Economic Breakdown

Malls Cutting Hours To Save Energy

Leaders in Venezuela are trying everything to save energy. Public workers have been given a three-day weekend so that there are fewer people at work. Now as reported thru a Slideshare report, malls and other large shopping centers are cutting back their hours to try to save as much energy as possible.

Since Venezuela relies on water for energy and El Nino has reduced the amount of rain that the area has seen, there isn’t a lot of water to convert to energy. The government hopes that by rationing energy, it will help residents and businesses to see that there is a crisis. Over 100 malls have started to either rotate the hours that they are open or have started closing early. Some malls have decided to close on full days in order to save as much electricity as possible. Malls that remain open have seen fewer shoppers, leaving some looking more like a ghost town instead of a place of business. If the energy-saving efforts don’t result in a decrease in electricity across the country, other restrictions could be put into place by the government. These restrictions would affect homeowners like Osio as they would be required to monitor energy usage, such as limiting the time spent washing and drying clothes.



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