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Rona Borre Sets The Standard For The Staffing Industry

When Rona Borre graduated from The University of Arizona with a business degree, she landed a job with a leading staffing company and wound up leading the company in sales. Not only that she broke every sales record the company owned and was in charge of a $30 million book of business. The company was sold. However, the culture changed and Borre left the company to start her own.

Instant Alliance was founded in 2001 in Chicago with just Borre and her pet dog Henry working out of her spare bedroom at home. In six months, she had a staff of 50 people, and today from her downtown Chicago office Rona Borre is the CEO of one of the fastest growing staffing companies in the United States.

In a recent interview, the question was put to Borre as to how she was able to grow a firm so well and so quickly. Her answer was that she is never satisfied and that she is always looking for a better way to do things. Ideas are the treasures of any small business because when you are small, you can try anything, and if it fails, you just start over with something else.

The next question was all about her workday and how it shapes up. Borre stated that her workdays are never the same, but she tries to be out of the office selling and developing relationships with clients. Check the full interview on this article.   In this way, her firm can be an effective recruiting partner when she knows how to find the best candidates who will fit their scheme of things. Talent is fairly easy to find, but when you find a top candidate that fits the culture of the company hiring him or her you have struck gold.

Borre is strong on training her account executives to do the same, that is to develop that strong relationship with the top management of the hiring companies. Most of the competition doesn’t do this, and it shows.

Borre is very active in the Chicago business scene too, as she holds leadership positions in organizations such as the Economic Club of Chicago, The Chicago Network, and the Young Presidents’ Organization.  Related article on

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