Heightened Potential with Jeunesse Global

Perhaps the most interesting detail about this rapidly burgeoning health and wellness corporation is the story of how it came to be. Most companies seem to be created on random hours, days and months of the year; Jeunesse, however, holds the title of coolest origin ever with its birth date falling directly at 9 p.m. on September 9, 2009. This owes to Randy and Wendy, the duo that put their hearts and minds together to bring wellness-enhancing products to the world under the banner of the sacred numerology that represents long-lasting healthfulness.

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are the original founders of Jeunesse although their management hierarchy has expanded since its inception. They’ve also expanded their crowning jewel, the Youth Enhancement System, thanks to their continued cutting-edge research into what makes the human body tick and why we age over time. Their nine-point wellness system continues to develop to this day and has stuck by its guns in maintaining an all-natural composition that people of either sex and all ages can safely take to kick-start their self-repair processes into shape. With the Jeunesse Family in tow and a revered spot in the 500 fastest-growing direct sellers in the world, there’s a great deal to show for the duo’s hard work.

What Makes It Work

The nine regimens of the Youth Enhancement System each aim at different sections of your body to target the unique ways in which today’s unnatural lifestyles adversely impact your well-being. The troubles of a “normal life” these days include free radical exposure, excess electromagnetic radiation from household and office electronics, shortcomings in dietary provision due to process-heavy foods, and the patent lack of exercise that stems from the spread of computers and smartphones. These factors also indirectly reduce sun exposure and keep people indoors where toxic air can accumulate, accelerating age by increasing the pressure on the body’s expulsion systems.

The Youth Enhancement System targets the following age-hastening factors to drudge up your former potential and protect it for years to come:

  • Toxin buildup in the skin
  • Immunodeficiency
  • Poor sleep
  • Emotional stress and cognitive dysfunction
  • Insufficient nutrients to supply bodily functions
  • Fitness complications

The Growth of Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a widespread company that specializes in educating others on the importance of maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle. Organo Gold is a company that sells health oriented beverages including coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. All of these beverages are healthy remedies for the day due to the fact that they contain a secret ingredient. This ingredient is called Ganoderma and is an ancient Chinese herb.

Ganoderma is currently being used by Organo Gold for the purpose of educating others on how to live a healthy life. The first step in living a healthy life is to consume the beverage in the morning. By consuming the beverage, one will feel energetic, yet relaxed for the rest of the day. Not only is this the perfect remedy for the day time, but it is the perfect remedy for the night time. This ancient Chinese herb is a great remedy to help one fall asleep.

Organo Gold is a company that was founded in Canada in 2008. Founder and CEO of this company, Bernardo Chua, has initiative to expand this company as well as this product throughout the globe. As of now, Organo Gold has spread to over 35 different companies.

In recent news on the EmpowerNetwork, Organo Gold has opened up a new branch in Turkey. What makes Turkey an ideal place to have a Organo Gold headquarters is the fact that it connects Europe to Asia to even Africa.

CEO and founder of Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua, has extensive knowledge of the business world. With Organo Gold, he created a company that includes what he loves the most: business and coffee. Organo Gold is a multi-level marketing company that is geared towards not only providing a great experience for the consumers for is also geared towards welcoming anyone into the Organo Gold family.

Organo Gold is the perfect company to become a part of if one is ever in need of a consistent salary. The company stresses the importance of educating others while at the same time being loyal to the consumers as well as the company. These main focuses that Organo Gold has is what makes this company a fast growing company that will soon spread to the rest of the countries in the world.

QNet and Co-Founder Joseph Bismark Offer A Different Perspective

Founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran in Hong Kong, QNet is a direct–selling company, based in Hong Kong and is the largest subsidiary of the QI group of companies. The company’s line of products includes fashion accessories, nutrition products, home care items, weight management products, luxury goods and personal care products. Offices of the company extend to the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, India, and Thailand.

QNet business model is that of a multi-level marketing company and the company employs independent representatives to market their products to others who are interested in becoming representatives themselves, and also to consumers who are interested in purchasing the company’s products for their own personal consumption. Representatives are paid a commission that is based on the volume of sales they make for the company. This direct selling strategy has generated for the sales representatives, a means of self-employment that can contribute to the country’s economy. Regulation is being formulated in many of the countries QNet operates, to set clear guidelines for the operation of MLM companies, to regulate their operations, provide assistance for the direct selling industry and ensure their business interests are being served.

One of the co-founders of QNet is Joseph Bismark, who is not only a corporate businessman but also a spiritual leader who has inspired many of his corporate employees with his dynamic leadership style. Bismark’s early years as a child, from age nine years until he was seventeen, were spent in an ashram monk retreat in the mountains of the Philippines. His education there included classical guitar, yoga, and martial arts. These skills are a far cry from what are typically needed in the corporate boardrooms, yet he was able to apply the principles he learned as a child to the corporate world he entered at QNet.

Bismark believes that teamwork brings great strength to an organization. His wants to see all his employees succeed and wants them to grow along with him and the company. He feels that can be achieved by providing the encouragement and the helping hand his employees need to excel at whatever they wish to master. His employees acknowledge the respect with which he treats them and they recognize that his success has in no way tainted his core values for which he is well recognized. Bismark has established many philanthropic associations and gives a lot of his time to the Rhythm Foundation, a Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the QI Group of Companies.

In December 2008, Joseph Bismark was appointed the group manager and director of a multimillion dollar Qi group of companies which is a worldwide company. Upon his appointment, he completely changed the face of the company which he co-founded together with Eric Eswaran in the year 1998. Joseph Bismark Qi group of companies managing director is very dynamic, talented and a complete leader who is driven by an adage that every person has the capability to do things that are extraordinary. He is a true believer of people working as a team and he repeatedly keeps on saying that his capability is good as long as his team is good.

He is a man who offers wonderful spiritual and divine guidance to his family, comrades and business partners from across the world. His leadership is in a way exclusive as the man himself. He strongly believes that life does not only run behind material things but also a journey that needs one to grow spiritually thus helping one to have exclusive gratification and serenity. Bismark has a personal blog called ‘Gem of Wisdom’ which is dedicated to all his employees and customers so that they can read and contribute their views. In addition to this blog, he has also written a book called ‘Gems of Wisdom’ which is more about his journey in life.

His core intention on this blog Gem of Wisdom is to keep reminding and letting everyone the employees and customers to keep the candle burning on the key measures active and awakened amongst them to for them to provide better services to the people. In RYTHM foundation, he is among the many trustees and he appreciates that fact of being associated with helping human to raise and get to do well to the human nature.

Is has been viewed as a true leader who is scaling Qnet toward new heights. Being a social person, this character has made him to be approachable by all his employees, staff so that they can be happy and not only with material things but also inner peace that can only be feasible by helping others when they are genuinely in dire need of your help.

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