Teach To One Re-Imagines Math Education

Math can be an incredibly difficult subject for some students to pick up on, and it can be frustrating for teachers, students, and faculty alike to craft a curriculum that will help kids develop the math skills they’ll need later in life. Luckily there’s a new solution, Teach To One, that focuses on a highly individualized approach to teaching math to students — and the early results are beyond promising. As a nonprofit organization, Teach To One has been massively successful in its mission so far, and it’s only trending upwards as we head into the future of education.

Teach To One works by getting away from the “one size fits all” method that has been commonplace for generations, and instead focuses on getting students engaged in their work by providing them with a pathway and learning experience that is totally unique to them. This allows teachers to “meet kids where they’re at” instead of consistently having to go too slow for some kids, while simultaneously going too fast for other kids. Another thing that sets Teach To One apart from so many other programs, is that it is co-founded and ran by a former 5th-grade math teacher, Joel Rose, who saw firsthand the challenges that students faced when attempting to learn and develop their math skills. Having the teacher’s perspective has always been a core focus of the Teach To One business model, and it shows in the way that the entire program is constructed.

The program got its (highly successful) start in New York City, and it has since taken its school-based learning model to other large cities including Chicago and Washington D.C. Its expansion is proving what its founders and users already know — Teach To One is unlike any other educational program of its kind because it helps students at a personal level as they work to develop their math skills. And while not every student will grow up to be a mathematician, Teach To One program has provided many kids with the roadmap to learning and understanding mathematical concepts that they otherwise may have never picked up on.

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva and Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has had a long stimulating career both in the field of academia as well as that of law. Born in 1958 in Itapetininga, he presently works as an academic advisor and professor at Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. He received his undergraduate, master’s as well as his doctorate from the same University. Even after graduating from the university, he is still enduringly associated with the institution. Apart from his roles in the academic field, Marcos Antonio is also a judge of Sao Paulo’s Court of Appeal


According to Marco Antonio, failure is not something that people should fight to overcome. As much as people do not see it in the beginning, failure is usually an opportunity to do even better. When one fails in doing something, he is presented with opportunities to learn more about the issue for a better future. In this line, Marco Antonio does not fear failure nor see it as a hindrance in his life.

A lot of writings have majored on the topic of globalized society regarding human rights.


His book includes a national extension of the works that have been done before about the same subject. Moreover, Marco is excited by the fact that presently we have ideas exchanged interdisciplinarily. Exchanging of ideas between sectors brings about the sharing of information which will help develop a reliable solution to challenges facing the world today (Youtube). 


This exchange is being realized, thanks to technology. Furthermore, as technology will be advancing, we will be able to access more information. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva believes in collaboration as a way to bring ideas to life. He has travelled to several places in the world, and this has made him understand how other cultures function. With this kind of experience, he can learn as well as appreciate a diversity of contexts and situations. This help Antonio to come up with new ideas as well as spreading them to others. Marco goes ahead to say that he would rather spend his money on experiences as well as travel over other things. He believes in God including hard work for his success.

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Dick DeVos Once Helped Put A Stop To A Plan That Could Have Spelled Financial Disaster For Grand Rapids

Dick DeVos is a businessman, philanthropist, and the partial owner of the NBA team the Orlando Magic. While many other businessmen focus on their own needs, he has made a career out of working for the people of Michigan. He ran to serve as the state’s governor in 2006 but lost to the incumbent Democrat Jennifer Granholm. DeVos worked with Amway for a lot of his younger life, which was his family’s business, and he became the company’s CEO in 1993. He served in that position for just under a decade before moving on to take care of other business matters.


Before serving as Amway’s CEO, Dick DeVos was faced with a problem in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The city had been eyeing plans to construct a multi-use sports arena and convention center near its downtown section, but he knew this would not go well for anyone. DeVos had insight into the matter because he had been alive during the 1970s when Detroit had made a similar mistake. The city had built a sports arena for its sports teams, but after it was finished, the Detroit Lions and Pistons moved on from the city.


Dick DeVos wasn’t about to let something similar happen in Grand Rapids, and he immediately began to lobby against the idea. He was able to convince many business leaders in the area to come together to form a group that is known as Grand Action. The group has been a positive force for Grand Rapids ever since and is responsible for the construction of multiple buildings in the city that have greatly improved the quality of life for citizens there.


Dick DeVos has also supported the educational system and many other charitable organizations over the years through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The foundation was founded in 1989 and has been responsible for the donation of more than $139 million during the course of its existence. DeVos has also been a mega-donor for the GOP for many years, but his charitable giving far outweighs his political donations.


In 2010, Dick DeVos decided to do something for Grand Rapids that would make many students happy. He founded The West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is a public school that is located inside of the Gerald R. Ford International airport. Every year, hundreds of students do everything they can to be able to attend the school, and there is a public lottery held on a yearly basis that decides which lucky students get to attend there. DeVos is a pilot and aviation enthusiast, himself, and he is very happy to have had the chance to create a school that focuses on aviation. The school started out with under 100 students, and there are now 600 students in attendance.


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Aaron LuPuloff’s Dedication To Education and Gwinett County

Aaron LuPuloff is a very accredited activist for progression for the schools of The United States of America. He has had the opportunity to raise three children that have graduated from one of the most community involved and encouraging school systems in America, Gwinnett County. This particular school district stands out because of its very diverse array of students and educational techniques. Aaron Lupuloff  have school based sports and other benefits that helps to make education more effective and enjoyable. ^This is due to all of the individuals and organizations who are supporting the education system of Gwinnett County. Parents like Aaron LuPuloff, local churches businesses, and wealthy community members have come together to make sure that the entire county educational system improves. They know that this is the only way that the schools of America will perform better and remain one of the highest performing schooling programs once more.

This is a highly needed approach to save educational standards. The schools in The United States of America have been shown to be one of the lowest performers in the world. People like Aaron Lupuloff have realized that the schools need to implement happier and more influential learning approaches so that students can see learning as more enjoyable and important. This is why Gwinnett County Public High Schools are named the best in Georgia and the 13th best school in the United States of America. They also specialize in the fields of mathematics, science, and technology.

Aaron Lupuloff  have also taken a different approach to empowering their students on different levels. For example, they have started a girl’s sports team that encourages them to become more active to encourage them to have happier and healthier lives. This can also create bonds and connections between the students that may last for the rest of their lives. For more info about Aaron you can visit his facebook page.

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