Article Title: How Grand Tokaj Partnership Will Revolutionize Delivery Of Wine Products In China

Grand Tokaj partnership with is the latest partnership in the world of e-commerce. In the last 36 months, the Chinese company has signed different deals with companies around the world — with the sole purpose of improving the quality of shopping experience for its customers. The Hungarian company (Grand Tokaj) is synonymous with quality wines, and this partnership will give customers more options when buying for wines in According to the management of the Hungarian company, represents what the company has been looking for — a modern company with access to millions of customers across Asia. Pundits believe that this is the start of a brilliant partnership between the two companies.

After signing the deal, Grand Tokaj experienced one of their most successful receptions in Asia. During the launch close to 500,000 followed the proceedings and therefore making history as one of the most watched signing events. Many business journals have viewed this reception as a good footing in the vast wine market. also points out that the first ten hours; the Hungarian wines experienced unusual traffic from the buyers. The management of points out that this kind of reception is new and it is an indication that Grand Tokaj products will soon become the most preferred wine brands on their website.

Some of the reasons why Grand Tokaj opted to work with the Chine entity include the following. First, was the missing link between the company and the vast Asian market. It is the dream of every wine company to access a broad market, and in this case, was the perfect company. Second, Grand Tokaj understood that the Chine market needs a company with better structures and modern approach to customer service. Over the years, has revolutionized how customers access companies’ representatives, air their views, and complain. With these structures in place, Grand Tokaj Company is set to revolutionize the wine market in China.

In addition, the company has other avenues of distributions, especially for alcoholic brands. is one of the few companies in the world that utilizes both offline and online distribution channels. According to the management of this e-commerce company, the Chinese market needs the two distribution channels.

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