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Sam Boraie’s Commitment to Making the World a Better Place

Sam Boraie is the VP of Boraie Development– a real estate company that provides many services focused on every area of urban real estate market including property management, real estate development and sales/marketing. The company has a team of professionals dedicated to building excellent properties while providing unmatched customer service to their clients.

Boraie draws its strength from working with architects with a vision and contractors who understand deadlines and ensure timely completion as well as the success of all projects.

Sam Boraie also sits on the board of different companies. According to Rutgers Magazine, he is one of the advisory board members at the Elijah’s Promise- an anti-hunger organization in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

About Elijah’s Promise

Founded in 1989, Elijah’s Promise not only provides food to the hungry but also use it as an instrument for change. Their services include:

Good Food for All

The agency started as a volunteer community soup kitchen serving the hungry people of New Brunswick, NJ. They prepare numerous nutritious and delicious meals every year because they believe each and every person has a right to access good food.

Social Enterprise

Elijah’s Promise believes in providing food enterprises that are beneficial to workers, consumers, and society at large. They, therefore, change the way people work and eat through viable food businesses that bring them closer to making the world a better place.

Education and Jobs

Elijah’s Promise provides people with the required tools for both personal and professional improvement. This can be through their community cooking classes or the extensive training in their culinary and baking programs. They simply work to empower lives.

Sam also sits on the Historical State Theater’s board of trustees. According to Newark Mayor, Cory Booker, CityPlex12 Theater is the best place in New Jersey to watch a movie. Owned and operated by Shaquille O’Neal in partnership with Boraie Development, the theater underwent a massive renovation at the beginning of this year to increase the total seating capacity to about 2,400 and its footprint to around 45,000 square feet.

According to Wasseem Boraie, one of the Boraie sons, the team at Boraie has been working extra hard to deliver a state-of-the-art theater with stadium seating and digital projection to their customers. It is the best theater in New Jersey! The theater will serve as a token of appreciation to its customers who have always supported it since its opening. It is meant to appeal to a wide audience of movie lovers that demand excellence.

Situated in the middle of the Central Ward, CityPlex12 attracts people from all the five wards who come to watch the latest movies from Men in Black to Madea. Some of the high-end amenities include RealD-3D, Dolby 7.1 digital sound, a new concession stand and Barco 4K Digital Projection for all the 12 theaters. The theater will not only entertain Newarkers but also provide a source of employment to them.

Bloomberg describes Boraie Development as a compnay is committed to its vision. Their 30-year development track record makes them one of the most preferred developers in New Jersey. They are dedicated to creating projects that attract residents, tenants, and financial partners who are happy with their long-term ownership commitment.

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Looking to a Lawyer For Guidance: Sam Tabar

When clients expect only the best from attorneys and financial professionals, they often find themselves dealing with professionals who fall far short of these expectations. However, for those people who work with Sam Tabar, they get nothing but excellence time after time. Whether he is acting as a attorney who is analyzing compliance issues or a financial analyst giving advice on the latest international financial trends, Sam’s reputation has given him tremendous amounts of credibility with clients as well as other professionals in the industry.

Prior to his acceptance to Oxford University, Sam was already laying the groundwork for what would become a career others would envy. Realizing it would take hard work to reach the highest levels of his profession, Sam set out to ensure he would always be able to stay ahead of his competitors. Always paying attention to the smallest of details, Sam studied anything and everything possible related to the most current financial trends and analysis. Because of this preparedness and forward thinking, Sam was able to enter Oxford University already well ahead of many other students with regards to his career plans.

After graduating with Honors from Oxford, LinkedIn shows how Sam decided to pursue additional education by attending Columbia Law School. While there, he chose to focus on learning everything possible about hedge funds and other aspects of the financial industry. Due to his keen attention to detail, Sam found himself focusing his efforts on hedge fund regulatory and compliance issues. After earning his law degree, Sam put his talents to good use by working for numerous law firms that dealt with complex issues surrounding hedge funds. Whether it was the formation of contracts or questions concerning a fund’s compliance with federal regulations, Sam was always able to provide answers to the toughest questions.

Now viewed as one of the leading financial analysts in the industry, Sam continues to believe it takes dedication to his profession in order to keep the competition at bay. Whether he is acting as legal counsel to a company in Hong Kong or meeting with executives from Fortune 500 companies on Wall Street, Sam is always prepared for any situation he may face along the way.

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