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If you’re not looking for a way to harness the full power of IP geolocation, then you may be missing an opportunity to better your business and your communication with clients. At LocationSmart, you get a platform that has been proven to maximize the benefits of IP. LocationSmart helps business owners increase their potential by improving tracking the location of their devices. IP geolocation may improve your profit margin, internal function and open new doors for users.

Your various devices are assigned a unique IP address. Even if you’re connected extranet or internet frame, you still get a unique IP address. Primary IP address helps the host network to identify the user or device, but IP geolocation goes beyond that.

However, IP geolocation does depend on certain factors and the legal regulations of some industries. For example, mobile lottery and online gaming fall under state and local regulations, and if a business doesn’t comply they may face stiff consequences.

Also, online betting may be prohibited in some places so the player location must be confirmed before any bets or money exchange. IP geolocation allows a business to locate the user.

Another benefit of IP geolocation, it cuts down on online fraud. A serious threat in today technology-filled world, online fraud can hurt your customers as well. With IP geolocation, business locates the users and determine if a user’s information has been tampered with in an unknown location. If so, they may be denied the account until the user makes a call to provide identification. This protects not only the user but the businessman from fraud. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

IP geolocation also proves itself when it comes to obtaining real data on your customers. Even more helpful, IP geolocation allows you to track devices.

IP geolocation doesn’t stop there though. With IP geolocation you can locate the time, when and where your digital content was used. IP geolocation gives you peace of mind in the world online.

The world’s largest service company, LocationSmart cloud-based mobility platform carries device location around the world. Customers monitored without interruption continually on any connected devices. Companies using LocationSmart includes Fortune 500, enterprises and value service providers.

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Location Smart is one of the biggest LaaS (Location as a Service) company in the world. It is currently the global leader when it comes to Cloud Location Services in the case of connected devices. Location Smart has been serving multiple Fortune 500 companies with its services and multiple tools for the purpose of location-based services of various types. It specializes in indoor as well as of the outdoor nature of the locations.

It also deals with privacy consent methods. This is another highly popular services which are being used by many of the clients of Location Smart. It announced recently that it has selected the platform of AND as its main supplier of different important aspects such as maps for the different location platforms. AND is a global provider which operates in the field of digital maps as well as multiple location-based services.

Due to factors such as globalization and the internet over the past few decades, it has become extremely important for various business markets to render the use of location-based services. Another plus point of this market is that the demand is only increasing and based on every technical factor out there, it is not going to stop increasing anytime soon. Read more: LocationSmart | Owler and LocationSmart | Wikipedia

AND fully meets the criteria of what LocationSmart was looking for in order to get help in areas such as location-based services. When it comes to areas such as Location Based services, AND is a globally trusted name and it already has many reputable clients. Found in 1984 Netherlands, it has been working ever since to provide its clients with digital maps of every corner in the world along with various other location-based services.

These services are of monumental importance in today’s world. The news of Location Smart and AND joining hands in a quid pro quo beneficial manner has come in the wake of the expansion of the company in the area of Smart Zone API.

This expansion allows the companies and businesses to make sure that the location of any device which is obtained by any of the multiple options at the disposal of the companies is indeed valid and authentic. As a result of the rendering of these services by LoctionSmart, it is being hoped that in the last quarter of the same year, it will be successful in landing its first international client.

The CEO of AND expressed his happiness that Location Smart chose it as a mean to expand and provide its consumers a better quality as well as the range of services. He believed that this venture would be profitable for both sides in the long run. The words from the side of Location Smart also resonated his confidence.

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