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Types Of People That White Shark Media Helps

Advertising brings businesses forward. If one does not have a successful ad campaign, then his business is not even going to be noticed. Success in the industry depends a lot on the exposure of the company. At the same, the marketer has to make sure that he is reaching people. This trick is much harder than one would think. There are common cases of people providing constant streams of content only to find out that no one is even looking at it. One of the reasons behind this is that it is important for the content to be optimized. The same could be said for advertising space on search engines.


Fortunately, White Shark Media knows how to optimize ads for its clients. Seeing that most people do not go beyond the first page of search results in most cases, it is crucial for the ad to be on the first page. It is preferable if the ad is on the highest possible spot in the search results. Also, if the advertising content is compelling enough, it will help get people to want to click on it. One of the best ways to get clicks is to offer something to the user. This is one aspect of advertising that White Shark Media focuses on.


When advertisers remember that the user is looking to get something from their companies, they gain a better chance to succeed. Therefore, the money spent on advertising space is going to give a good return because they have used a well crafted ad. White Shark Media looks at the company of its client in order to gain insight on what a customer would look for when they search keyword of this company. Then they put together a campaign that emphasizes the product or service that the user would want.

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Online Reputation Management, A Job You Might Want To Leave To The Professionals

It seems that everyone understands the value of keeping your reputation safe online and offline. Although the idea of protecting your online reputation might seem new, this concept has been around since the start of the internet. Mostly, online reputation management was used by huge corporations. In recent years it has become more and more important for everyone, from small business to large business and even an individual all need online reputation management.You might get the idea that you can protect your own reputation online and this is true, however, you might want to engage the service of an online reputation management service. Search Clean Up is an online reputation management service that is worth taking a look at. You can find them at: to get started on cleaning up negative news online.

Being proactive is a great idea when your reputation is being attacked. Once your reputation becomes out of control on the internet it can take months to fix all of the issues. It is for this reason you should search your name online and be proactive in your online reputation management. Once you find anything that needs to be fixed, or even if you don’t, call in the pros. One thing you can do is brand yourself on social media. Even if you don’t want to use the social media accounts, you should claim them under your business name just to protect it from. Once someone else registers your business name or your personal name online, there is little that you can do to reclaim it. Another great idea is to own as many domain names as you can. This will help with branding and give you a position to fall back on if something gets out of hand.

Keep in mind, when you use a service like Search Clean Up, things will never get out of hand because they will be hard at work to keep your online reputation looking great. Remember that you can check them out at:

Regardless of how hard you try to manage your own online reputation, it is always best to have a professional online reputation management service on your side and working for you. They can work around the clock to keep your good name in a positive light, while you concentrate on running your business.

Getting Your Positive Image Out There

A lady by the name of Melissa Click was recently involved in a protest which saw her attack and verbally abuse a group of non violent student journalists who were trying to take pictures and gather information at the event. The scene was caught on camera and eventually led to her dismissal from the University of Missouri where she was employed at the time, even though it was only on a courtesy appointment. As well as being relieved of her job and facing further criminal charges she has had a difficult time getting others to see her in a positive light. She recently took to interviews with the help of Status Labs after not saying anything for 3 months. Status Labs is a company that specializes in online reputation management which is exactly what Melissa Click required at the time to get her life back as her reputation was further tarnished online. She was receiving multiple threats as well as insults. She has been a professor of communications for 12 years and so asked the public to forgive her for her actions. She was very embarrassed and did not want people to see this one incident over a decade and more of teaching which she had brought to students. She was able to avoid the third degree assault charges that were laid against her by staying out of trouble as well as doing active community service. The protests at the University of Missouri were part of a number of actions taken due to several incidents where black students were mistreated at the university. This actually saw the president and chancellor resign from office in light of these allegations.

Status Labs has tried to resolve all the negative information that has surfaced about Melissa Click online by implementing their proprietary technology. One of those technologies is search engine optimization which allows them to push down negative, inaccurate information and push up positive, accurate information. This sheds a better light on the individual as well as brands and companies alike. The growing company of Status Labs is based in Austin.

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