand that the community is important. They place a high emphasis on not only up keeping their properties for their tenants but also giving back to the neighborhoods to make the neighborhood pleasant for everyone.

Beal is one of the leading lending property owners of multi-family apartment buildings in Chicago. With 30 years in the business, it is understandable that they are doing something right. Their apartments are well maintained and nice neighborhoods such as Lake View, Lincoln Park and Lincoln Square.

Beal Properties has over x amount of properties making sure they have something that will appeal to everyone. They have courtyard buildings to high-rise apartments, vintage apartments to modern day living. Units are equipped with many amenities such as hardwood floors, dishwashers, air conditioning and laundry rooms. Some locations are even pet-friendly. 

Each property has an on-site maintenance personnel to handle any issue quickly and proficiently. This also allows the tenants to have a fantastic relationship with the maintenance as they see each other in person. The Maintenance Personnel and Property Managers treat each property as if it is their home, which is true since some of the employees live in Beal Properties. They want to truly improve their buildings and neighborhoods, not just maintain them.

Floor plans in the Beal Property portfolio tend to be open and airy. This open feel allows you to cook your favorite meal while staying in the conversation. Kitchens are updated with the latest appliances. Bathrooms are up-to-date and modern. 

If you are looking to rent in the Chicago Area, be sure to look up Beal Properties. They have over 90 properties to choose from with many located close to public transportation. You will be able to find any style and layout you are looking for with Beal Properties.

Talkspace: Keeping Mental Health on Track

Today, it seems as if mental health is all that is being talked about. That being said, there is a new technology that is allowing users who have a mental illness to get assistance from a therapist via text message. It even goes as far as sending video or audio messages to your assigned therapist who in turn gets you on a program of treatment that can get you through your day. Millions of users have hopped on board to join Talkspace. It’s an innovative genius way of getting people in contact faster with a therapist that can help ease their mental anguish that is crushing their daily spirits. The reviews about the platform seem endless in that people are sharing that the application is life changing. Read this article here.

Talkspace Reviews, as many have put it, is giving them their life back in way they could have never imagined. The platform is so easy that a representative can get you matched with a therapist who gets you set on an online therapy plan within days or much less. One user points out that its the privacy and texting sessions that allows her to feel normal even though suffering from mental illness.

Talkspace is giving an instant gratification to those waiting to talk to someone about their negative worries that is harming their positive thoughts. The ability to sign up for as little as $49 a week is exciting to many users. It opens the door to getting affordable mental health care from a trained professional right from your own computer terminal in your room. They can enjoy extensive chats either live or by typing their hearts away sharing some of their troubling obstacles that prevent them from being generally happy. Reviews are on-going about the Talkspace platform that has several matched with a therapist that they feel truly cares.

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Blake Mallen Billion Dollar Entrepreneur Gives Back

Millennial lifestyle entrepreneur and philanthropist Blake Mallen enjoys giving back to the world through several charitable organizations. Blake is co-founder of ViSalus, a company based out of Los Angelos, CA and Italy.

Blake Mallen built ViSalus from an idea based on a healthy lifestyle. ViSalus has helped millions around the globe achieve weight loss and live a healthier lifestyle since it was created.

Blake has a mission to live, create, and inspire. His mission includes helping families who need help by providing meals through ViCares. ViCares has supplied more than five million meals to families in need since it was created. ViCares also helps with disaster relief and community outreach.

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Blake Mallen also supports global efforts to help those in need through Liv2Giv. One of their goals is to help communities become self-reliant and sustainable on their own. Liv2Giv promotes volunteerism and offers service oriented experiences.

Blake Mallen actively invests in companies that align with his brand. One such company is HEAL which is a mobile healthcare platform which brings licensed doctors where they are needed.

Another way Blake Mallen gives back is by empowering others to begin to live the life they were meant to live. Mallen believes most people are living the life they were told they were supposed to live instead of the life they were meant to live.

Mallen travels worldwide giving lectures on how to change the script and turn your life in the direction you were meant to live. He also teaches about branding, leadership, and personal growth.

ViSalus, a global company, has helped more than three million people lose weight and change their lifestyle to live healthier. The Body by VI weight loss challenge not only crated two billion dollars in revenue for his company but was said to be the #1 Weight-Loss and Fitness Challenge in America.

Mallen who married his high school sweetheart makes time for his family everyday while not only living the life he was meant to live but running several global companies including ViSalus and continuing to give back to communities worldwide.Mallen believes that, “To be relevant tomorrow we must be innovating today” and he certainly lives it.

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