How OSI Group and Its CEO Sheldon Lavin Optimize for Sustainability

OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin is credited with letting the company unlock its true potential and move towards the practice of attaining new strategies. Those very strategies have been the key to the company’s success over the past few years, where it went from being a small supplier to McDonald’s initial operations to becoming one of the most well-known food processors in the world.

Today, OSI Group is considered one of the global leaders in the meat and food processing industry with more than 65 locations in 17 countries. With over 20,000 employees and a net worth of over $6 billion, the company is also paving the way toward sustainable practices in an industry that’s highly demanding of resources to support its operations.

In order to meet this commitment for sustainability, OSI Group has always ensured that it turns towards technological advancements in its day to day operations. This is something that has been in effect ever since OSI Group’s early days, when the company was named Otto & Sons and had broached the adoption of liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezing – which was also when Sheldon Lavin joined its operations.

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Today, OSI Group has moved towards attaining newer technological advances that are not only beneficial for its own operations, but are also friendlier to the environment. This is possible through its highly focused research and development department, which makes the adoption of sustainable solutions a part of its everyday operations.

Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group has also created the position of chief sustainability officer to devote optimal resources to the ideology of environmentally friendly practices. At the time of writing, the position is filled by Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, who was vice president for the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) before joining OSI Group.

All of these activities are focused towards meeting sustainability goals in a time where they are highly crucial for an industry such as meat processing,

Through these efforts and still maintaining its status as one of the major players in the meat and food processing industry, Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group have shown the world that achieving certain sustainability goals is not impossible when you put your mind to them – even when you have to make a few organizational changes to make it all happen.

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Beal is the Chicagos Landlord

Beal Properties is a modern day landlord in the Chicago Area. Beal is different in the landlords of the past as they understand that the community is important. They place a high emphasis on not only up keeping their properties for their tenants but also giving back to the neighborhoods to make the neighborhood pleasant for everyone.

Beal is one of the leading lending property owners of multi-family apartment buildings in Chicago. With 30 years in the business, it is understandable that they are doing something right. Their apartments are well maintained and nice neighborhoods such as Lake View, Lincoln Park and Lincoln Square.

Beal Properties has over x amount of properties making sure they have something that will appeal to everyone. They have courtyard buildings to high-rise apartments, vintage apartments to modern day living. Units are equipped with many amenities such as hardwood floors, dishwashers, air conditioning and laundry rooms. Some locations are even pet-friendly. 

Each property has an on-site maintenance personnel to handle any issue quickly and proficiently. This also allows the tenants to have a fantastic relationship with the maintenance as they see each other in person. The Maintenance Personnel and Property Managers treat each property as if it is their home, which is true since some of the employees live in Beal Properties. They want to truly improve their buildings and neighborhoods, not just maintain them.

Floor plans in the Beal Property portfolio tend to be open and airy. This open feel allows you to cook your favorite meal while staying in the conversation. Kitchens are updated with the latest appliances. Bathrooms are up-to-date and modern. 

If you are looking to rent in the Chicago Area, be sure to look up Beal Properties. They have over 90 properties to choose from with many located close to public transportation. You will be able to find any style and layout you are looking for with Beal Properties. 


Max Salk-A Life of Inspiration

While many try to create a life for themselves that creates happiness by participating in things that move them, few are able to do it with as much ease and grace as Max Salk. A successful finance investment advisor, Salk has been able to incorporate his passion for photography into his hectic schedule. In addition, he devotes his time and energy to supporting active and inactive members of the military and their families. Max Salk is exemplifies a lifestyle everyone can look up to.

At an early age, Max Salk developed an interest in investment finance. Watching CNBC in his spare time, he learned about stock trading. His interest led him into researching stocks and figuring out how to identify trends and analyze the stock market and investment industry. Salk graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a bachelor’s degree in finance with a history minor. Upon graduation, he worked for Morningstar and PPM America as an investment analyst. In 2015, Max moved to New York to take a position with Blackstone, where he continues to currently work as the Vice President and U.S. credit research analyst. 

Finance was not the only hobby that Max Salk was able to fabricate into his everyday life. He had the opportunity to study abroad during his junior year of college in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It was while exploring on this trip that Salk found his love for photography, shooting images of the local landscapes that moved him. Photography is another passion that Max has been able to continue doing throughout his life. An avid traveler as well, Salk photographs the landscapes; which he then posts on his Instagram account and his website @ maxsalkphotography.com. 

Most recently, Max Salk has found a cause that has peaked his philanthropic passion as well. He has become involved with the Navy SEAL Foundation, an organization that raises funds in support of SEALS and their families. This has ignited Salk to investigate additional opportunities where he can make a difference in the lives of military members and their families.

Max Salk continues to live a life that is filled with his passions. He comments about how difficult it is to become successful in areas that do not move you. His advice is to be true to oneself and do what you love without outside influence, and success is sure to follow.


How Can Isabel Dos Santos Improve Education In Africa?

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Só podemos caminhar para um mundo justo quando os nossos meninos e meninas tiverem as mesmas oportunidades desde cedo. As raparigas são muito mais do que ajudantes em casa. Podem ser as futuras presidentes de bancos, ministras, embaixadoras de uma associação internacional que vai fazer a diferença. Há um mundo de oportunidades! O nosso dever enquanto geração mais velha é lutar pelos seus direitos 🙌🏾 A educação é um dos caminhos para garantir que produzimos uma nova geração de jovens informados e qualificados para contribuir para as suas comunidades, Angola e África. Meninos e meninas, sem excepção 📚 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Educação #Angola #África #genderempowerment #igualdadedegénero We can only step forward into a fair world when our boys and girls have the same opportunities early on. Girls are much more than house helpers. They may be future bank presidents, ministers, ambassadors for an international association that will make a difference. There is a world of opportunities! Our duty as an older generation is to fight for their rights 🙌🏾 Education is one of the routes to ensuring that we produce a new generation of young people who are informed and skilled enough to contribute to their communities, to Angola and Africa. Boys and girls, without exception 📚

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Isabel dos Santos is the richest woman in Africa, and she is also a proponent of building the African economy. She knows that businesses need to put money into the economy, but she also knows that education plays a big part in how kids will grow with Africa. There are a few things that she does to make this a much better place to live, and each of them can be life-changing for a child in a small village. Visit her facebook page to learn more about her platforms.

Bringing Jobs To Africa

Isabel dos Santos works with many companies on their board of directors or as an investor. She has long been committed to making sure that the people who are getting jobs in technology and industry can be native Africans who were hired locally. She wants to see offices of her companies grow so that more people can make money and support their families.

Getting Kids Into School

Getting kids into school is a large part of how Africa can grow. When people meet with Isabel, they will learn how she has made big efforts to take care of school children. She is giving to charities that want to build and support schools, and she also wants to ensure that all these children know that they can find a college that will prepare them for the future.

The Economy Is Thriving

The economy of Africa is thriving, but that does not mean that it has stopped growing People like Isabel dos Santos want to see the African economy grow more so that they middle class can thrive. She also gives to charities that help women start businesses or get an education. Because of this, she can help women get out of small villages, leave abusive relationships, and support their children. Even a micro-loan can go a long way to helping someone have the very best life.


Isabel dos Santos is one of the most important businesspeople in all of Africa. She is investing in the future of Africa while also giving to charities that can support the people who need it most. By doing this, she can help the economy grow. Source: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isabel_dos_Santos

The Humble Beginnings Of Dick And Betsy DeVos

Dick and Besty DeVos both came from families with vast wealth. However, this didn’t stop them from following their dreams and sticking to things they are passionate about. Dick DeVos was working for his family’s company Amway when he was younger. Around 1991, Mr. DeVos was working on moving up to CEO. During this time, he got wind of a construction project in the area of downtown Grand Rapids.


He was worried the new convention center would ruin the downtown area. He wasn’t the only person who felt this way and gathered some other local business owners to form the Grand Action Group. While the plan to stop the project failed, the lesson was not lost on the group. DeVos went on to become CEO of Amway and held that position from 1993 to 2002.


Charitable Family


Much of Betsy and Dick’s charitable contributions go to political campaigns for the Republican party. However, from 1989 until 2015, the DeVos family’s foundation reportedly gave almost $140 million away to various arts, leadership, culture, church, human services, health service and policy initiative programs. Most of these were organizations centered around scholarships for private school institutions and educational reform.


Educational reform is a passion for both Dick and Betsy and one of their biggest initiatives. Mr. DeVos even started a charter school based on aviation. The school was founded in an old airport hangar in the Grand Rapids airport.


Betsy and Dick have worked hard trying to sway public opinion about school choice. They feel poor families with school-aged children deserve the same opportunities their children had. However, getting the government and the public to believe in their same philosophies and principles have not always been successful.


In 2000, the couple tried to change the constitutional amendment to allow vouchers for private school education to be funded by the taxpayers. The voters ended up rejecting this DeVos-sponsored amendment. When Dick tried to run for governor six years later to change policies himself, he lost the votes and his incumbent won. Even with these two failures, the couple decided not to give up.


Dick DeVos’ Charter School


In 2010, Dick and Betsy opened an aviation-themed charter school for high school students. It started with merely 80 students coming in from surrounding counties. Today, the school has grown to more than 1,000 students and is continuing to grow. The number of applicants to the school is more than they are allowed each year. To make things fairer, they hold a lottery each spring to randomly pick who will be eligible to attend the following school year.


The charter school has done well for the couple and fits nicely with their philosophies on school choice and educational reform.


Read http://dickdevos.com/news/ to learn more.

How Carsten Thiel Launches Medical Products

Carsten Thiel is EUSA Pharma’s President of Europe and has used his position to launch a number of successful medical products, including Neulasta, Vectibix, and Prolia. Thiel uses his strong convictions and belief in medical ethics to improve the lives of patients, and he often changes medical protocols to make them more beneficial to patients and care providers.

Thiel was born in Berlin, Germany and had an interest in chemistry from a young age. He attended the University of Bristol and studied organic chemistry and biochemistry. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree, Thiel enrolled in the Max Planck Institute of Biophysical Chemistry, where he received a Doctorate degree in Molecular Biology.

Following his education, Carsten Thiel began working as the Communications and Product Manager for Hoffman-La Roche, a biotechnology firm. He was promoted to a position in the scientific marketing division of the company, allowing him to use the skills he had gained at university.

The first big launch that Thiel was in charge of was a weight loss product named Xenical. This launch was made successful by Thiel’s ability to steadily gain traction in new markets, and not exaggerate the product. This protected the product and the company’s reputation.

When launching Vectibix, a treatment for colorectal cancer, Thiel tried a new approach. He focused on educating patients and medical practitioners about the product. Thiel’s plan also involved doctors testing potential users of Vectibix with biomarker measurements, so that the effectiveness of the product could be measured.

It is Carsten Thiel’s honest and thorough approach to product launches that has made him a leader in the biochemistry and medical fields. His efforts ensure that patients are more educated and safer than ever before.

Contact Carsten Thiel: inspirery.com/carsten-thiel/

How Vijay Eswaran Inspires Success By Encouraging People To Break Out Of Their Comfort Zone

As an entrepreneur, Vijay Eswaran achieved success with direct selling. Before co-founding the QI Group of Companies in 1998, he was a successful information systems engineer. He started his career as a business owner in the Philippines with QNET, a direct selling and e-commerce company selling commemorative Olympic coins. QNET grew rapidly, selling new products and expanding their operations to over 30 countries. Today, the QI Group has diversified interests in financial services, logistics, education, hospitality and more.

Eswaran stepped away from QNET’s day-to-day operations to focus on mentoring entrepreneurs. He still hosts QNET’s V-Convention, a motivational event where up to 20,000 distributors attend to hear Eswaran’s speeches. Eswaran is a popular speaker; this year, spoke at the 2019 ASEAN Community Leadership & Partnership Forum and sat on the panel at the 49th World Economic Forum Meeting. He talked abut being a strong proponent of diversity in the workplace. Eswaran’s speeches and essays are available in his book As I See It…

Eswaran has penned five other books as well. In Two Minutes from the Abyss—11 Pillars of Life Management, he talks about following your passion, even if you have to leave your comfort zone. In the Sphere of Silence, his first book, is about practicing silence for an hour a day. In the Thinking Zone contains inspirational quotes from Eswaran about overcoming challenges in life. His book, 18 Stepping Stones, is a plan for life in a chaotic world. Eswaran’s On The Wings of Thought is a pictorial book featuring breathtaking photographs taken by Eswaran.

Eswaran is passionate about education; he established Quest International University Perak along with the state government of Perak. Eswaran wanted to offer affordable diploma, degree and postgraduate programs in an academically underserved region of Malaysia. The QI Group is building QI City around the university. Find out more about Vijay Eswaran: https://www.businessforhome.org/2012/11/vijay-eswaran-ceo-qnet-featured-in-forbes/

The Leading Name In The Engineering And Construction Industries In Brazil

Toyo Setal is a Brazilian company that is involved in the development of industrial enterprises and machinery and focuses on the production and development of complex projects within the engineering and construction industries. The company also tries to focus on the development of its Oil and Gas units, mainly focusing on petrochemical engineering. The company also offers its services in the realm of mining, iron and steel and fertilizer production in addition to some of its other services. The company has excelled in every field that they have invested in and has proved to be incredibly proficient in every venture that it has taken on.

The company has always believed in operating in accordance to its client’s needs. The company executes each of its actions with the utmost expertise and innovation, thereby giving their clients the very best solutions within this field. The company is dedicated to maintaining its commitment to excellence and strives to always offer the best product. The company has experienced an incredible amount of profitability with regards to this and is now starting to move towards a more sustainable direction with regards to all that they do.

Because of the notable work that they have accomplished over the years, Toyo Setal stands as one of the leading names within the engineering industry. The company has received numerous awards and honors for the projects that they have taken on and for the work that they have accomplished over the years. This dedication and innovation are what has helped them reach the prestigious position that they currently hold. The company is also the proud recipient of the Innovations In Integration of Engineering Projects award which was bestowed upon them at the AVEVA World Summit 2014.

While the company has a prestigious name within this industry, the company would not be where it is without the notable contribution of professionals and leaders. The people working at Toyo Setal have played a prominent role in the upliftment of the company and the position that it holds. The experience, drive, motivation, commitment, and expertise of the professionals working at Toyo Setal are the things that have helped the company grow in a positive direction within the engineering and construction industries.

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The Successful Journey of Ashley Lightspeed

Ashley Lightspeed has accomplished a lot in her career at a very young age. Over the years she has worked with several companies helping them attain their full potential. Ashley has assisted in the success of each one of these firms. As a kid, she showed great interest in the growth of business projects and the creation of quality goods and services. Ashley loved sitting with her dad, who was an architect, watching him create prototypes and sketching buildings.

Ashley always dreamt of becoming an architecture one day, though her mindset later changed and she developed an interest in business development, Ashley is at the top business building and construction. Ashley Lightspeed currently works at Lightspeed Ventures as one of the board members. Lightspeed ventures are among the few ethnic ventures capital which appreciates cultural diversification. Ashley’s role at Lightspeed Ventures enables her to use her skills and experience to the maximum. Get the latest update on her twitter to find out more.

She efficiently uses her great ideas and expertise in product development to come up with great business projects as well as valuable goods. Ashley has assisted Lightspeed Ventures in widening their ethnicity by encouraging for the employment of more female employees. According to Ashley Lightspeed, women are a significant asset in the business market. Ashely Lightspeed has worked with several prominent companies over the years. She has played a significant role in the development of the financial sector.

Ashley’s career life began after she had graduated from Duke University. Ashely Joined Bain and Company where she gained experience and broadened her knowledge on business running’s. Ashley learned new ideas that are quite useful in business development. After working with Bain and Company for a few years, she joined Thumbtack. The company’s primary focus is to link up business experts with ordinary business personnel. Through Ashely’s help, the company’s event planning platform is currently among the business in that category.


Impressive Career of Paul Mampilly

For years, Paul Mampilly has been a successful and influential person in Wall Street. The tycoon began working at Bankers Trust, assisting in portfolio matters. He later began investing in large companies. However, after years of success in Wall Street, he shifted his focus to helping ordinary people in making better financial decisions. Everyone desires to have financial freedom, and Paul’s efforts in helping people on the matter are highly appreciated by many.

According to Paul Mampilly, working in Wall Street brought joy to him, but he noted that only the rich benefitted from it. Thus, he left Wall Street to start a newsletter called Profits Unlimited that details how people can best invest in funds. The newsletter gives tips on where ordinary citizens can put their money for better returns that will change their lives. Being financially stable, offers people peace of mind and the lifestyle, they want, and this is Paul Mampilly’s ultimate goal.

Paul Mampilly understands how easily one can make irresponsible investment decisions. He also knows that it is the lack of knowledge on making responsible financial moves that makes even the rich lose their money. This knowledge and his experience in the investment sector is what makes his services reliable. Since he can put a smile on the faces of those he helps, this work is more fulfilling to him than his experience on Wall Street. Read more articles at stockgumshoe.com.

About Paul Mampilly

In 1991, Paul Mampilly worked at Deutsche Bank, where he assisted in research matters. His commitment and dedication at work made him rise quickly rise through the ranks in Bankers Trust and ING. His roles in those companies entailed managing various million dollar accounts.

Paul Mampilly enjoys reading books. His advice to anyone who wants to invest or start their own company is to look at the emerging technologies and industries; they have to focus on where their investment will be in the future and what factors will influence their investments with time. He primarily focuses on technology because this is what runs the world now and will still do in the future. Reading books on the same can help people decide the best move to make.

To learn more, visit: https://banyanhill.com/expert/paul-mampilly/

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