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Ara Chackerian Invest In The Healtcare Industry

Ara Chackerian is a managing partner at ACS Capital Holding an investment firm that funds healthcare companies. It funds firms in the early stages of development. He is co-founder of a company that provides transcranial magnetic stimulation called TMS Health Solutions. It is used to treat depression and other mental health disorders.

He has several years of experience building high tech health care firms. Ara Chacerian has been involved in the startup of several health care companies in San Francisco. They are Mint Medical Education, BMC Diagnostics, PipelineRX, and Embrion/Provider Links.

Other companies and project he has invested in are a sustainable teak plantation located in Nicaragua, and several non-profit organizations that help youth. The idea for TMS Solutions came when Ara Charckerian and his partner were seeking a new area of healthcare to invest in. It was suggested they look at psychiatry and treatments used for depression called transcranial magnetic stimulation.

They developed TMS into a facility with seven different locations that treat patients on an outpatient basis. Their facilities were designed to be peaceful and relaxing interior. They try to provide patients with a positive experience when they go there.

Ara Chackerian has become interested in digital healthcare and tele-medicine. Algorithms can pick up changes in behavior and health that alerts patients to important changes. He surfs and runs to calm himself so he makes more rounded business decisions. When he launched TMS, he invested in education for doctors and his staff by forming TMS Health Education.

He writes blogs on his website on political issue. His latest blog is Healthcare Sector Becomes New Dawn Of Stock Investment. Ara Chackerian talks about the success of investments in healthcare industry and recommend investing in stocks at Pfizer, Welltower, and Abbvie.

He graduated from Florida State University with a BS in Marketing. Ara Chackerian has held many leadership roles in healthcare startup companies and invested in their development.

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