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Geoffrey Cone Offers Expertise in the Field of Federal Banking Law

Geoffrey Cone, an attorney who is well regarded in New Zealand due to the impact that his firm, Cone Marshall, has had on the country in recent years, has recently participated in an interview with one of the country’s most prominent business magazines in which he discussed his role in the development of several new banking laws. The Cone Marshall executive gave several reasons for his contribution to the new federal banking laws. Among the reasons that the attorney listed were the facts that Cone wished to serve his local community by sharing his professional advancement methods with attorneys in his field, put his extensive background in federal banking law to good use, and help lawmakers to develop successful strategies to combat controversial areas that currently exist in federal banking law.


Sharing Professional Advancement Methods

During his interview, Geoffrey Cone expressed his excitement at his opportunity to share his expertise in the field of federal banking law with other legal professionals. Cone explained his development in the federal banking law industry by briefly discussing his bank law training. The executive stated that he had been thoroughly trained in various banking law procedures during the first 10 years of his legal career. During the decade that he developed his expertise in federal banking, Cone decided to communicate his skills to other attorneys in the New Zealand area. Cone believes that the communication of his federal banking skills among local attorneys will eventually lead to the betterment of the industry as a whole.


Geoffrey Cone’s Extensive Background in Federal Banking

Geoffrey Cone was modest when he described his federal banking background to New Zealand reporters. The executive was actually awarded the 2001 Federal Banking award for his country because of the large amount of work he had contributed to the field. In the early 2000s, Cone expanded a portion of Cone Marshall in an effort to focus more intently on the area of federal banking law. Cone stated that he believes federal banking initiatives will change rapidly over the next decade to better reflect the values of New Zealand bankers and attorneys.


Development of Successful Federal Banking Strategies

Geoffrey Cone emphasized the development of successful banking strategies when discussing his thorough education in the federal banking field. The executive believes that legal training should require education about federal banking strategies. For years, Cone has argued for the implementation of business strategy in legal institutions and he hopes the his efforts to teach federal banking law will encourage this structural change.


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