Alexis Kennedy Bucks the Odds with Cultist Simulator

The independent gaming scene has a few tales of developers who seemingly came out of nowhere and hit it big. The story of Alexis Kennedy fits that description. He wasn’t someone who worked for a big company and then collected several investors to fund a startup. Kennedy worked as a software consultant. He maintained a passion for gaming and had ideas about developing games. When his child was born, Kennedy went on a sabbatical from his job. During that time, he decided to become a gaming developer.

Success didn’t arrive right away. Alexis Kennedy mentioned his business plans nearly “went bust” on two occasions. Undaunted, Kennedy eventually succeeded with his company Failbetter Games. Eventually, he launched the small indie company known as Weather Factory. He and co-founder Lottie Bevan started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for their first game, Cultist Simulator.

The Kickstarter Campaign was a hit. Cultist Simulator hit the market in both PC and mobile versions. Initially, there were worries that the various free mobile games would make it challenging to move Cultist Simulator sales. The sales figures proved stable, likely driven by some of the controversies surrounding the game.

Cultist Simulator is a scary game rooted in occult themes. That alone could drive controversy. The fact the game has no tutorial, which drives up the difficulty level, fuels further controversy. The dark aspect of the game might even raise more eyebrows.

For example, the game involves putting a jigsaw together, and you have to do things right. Otherwise, you could kill off your character. Restarting the game and coming in as a new character is an option. Eerily, your new character can see the previous one referenced in the game.

Alexis Kennedy mentions he comes up with “grim” games. The grim nature might assist with the sales.

It Was From An Early Age That Mark Holyoake Started To Excel In His Beloved Sport:

It really does take a special type of individual to pursue athletic endeavors to the point of great success and those who do it have an impressive mental constitution and dedication. This is certainly an accurate description of an individual named Mark Holyoake who was born in New Zealand in 1983.

He showed an interest in athletic pursuits from an early age and took up the gymnastics sport at the age of 9. It was soon apparent that Mark Holyoake had a tremendous amount of natural talent in this exciting sport and combined with his tireless work ethic, he was soon advancing rapidly in terms of his skill set. Mark Holyoake was soon developing a reputation as a strong performer in an all-around sense of the sport.

Within the sport of gymnastics, you have many that focus squarely on a particular event, but Mark showed that he had a strong all-around type of talent. Due to this, he regularly participated in a wealth of different gymnastics events. One event he was particularly skillful in was the pommel horse and this was on display in 2009 when he put on a record-setting performance in the event.

One thing that sets Mark Holyoake apart from other peers of his is the fact that he had tremendous talent and work ethic in his sport, which led to record-setting performances and acclaim, but he never lost track of the importance of academic success. He also was always thinking about the future as far as what he would do when he was finally done competing. With this in mind, Mark pursued academic studies at the University of Aukland and studied the field of exercise science. This has gone on to benefit him tremendously as he now works as a professional fitness trainer.

One area of fitness that Mark Holyoake has become deeply involved within recent years is the activity known as Crossfit. He has recently founded his own Crossfit company known as Carbon Method Crossfit. This allows him to continue to pursue his love of athletics and fitness while engaging in his love of entrepreneurship at the same time.

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Kevin Plank: From The Basement To A Global Brand

Kevin Plank was able to combine his love of sports with his passion for entrepreneurship by founding Under Armour in 1996. The Chief Executive Officer of the popular sports brand earned his BA in Business Administration in 1996 and his MBA at the University of Maryland. In the early 1990s, he was a walk-on for the football team at the University of Maryland and during this time he heard a lot of the other players complain about how sweaty their t-shirts were getting underneath all of their pads and safety equipment. Not only were these wet shirts uncomfortable, but they also caused problems in regards to regulating body temperature. Changing shirts every few minutes wasn’t an option as it took a lot of time to take off and then replace the uniforms and safety equipment. Kevin Plank realized that there really weren’t any better options than the ones that they were using and he set out to make one of his own.

Under Armour was not the only company that Kevin Plank has creating during his life. In college, he created a business around Valentine’s Day delivering flowers. While there was a rather short length of time that he had to perform well, he was able to clear around $17,000 working from his dorm room. His inspiration for the Under Armour brand came from the shorts made out of synthetic fabric that he wore during practice. They didn’t soak up sweat like the cotton t-shirts that they were all wearing did and Kevin Plank began wondering why they didn’t make shirts out of similar material.

After graduating, he decided to start making his idea into a reality and began working on a prototype. The undergarment that Kevin Plank designed was skin tight and made out of elastic, synthetic material that could wick away sweat instead of allowing it to soak into the material and cause discomfort. Instead of renting space for his office, he worked out of his grandma’s basement. Using his old teammates as test subjects, he was able to perfect his prototype and develop it into a successful business.

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Isabel dos Santos Believes Africa Will Be Bettered When Women Are Successful

Isabel dos Santos became the first woman billionaire in Africa when she reached that point of wealth in 2013. She is not the only woman finding success in Africa today, and there are many who are working to help women do great things there. As people are talking about making growth more inclusive in Africa, they are finding ways to help women be part of that growth. Isabel dos Santos has shared about discrimination that she has faced because she is a woman and she has talked about how she has pushed forward, always fighting to make a way for herself.

The parents of a girl have the chance to help her get set up for the future. There is a certain way that parents can go about raising a girl if they hope to have her find success as an adult. Isabel dos Santos has shared advice for those parents who want to raise strong girls who will be able to make it in the business world when they are grown. She has said that parents should teach their girls to rely on their own selves and inspire confidence in them. She believes that girls should be taught responsibility when they are young so that they will be able to take care of themselves when they are older.

Isabel dos Santos believes that Africa will be in a better place economically when women are given the chance to thrive there. She feels that women who do well in the business world will give back to their families and their countries. She feels that women can make a powerful difference in their lands when they are given the chance to be successful in the things that they take on. Isabel dos Santos feels that all women should be given opportunities to succeed just as men are.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Building the Future of Business With C & C Alpha Group

Born in 1978 in Delhi, India, Bhanu Choudhrie comes from a long line of successful entrepreneurs. Building new business models and fostering economic growth and opportunity is in his DNA.

Educated at Boston University and Harvard, Bhanu Choudhrie is best known as the founder of C & C Alpha Group headquartered in both London and India. The firm was established to serve as a holding company for a variety of investors. It operates in the realms of healthcare, real estate, aviation, utilities, project development, hospitality and financial analysis. C & C Alpha Group launched in 2001 and today is considered a premier international investment company.

Bhanu Choudhrie has developed a reputation as a hand-on executive, often taking personal charge of some of C & C’s biggest ventures. His work extends to the United States where he holds a place on the board of directors for Bankcorp. He is also a member of the executive and risk committee of that company. Connect with Bhanu Choudhrie on Linkedin.

Bhanu Choudhrie also continues his family’s long tradition of philanthropic work. He has been especially recognized for his contributions to Paths to Success. This charitable organization supports people with long-term health concerns and limited financial resources. It also supports individuals with educational opportunities.

Bhanu Choudhrie is proud of his family’s entrepreneurial history. His father, Sudhir Choudhrie, established an import-export business in the early 1960s. This venture bought TV equipment in the U.K. and sold it to the burgeoning broadcast industry of 1960s-era India. His grandfather was chairman of the Punjab National Bank.

Bhanu said creating C & C Alpha was his way of expanding on the accomplishment of his family patriarchs while also seeking to expand into all new areas unrealized by those who came before him.

A trend that excites his interest today is the health and wellbeing sector. He said the up-and-coming generation of millennials is thinking in an entirely new way about their personal health. They want exciting lifestyles supported by optimum diet and physical conditioning. Mr. Choudhrie said that, from a business perspective, this sector holds great promise for investment and the creation of all-new industries.

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Sharon Prince Speaks Up and Speaks Out

The pivot between men and women in the business industry is exponential, but by exercising a powerful voice in the field can cause change. Throughout Sharon Prince’s life and her career, she had to exercise her voice to make monumental changes to improve gender parity. Miss Prince understood the importance of an assertive voice, so she practiced in the moment to help build a confident voice. There has been an acceleration in the gender parity, but Miss Prince believes that daily we can bridge that gap.

Society denounces the efforts made by women in the workforce. Male-dominated industries lack respect for women who work just as hard as them. Sharon Prince continuously exercises her voice and speaks out against sexism. She distinguishes that type of language at the moment and immediately addresses the issue. Although sexism has decreased, it’s still very prominent and persistent in the industry. Lexicon scholars have generated articles about how language is a powerful factor that progresses gender discrimination. It also goes on to confirm those societal asymmetries of hierarchy and power are favorable to men.

Sharon Prince speaks up and speaks out to break down these unrighteous societal norms. For decades Miss Prince has raised numerous questions about sexism and lack of gender parity. Exercising a powerful voice gives you the ability to be clear, concise, and clever. In Miss Prince’s youth, she often took the opportunity to rebut slanderous comments. In her later years she still regularly exercises her voice to advocate for individuals whos voices are trampled over.

Sharon Prince has developed a strong team with powerful voices of all genders. They promote good in a corrupt world. Demolishing a corrupt ideology is necessary to create change. Sharon Prince Grace Farms and her team embrace hopeful progress to generate a world of respect and parity.

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Nick Sarnicola Has Windows That Leads To Luxury Yachts.

 Nick Sarnicola is a very helpful figure in the world of business. He promotes the idea of a completely fulfilled life that allows individuals to live with confidence and positivity. Nick is the Co-FOunder and CEO of Liv GLobal and also the Co-Founder and CEO of ViSalus. Both of these highly successful companies are promoters of a new and invigorating type of lifestyle that is setting new standards.

  • Liv Global – This is a new aged company that allows people to turn their bucket list into a Liv List. Instead of living for what is to come, people can live every day with great and high expectations. This platform allows members to share moments and gain recognition for doing the things that they love.
  • ViSalus – ViSalus is a highly accredited company with a good reputation due to its success stories. Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen came up with the idea of using a 90-day challenge to promote results and their brand as a whole. This idea helped to boost sales and made the Body by ViSalus 90-challenge the best fitness an weight loss challenge at that time.

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Nick Sarnicola seems to have no limits to the aspects of his life that represents the pursuit of happiness with no ceilings. He and his ex-wife Ashley sold their 4,952-square-foot house at 223 North Coconut Lane. This house was designed to resemble the structure of a luxury styled yacht. This is a non-traditional home style that portrayed something that reminded him of happiness.

Sarnicola also gets involved with the community and helps others accomplish their dreams. Nick Sarnicola dedicates services of his business to organizations like the boys and girls’ club of America so that free meals and education can be given to less fortunate individuals. He also incorporates helpful gestures like a meal for meal challenges and business investments into his business practices as well. Today’s world is shifting to a more positive direction that embraces business and philanthropy because of leaders like Nick Sarnicola and his passion to improve conditions.


Mark Holyoake Has Made a Name in New Zealand Sports and Competitions

It has always been lucrative to be physically fit for all human beings. Physical fitness is, however, a journey that calls for hard work and dedication. There are various competitions where people show the world the activities that they have honed through intense training. Mark Holyoake is among the international athletes who have honed their skills.

Mark Holyoake has attracted attention from all over the world for his incredible gymnastic skills. Besides, he has also owned and runs several gyms based on the CrossFit lifestyle. That has earned him a great name in entrepreneurship. Mark studied at Auckland University, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport and Exercise Science. He joined the Tri-Star Gymnastics Club and started a part-time job as a personal trainer. Mark used his skills in sports and his commitment to success to encourage and inspire most young members.

Mark originated from New Zealand, where he was born in Wellington. He developed passion in gymnastics while at eight years of age. Mark had a successful career in gymnastics and gave it all he could. Mark created a balance between sports and education. In 2005, he participated in the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships and emerged position 25. In 2006, he participated in Commonwealth Tournament and became number 11. Mark Holyoake acquired this level of achievement due to his hard work and commitment. He consistently practiced for at least 30 hrs — a week which saw him to position four during the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

It was still in 2010 that he made another incredible achievement that saw him in the Guinness World Record Book. Mark broke the record of the most leg rotations while on Pommel Horse. He managed to make 65 rotations in one minute. Mark then chose to retire from gymnastics to pursue other alternative careers as an entrepreneur. He has a good set of skills that he acquired as a personal trainer and an excellent education background that could help him pursue other professional endeavors. Mark started working as a full-time personal trainer and finally chose to establish his workshop for gymnastics and weightlifting.

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Richard Liu: Jack of all Trades, and Master of Many

Being born into a family highly driven in the medical field, could certainly hold some great advantages for a person, and for Richard Liu, it most definitely did just that. Born in New Hampshire to a mother who was a dentist, and a father who practiced as a prominent otolaryngology specialist; dealing with ear, nose, and throat issues. Liu was able to obtain a great deal of knowledge as to the great impact the medical field held in the communities.

Later enrolling in MIT and earning a master’s in business administration, Liu began a career as an analyst for CRT Capital. In 2014, Liu would move careers once again, joining FTU Capital. There is where he gained knowledge and interest in private equity investments, and he launched his own company; Morningside Venture Capital.

Morningside Venture Capital focused on acquisitions in technology,media, artificial intelligence and consumer services. With Liu’s collaboration with other companies and his team of personnel, Morningside Venture Capital began to acquire very successful investments and controlling around $1.7 billion in investments.

Liu also held position as an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior ( research ) at Brown. In 2002 Liu received a BA from Cornell University, as well as, in 2007 receiving a MA following a PhD in 2011, both obtained at Temple University. Liu is truly one of a kind.

Having a resume that consists of impressive features as Liu’s, with both, the medical field and the financial sector, he truly shows that one can do and achieve whatever they set their minds to. Richard Liu is truly an inspiration for those whom are seeking that person to look up to and motivate them towards the path of a successful life.

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Matt Badiali and Globetrotting

Matt Badiali in the past functioned as a committed professional scientist. He’s equipped with a Pennsylvania State University Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree, too. This degree was in the subject of earth sciences. He also studied at Florida Atlantic University. That’s the school that enabled him to acquire a geology M.S. (Master of Science) degree. Matt Badiali was a pupil at the prominent University of North Carolina for half a decade. He was on track to earn a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from the school. His universe shifted dramatically in 2004, though. That’s the time one of his pals showed him everything there is to know about the financial realm. This buddy was equipped with a lovely finance PhD of his own. He had the desire to collaborate with Matt Badiali. He thought that Matt Badiali could assist him with the concept of coming up with investment practices that were suitable for normal people who wanted to get into the sector. He knew that Badali’s background in both geology and science could be a major component of in-depth investment guidance. His aim, simply put, was to devise investment guidance that could come in handy for standard individuals who were in the United States. This is precisely the reason that Matt Badiali frequently pens pieces while contemplating his dad. He saw his dad deal with all sorts of issues that involved investing.  View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

Badiali has been enthralled by the notion of aiding individuals with investment matters for a long while at this point. 2004 was a big game-changer for this man. He aids investors who wish to pinpoint incredible natural resource, metal and energy openings. He set up Real Wealth Strategist in the spring of 2017. This is a newsletter that’s associated with Banyan Hill Publishing. Badiali has rapidly put together a following that’s composed of readers who genuinely appreciate all of the things that he has to say. They keenly anticipate all of his suggestions that involve stocks and natural resources of all varieties as well. Badiali is a globetrotter through and through. He’s gone to Switzerland, Hong Kong and Iraq. To learn more, visit:

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