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Matt Badiali: Knowledge and Wealth

@!Over the years, Matt Badiali has become a very successful individual. With his many experiences with finances, investments, and knowing what is the best, he’s been set down a path to guide others to the same success. Matt Badiali has a Bachelors Degree in Earth Science. He also holds a Masters Degree in Geology. Some of Matt Badiali’s many talents were discovering the best investments; included in his discoveries were natural resources, metals, and energy. Matt’s knowledge and experience has become his foundation. From this, he helps others, giving them important information on ways to be successful in investing.

Matt wrote a newsletter known as the “Real Wealth Strategist”. This newsletter published with Banyan Hill, provides valuable information and important advice on stocks. Many readers around the globe have become very engaged in his newsletter. Providing them with opportunities to consistently grow and flourish with their own investments, allowing them to prosper in the long run. This is why Matt has gained recognition all over the world for what he knows.

Matt Badiali is considered an investment expert. He has mastered his line of work to a point where Matt Badiali has made a name for his self all around the world. He’s been to places like Hong Kong, Iraq, Switzerland, Turkey, Peru and even Haiti. Matt is dedicated and focused on his task at hand and he lets nothing distract him or lead him astray. Due to his determination and persistence, he is able to share what he’s learned and inform others around him. He teaches others about good marketing strategies that have shown promise in the future, enabling investors to choose wisely on what it is that they will be investing in. Buying stocks never looked so promising until Matt. Matt is a man that is willing to share what he knows with the people, a gift rarely ever spread more than within the bounds of family and friends. He is opening doorways for the average American, doors that will give all a better and brighter future.

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Fortress Investment Group Embarks on a New Path by Joining Forces with SoftBank

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 as a private equity firm and it has grown rapidly to become a world player in the investment industry. Currently, it manages over $43 billion worth of assets on behalf of more than 1500 investors across the world.

The firm specializes on asset-based investing, operations management, capital markets, sector-specific knowledge of firms and M&As. The company prides itself of an extensive experience in both physical and financial asset management including financing, owning and pricing.

The strong expertise in mergers and acquisitions have enabled them to be a leader in the area. In addition, they have been able to secure funding from debt as well as equity markets in regards to capital markets. The firm has successfully applied cutting edge technology and various growth and development strategies to see them maintain a rising growth trajectory.

Recently, Fortress Investment Group was acquired by SoftBank in a deal worth $3.3 billion. The move is going to change the development direction SoftBank will take. The company is a big player in the world economy and it had developed interest in tech companies, an interest that saw them acquire more than 500 tech companies. In this deal, SoftBank is pursuing its goal of becoming the world’s largest investment firm.

Fortress Investment Group has welcomed the move since it has been open to change. It adapts easily to market changes and therefore, this deal could be a growth opportunity. It is evident that the deal will benefit the two parties.

SoftBank had plans in place to acquire a leading investment firm. It had already strategized on how they are going to handle investment activities. Despite the fact that the firm has been acquired fully, it will continue with its normal operations. SoftBank decided to allow Fortress to continue managing its many assets in an effort to avoid regulatory hurdles. In this deal, SoftBank seeks to branch out.

Fortress Investment Group welcomed the idea of the M&A and Wes Edens, co-principal in Fortress, was excited about the new opportunity of not being traded publicly. Wes Edens said that the move was well deserving and is going to benefit both parties. He believes that SoftBank has built a good reputation and it has performed very well under the leadership of Masayoshi Son.

Southridge Capital: A Partner to Rely on When Looking for Financial Solutions

When is looking for financial advice one should aim to find firms that are concerned more about their clients interests rather than the profits that they are to make. This reason it even more important today after the recent scandal where Wells Fargo was caught in a scandal; they prioritized their profits over the interests of their clients. Also, one should aim to find advisers who will be there for him when in need of their services. This reason is precisely why Southridge Capital was founded in 1996.

Southridge Capital has given world-class advice to its clients for over two decades. When an input is sought from them, they put in place a customized plan to help the client solve his financial problems. They pride themselves on having a pool of qualified professionals who know the dynamics involved in the financial world. Since its inception, Southridge Capital has committed over1.8 billion to aid the growth of companies globally.

Southridge Capital is a one-stop place for financial solutions. It offers Balance Sheet Optimization services which help companies keep its debts in check by balancing assets with liabilities and equity. This balancing helps in projecting and maintaining the planned path to achieve the desired results. Southridge offers acquisition and mergers services. Using their team of experts, they assist a client find suitable candidates to merge or acquire if their business portfolios align. Check out


The firm helps companies solve their financial problems through actions such as credit enhancing and securitization. These measures assist the companies to take advantage of financial services that they may not have known they had. One of the ways that Southridge Capital is helping companies solve their financial problems is by collaborating with the creditors to eliminate debts. This tactic benefits the company by increasing its creditworthiness. You can visit scribd to see more.


Southridge Capital is aware of its social responsibilities which it fulfills through its team. Southridge volunteers in activities such as community work and providing financial support to help in the well-being of the community. Stephen M. Hicks, founder and CEO of Southridge Capital, has started an organization, Daystar Foundation- with her wife Mary, which supports charitable organizations.



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The New Business Relationship between Fortress Group and SoftBank

Recently, Fortress Investment Group sold its shares to Softbank Group. The management of the organization received a bid in the region of $3.3 billion, which was way above the market value. By accepting an acquisition bid, Fortress Investment Group is helping its customers to make critical decisions when opportunities arise. Despite the company being acquired, it will continue serving independently and be bearing its original name. The funds received will help in serving the customers better and accomplish other goals that required financial support. Finally, to achieve its multinational status and reputation it has right now, the company hired professionals and staff members who had previous experience in finance and investment.

Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger are some of the high ranking employees at Fortress Investment Group, who have played primary roles in the development and success of the asset manager. Peter Briger is a person with high reputation in debt management and investing in alternative assets. He is the one who implemented the process of buying undervalued assets at discounted rates and later selling them at higher profits. The steps taken by Fortress should be a clear demonstration that a visionary entity should develop a clear path to achieve its vision. One of the strongholds that Fortress Investment Group boasts of is possession of great leaders, among them, being one of the principals, Randal Nardone.

In his career, Randal Nardone was able to implement things that would be of value to every facet of Fortress, and also aiding people and companies from all over the country by offering his advice on financial issues, thereby helping them in an incredible amount. However, Randal Nordone seems to be very good in the field of finance, and he had also earned an undergraduate and master degree in the field of law. He was more interested in knowing how the financial field can be interlinked with the legal sector that led him to switch field and start to work in the financial industry. As we speak, Fortress Investment Group is managing a wealth of over $63 billion on behalf of its valued clients who are always happy to receive impressive investment returns from their investment manager.

Peter Briger’s Inspiring Career Journey

The CEO and co-principal of Fortress Investment Group, Mr. Peter Briger, graduated with a Master Degree in Business Administration from the Wharton School of Business at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania. This was after he had acquired his undergraduate degree at the Princeton University.Like any other graduate, Peter’s thoughts and imagination could have never gotten any closer to the kind of success story that he is today. However, his great achievements have not just occurred as a coincidence; it has been through sheer effort and working tenaciously towards the achievements.Immediately after school, Peter Briger started his career journey by working for a very reputable investment banking company, Goldman Sachs & Co. While here, Briger performed important roles in operations, leadership, and management. He also polished his theoretical knowledge from his school work with skills and experience in various expertise such as loans, trading, distressed debts and foreign investments.

This greatly sharpened his financial acumen, an aspect that saw him become a partner of his employer, Goldman Sachs. By this time, Peter was ripe to make his next career move.In 2002, Peter Briger moved to Fortress Investment Group where he joined as a co-CEO. The situation at the company was not impressive enough, and so Peter had a tough task ahead of him. Luckily, his 15 years at the Goldman Sachs & Co. had equipped him with adequate skills and technical know-how to face such challenges, and so he was up to the task.When he arrived at Fortress Group, the company was managing assets worth a meager $400 million. Shortly after his commencement of operations, the group’s investment tables started turning.

Within the first three years, the portfolio of the company had shot to $3.9 billion. By 2007, the value of the company had skyrocketed to a whopping $32 billion in assets under management. This was an incredible growth for the company that no one could have ever imagined. Currently, Peter Briger is still a co-principal and also the chairman of the Board of Directors at the Fortress Investment Group. Apart from his office commitments, Peter Briger also participates in the individual social responsibility. He participates in the community activities that he believes can improve the welfare of the members of the society. For example, he provides funds to educate children from the needy families in the society. This is because he is a strong believer in education and he believes that to eradicate poverty from a society, you must start by educating the young generation.

Susan McGalla Is Breaking the Glass Ceiling For Other Women

Not many may have heard of Susan McGalla, but she is a woman who believes nothing is impossible no matter the gender and refuses to let anything stop her from reaching her goals. Born in East Liverpool, Ohio. She grew up with two brothers and a father who coached football. Her father taught her, she stated in the article she did for that she needed to work hard for what she wanted. She did not receive any breaks because of her gender.

Susan McGalla received a BA in Business and Marketing before her career at American Eagle Outfitters began. Susan worked her way up to become President and Chief Merchandising Officer of American Eagle Outfitters. She contributed to the $3 billion growth in revenue and was a part of the “wear what we wear” campaign that encouraged fans of the Steelers to purchase merchandise.

Susan McGalla’s achievements are a step in the right direction for the women’s movement; however, according to the fight for gender equality is still wide. While a plethora of systems provides support to women leaders, allowing them to share information with one another, we still need women in Susan’s position to continue to knock down doors for the ones who are coming behind them. The problem as noted by is that not enough women fill the important senior roles in companies.

However, creating sponsorship opportunities may halt the gender inequality that we see in businesses today. A sponsor will work with women, and recommend women for the lead roles on assignments and projects. notes that mentorship and sponsorship can be what changes the fight in gender inequality.

Susan McGalla illustrious career leads her on to be the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. Before she became President of Business Strategy and Creative Development at The Pittsburgh Steelers, LLC. Susan McGalla career proves she is someone who does not let anything stand in her way and maybe she can be that guiding light for other women as well.

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