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Greg Blatt Believes In Asking A Lot Of Questions

Greg Blatt has served many roles, from working at law firms to working as a CEO. He has taken on the jobs that came into his life and handled each one with great care. He has shared that he feels that it is important for a person to stay flexible (Resumonk).


Flexibility can help a person accomplish great things, and it has helped Greg Blatt to continue to have work to do and companies that want to have him be a part of all that they are. Greg was the Chairman of Match Group. He also worked for AIC. This man has found success, but he was not always successful. He has shared that he feels that it is important for any person who is looking to live the kind of life that he has lived to learn from their mistakes. 


Everyone has times when they mess up and they do things that are not beneficial to them in the moment. When a person chooses to learn something through the mistake that they have made, that mistake becomes a beneficial part of their life. Greg Blatt has shared that he has started many ventures that did not make it but he has kept going even after dealing with failure. 


There are questions that everyone has as they go through life, and getting answers to those questions can help a person grow. Greg Blatt feels that it is important for all people to keep asking questions and trying to learn. He likes to get into meetings with people where he is able to interrogate those who are meeting with him and really learn from them. He enjoys being face to face with people so that he can question what they are saying and see their faces while he is questioning them.



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