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DeVos Gets An Indiana Slap Down From Buttigieg

Betsy DeVos is not used to people telling her what to do. DeVos married Dick DeVos, the son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos. The DeVos family are in the political heavy-duty movers and shakers category in Grand Rapids Michigan.



Dick and Betsy are philanthropists as well as Trump lovers. Mr. Trump paid Betsy DeVos back for the money the DeVos family and the Prince family threw his way in 2016. Trump nominated her to be his education secretary, but Congress had doubts about Betsy’s educational competence level. But Mike Pence broke the tie, and Betsy began to unravel every Obama education initiative on the books.



Secretary DeVos was a Prince before hooking up with Dick. The Prince family has stacks of money thanks to the automotive business. Dick and Betsy shared a lot of common interests. They both want to replace the public school system with a for-profit charter school system. Dick DeVos claims the Grand Rapids charter schools help students from low-income families score better on test thanks to the charter school environment.



Dick and Betsy have the same religious beliefs. The Prince family has roots in the Netherlands. So Calvinism is in their DNA. The DeVos family checked all the right political boxes for Mr. Trump. He decided to let Betsy be the face of his education agenda, but she fumbled the Trump education ball on 60 Minutes. Her visits to public schools turned into fiascos, and her decision to not forgive student debt proved the trepidations Congress had about Betsy seem to be coming true.



Things got really nasty when DeVos stopped funding the Special Olympics. DeVos got a taste of Trump’s special “you take the fall” snake oil, and she didn’t like it. Betsy gives part of her salary to the Special Olympics, but she took the heat so Trump could step in and solve the issue he created.




According to the New York Times, Betsy is a survivor. She loves politics. Her ambition was to become a big-time politician. Now that she got what she wanted, she may jump off the Trump crazy wagon and go back to Grand Rapids. Betsy told the press Dick got a little annoyed when she was under attack for acting stupid on TV. But she stayed the course and continued to dismantle Obama’s education accomplishments, as well as replace public schools with for-profit charter schools.



Pete Buttigieg thinks Betsy should go back to Grand Rapids. Mayor Pete brought Betsy’s three-year track record up at a recent campaign rally. Buttigieg wanted her to forgive all the for-profit college debt that has a drain on the economy. Pete also blasted her for hiring former for-college executives. According to Buttigieg, Betsy is the worst education secretary ever. But Dick and Trump say Betsy is the bomb.


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