Rebel Wilson is Set to Star in a New Romantic Comedy, Isn’t It Romantic

Rebel Wilson will star in the upcoming romantic comedy Isn’t It Romantic alongside Liam Hemsworth, Priyanka Chopra, and Adam Devine. Rebel Wilson takes the role of Natalie, an architect based in New York. Natalie works very hard to be noticed in her job, but she is more likely to be requested to deliver coffee and not to design the world’s next biggest skyscraper.

In the film, Natalie hates romantic comedies, which is also true for Rebel Wilson. Rebel Wilson hated romantic comedies as a child as she felt that they did not happen in real life. In a clip, a childhood version of Natalie is watching Pretty Woman, but her mom interrupts her to remind her she can’t get that. Twenty-five years later, Natalie is seen lamenting to her coworkers how all romantic comedies suck.

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Natalie’s life takes a new turn after a mugger attacks her on a subway platform. She manages to fight him but runs into a poll as she runs away. She loses consciousness and wakes up in a decorated emergency room. As she leaves the hospital, Natalie notices that New York has changed. It’s much beautiful, and it does not stink. Upon getting home, Natalie finds out that everything in her house has been replaced with more attractive and expensive stuff.

The closet has every shoe and clothes she ever dreamt of. She calls 911, but the respondent hangs up on her as her complaint is dramatic. The situation gets worse when Natalie gets her episode of Pretty Woman when Liam Hemsworth pops his head out of a limo and shouts to her. In the trailer, there are hot scenes of Liam and Rebel Wilson. Rebel realizes that the sequence of events is happening again and again.

Natalie tells her coworker, Josh, that she is losing her mind after hitting her head on the wall. It does not take Natalie long to realize she is trapped in her PG-13 romantic comedy. She must find love to get out. The trailer has other amazing scenes like a kiss in the rain and several street dances with Priyanka busting her moves.

Well, almost that’s all. But what is a romantic comedy without a love dilemma? Rebel Wilson has two love interests in the film, Liam Hemsworth and Josh. When she gets out of her romantic comedy, Natalie realizes that she had feelings for her coworker. She was too blind to notice the attraction earlier. The film is available in theatres. Grab your ticket today.

Rebel Wilson started acting back in Australia. Her road to fame has not been that easy. She had a canceled film, a lover who got away, and the doubters. However, she managed to succeed against all the odds. Rebel Wilson has won several awards including the Best Breakthrough Performance Award by MTV.

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Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa Paid Tribute with Amazing Thowback Halloween Costumes Costumes

Radio show host and TV personality Ryan Seacrest entertained fans this year with some Halloween costumes based on throwback TV.

I Dream of Jeannie, Friends, All My Children, The Brady Bunch, Saved By the Bell, Laverne and Shirley, CHiPs, I Love Lucy and Charlie’s Angels were all were just some of the TV shows that Seacrest (along with Kelly Ripa) drew inspiration from.

Seacrest continues to show that he has time for fun and fans alike, despite being a part of multiple radio and TV projects such as On Air with Ryan and Live with Kelly and Ryan.

The co-hosts talked about how they pulled of some of their spactacular costumes. Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) said that for him,”For me, the most painful was going from Shirley to John Baker. That transition, I barely made it.” Seacrest also admitted that he still had the glitter and lipstick that he used for the costume around somewhere and that he wore spanx for one of the costumes. “You know what the best part about it was?” he joked, “Taking them off.”

Rippa had a lot of fun with her Farrah Fawcett costume and she said that she wore her own clothes “and they added nipples.” “That’s how you know it’s Charlie’s Angels,” she said.

The hosts also talked about what mashups and what shows they would love to bring back. Rippa claimed to want to bring All My Children back to the present, “and also of course Hope and Faith. I would like a Hope and Faith/All My Children mash up.”

Ryan Seacrest added that he thinks a “Punky Brewster/NCIS mashup would actually be a nice one too.” Rippon even teased Seacrest about teaming up with Mark Consuelos about bringing back ‘CHiPS’ because the duo looked “sexy in those costumes,”

Even though Halloween is over now, we have almost a whole year to plan costumes for the next year of spooky fun!

What you ought to Know about Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest was born on the 24th of December back in the year 1974. He is a renowned producer, television host and also a radio personality. Ryan is popularly known to many for hosting programs such as the American Top Forty and a show known as On Air with Ryan Seacrest. He is mostly known for hosting the American Idol, an ionic music competition.

The American singing competition, American Idol, makes its massive return to the television for its season one in the spring of 2018. In an article from mensjournal.com, the host of these competition series is non-other than Ryan Seacrest. Ryan’s involvement in several different companies associated with media and entertainment has resulted from his interests in entrepreneurship. He has directed more of his efforts on the initiatives concerning the youths, creating a significant impact in the entire nation.

Ryan Seacrest is an executive producer and a co-host of live with Kelly and Ryan. He is the founder of the Ryan Seacrest Productions, which is a company dealing with entertainment production. This company has produced series such as Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and its spinoffs, shades of blue, Insatiable for Netflix and NBC drama series starring Jennifer Lopez. The success of RPS is indicated by producing Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution which is an Emmy Award winning reality series.

Seacrest, a fashion line creator, has archived much in his field of expertise, which is clearly indicated by nominations for the American Idol from the year 2004 to the year 2013 by the Emmy Awards. He has also received nominations as an Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host for the Outstanding Talk Show Entertainment, Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Seacrest’s radio life began when he was at the age of 16, by then, he was an intern at WSTR (FM) in Atlanta. His encounter with Tom Sullivan was a success as he trained him in so many radio aspects. He worked at the station until he completed his high school education, and later on went to study journalism. In the year 2010, he founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation dealing with children health care. After 2 years of the foundation successful operations, he named Selena Gomez to serve as the foundation’s Ambassador. For more details about his clothing line, visit his website.

Facebook: facebook.com/ryanseacrest/

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