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It is quite frustrating to commute between Miami and Lauderdale. Due to this fact, most Florida residents drive. During the rush hour, a drive that would usually take 30 minutes with little or no traffic could easily take an hour. It is even worse where there are instances that involve a car accident, or any type of traffic disruption. Such a disturbance could last for a few hours. However, Fortress Investment Group has come to rescue the situation.

To the rescue of precious time lost in traffic, Fortress Investment Group’s Brightline train has been established to provide a faster and more convenient option for those who are travelling between the two major South Florida cities. Brightline services in Miami was first rolled out on the 19th of May, 2018. Brightline has established routes between Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach since the beginning of the year.

Having services expanded on to the Magic City is a substantial step in reducing traffic and providing better and eco-friendly solutions to commuters. These trains come with a lot of goodies for commuters including fast Wi-Fi, leather seats, USB ports and wide aisles not to mention the amazing food service and lounges.

Fortress Investment Group, which owns Brightline, is inspired to implement this type of rail service across multiple cities in the US. Fortress Investment Group’s co-founder and co-chief executive officer, Wes Edens, says that he has plans to extend the West Palm Beach- Miami route, 235 miles out to Orlando. The train could reduce the travel time between the two cities down to less than two hours with projected speeds of up to 125 miles an hour in a few years.

Wes Edens is also interested in connecting Houston and Dallas with a Brightline route and is even considering other routes like Atlanta to Charlotte and Chicago to St. Louis. There were also rumors that Wes Edens would consider connecting Chicago and Milwaukee. This route is, however, unlikely because additional train services are much more needed elsewhere.

Brightline’s endeavours and future strategies are also anticipated to escalate real estate prices in areas served by the train stations. As the service continues to become more popular among customers, residential apartments in interconnected cities will also become more attractive.

Irrespective of Hard Times, Mike Bagguley Still Stands Out

As Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Barclays, PLC, Mike Bagguley is responsible for aligning company technology to services and domains, rationalizing the company operating platform, and maximizing strategies of execution.

Mike Bagguley graduated from the University of Warwick  with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in 1988 and he has worked at Barclays in various roles since 2001. Prior to taking on the role of COO for Barclays PLC, Mike Bagguley was the COO for Barclays Investment Bank.  Throughout his career,  he has gained a lot of experience in leadership.

Some of his accomplishments include the execution of a physical oil deal, integration of Rates, and FX and commodities businesses. He also earned second place in the Euromoney FX survey for the company. Barclays has never earned such a high ranking before. Also, during his time as head of macro product sales and training, Bagguley accelerated delivery and ensured that costs were minimized and profits increased. Additionally, he has a rich background in the financial sector which positions for success in his current role. Besides working at Barclays PLC, Mike is a shareholder representative director at LCH Group Holdings Limited and Clearnet Group Limited, a position he took up from 2011.

Mike Bagguley’s role at Barclays comes with many inescapable challenges. But he has proven time and again that he can handle the hard times just as effectively as he handles the good times. Bagguley’s work is good work and anyone would would vouch for him. Barclay’s  has realized a lot of improvement since he became the COO . And even before this, he was a loyal employee in other departments of the bank.

End Citizens United Helping Eliminate The Use Of Big Money In Elections In The United States

The country and its election process should function independently without any outside influence. However, it is often debated whether the elections in the United States are independent of the influence of the few corporations and wealthy families in country. It is an openly known fact that some of the most prominent enterprises in the country spend millions of dollars during the elections to back the political party and candidates of their choice. The use of the money during the elections has been present since the very beginning, but in the last few years, the Big Money 20 List as we call it now has become the deciding factor in the outcome of the elections. It has become so after the Supreme Court allowed the corporations as well as the private entities to spend their money in the elections without any need for accountability.

End Citizens United, which is a PAC supported by the grassroots donors from across the country firmly believes that there is a need to stop the elections from being manipulated by the corporations. End Citizens United has been spreading the awareness among the millions of citizens across the country to ensure that they raise their voice against the use of Big Money by the political candidates. It has been helping in ways more than earlier predicted as many political candidates are publicly denouncing and rejecting the use of corporate money in their election campaigns. If the political candidates do not take any favor from the corporations, then they are not obliged to favor them after they are elected to the power. It is what would help the government to function independently and for the benefit of the voters that depend on the country’s government for their empowerment and progress.

End Citizens United has been collecting millions of dollars in donations from the grassroots donors that it is using to endorse the political candidates that are in support of the movement started by ECU and its President Tiffany Mueller. It is necessary to make the elections clean of the illicit use of money to sway the outcome of the elections towards the favor of corporations. Some of the political candidates that the End Citizens United has been endorsing in the year 2018 are Josh Butner, Sylvia Garcia, Max Rose, and others. There are scores of candidates that ECU is supporting as it aims to hold the majority in the Senate shortly of the candidates that reject the use of corporate money in elections.

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