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Giving back without giving in | A day in the life of Jon Urbana

From aviation to music and lacrosse to photography, Jon Urbana is involved with many things. He loves filling his days with the things he loves. However, these hobbies do not take him away from his love for others and giving back to the charities he is passionate about.

Urbana flies airplanes, dabbles in photography, is an awesome electronic musician, and has a few business ventures as well. If I had half the things going on in my life that Jon has I could never get half of them done. But I am not Jon Urbana.

You would think that a life this full of activity would not leave time for giving back, however, Jon makes time for it just the same. Jon has funded several charities from environmental causes to stray animals.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon’s photographs are amazing as well. If you have time check this one out at:

Can a man create a lacrosse camp, fly an airplane, make a music video, support a local charity, run 2 businesses and still have time for an evening meal? If your name is Jon Urbana then the obvious answer to that question is yes!

To find out more about the happenings in the life of Jon Urbana, check out his Facebook page,

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