Jeunesse Global Makes Skincare Easier

Jeunesse Global is making skincare easier for everyone because they allow their employees a nice work environment while also making products that will serve women extremely well. The company has been named one of the best to work for in their industry, and they have some exciting products that can help a woman look her youngest and best.

  1. What Does Jeunesse Global Do?

Jeunesse Global is a great place for people to go when they would like to pick a new skincare product to soften skin, remove lines, and help with dryness. There are many products in their line that help women with oily skin, combination skin, and age repair. They have everything that a woman could need, and they sell through a great network of agents. The company has consistent product releases, and they also have best sellers that everyone should try.

  1. Working With Jeunesse Global

Working with Jeunesse Global is something that anyone can try at any time. The company has one of the best cultures in the industry, and they have been adding people who are consistently happy with Jeunesse Global and their products. Someone who is looking into the way that they can work with Jeunesse can read their reviews for themselves. This company has many happy customers and employees. This is a network of skincare that helps women around the world no matter how old they are.

  1. What About The Products?

Jeunesse Global has many interesting items like Instantly Ageless and Luminesce. Instantly Ageless has its own charm that shows you how to apply the cream to your skin to get rid of laugh lines and wrinkles. They have Luminesce that will help with keeping skin firm, and it is a good option even for young women who would like to get started early on their skincare routines.

  1. Conclusion

Jeunesse Global is a great company to work with or buy from when you are looking for a way to keep your skin taut and soft, looking for a way to make money, and hoping to find a new routine that will make you look your best.

American Addiction Centers Facility Launches New Recovery Program to Help Veterans Struggling With Addiction

In an effort to honor Military Appreciation Month, American Addiction Centers has decided to provide assistance to veterans who are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

As a leading facility for treating substance abuse, American Centers will look to offer a specialized curriculum to help veterans. The curriculum will focus on addressing all of the unique challenges that veterans deal with such as the effects of post traumatic stress disorder and help them develop a path to recovery.

The chief executive officer of American Centers Ambrozino Storr said that the facility wants veterans to know that reaching out for help takes a lot of courage. He also said that many veterans have a lot of pride and it can be very challenging for them to be vulnerable when many people in society look at them as heroic individuals. Storr also stated that he considers it an honor to provide veerans with a safe space to overcome their addictions and emotional issues.

According to a recent study, there have been a number of facts that reveal the current state of veterans’ mental health and substance abuse. The study revealed that only half of returning service members who need treatment for their mental health seek care and around 70% of Vietnam veterans have been diagnosed with alcohol abuse disorders. In the study, it was also revealed that in 2016, more than 4 in 5 veterans have been unable to work due to mental and physical limitations following their term of service in the military. Read more: American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase and American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor

A treatment center affiliated with American Addiction Centers Desert Hope Treatment Center has been named as the designated Veterans Choice Provider of mental health and substance abuse treatment services. With this service, veterans may be able to qualify for care by receiving coverage through the Veterans Administration. Many of the staff members of his program are veterans themselves which will provide veterans with a more accommodating option to seek treatment.

The Salute to Recovery curriculum will provide veterans with a way to learn more about the disease of addiction and to develop coping skills that will help them recover. There are many types of therapy available which include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Narrative Therapy. Thee is also another type of therapy available known as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing which is a treatment for those who deal with trauma.

American Centers is an organization that helps a number of patients who are struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction. It also helps people overcome recurring mental and behavioral health issues as well.

American Addiction Centers operates substance abuse treatment facilities that are located throughout the United States. All of the facilities are focused on providing the most effective clinical care and treatment options for those looking to overcome addiction and mental health problems.

Learn more about American Addiction Center:

Jeunesse Global Hosts Expo To Promote Its Vision

There are few things that get people as excited about a company, an idea, or a brand as much as having an expo of that company, idea, or brand. People like to get together with other like-minded individuals and try to celebrate the thing that makes them all similar. They like to learn from others about the reasons why they are excited about the same concepts. 

About Jeunesse Global

This global health and beauty brand got its start from the minds of two formerly retired individuals who decided that they had more to offer the world. They have set it up to run through a distributor network of individuals who have their own stake in the company. Anyone can sign up to begin selling and promoting the brand and make a little extra money for themselves along the way as a result. Therefore, Jeunesse Global is the kind of brand that stands out as different from the rest. 

Inspiring Jeunesse Leaders

There are going to be some of the top Jeunesse leaders from around the world at the expo looking to share their ideas with you. They are going to explain what they have done to make their own Jeunesse Global business successful in their part of the world and what strategies you may be able to borrow from them. 

Those who seek greatness often look to those who have already reached that goal. The expo is the perfect opportunity to get a peek at what some of the very best of the best have to say about their Jeunesse business and what they have managed to do (more info can be found here).  

Meet The Founders

Want to be really inspired? How does meeting the founders of the entire Jeunesse Global empire sound? They clearly have a lot to offer you in terms of learning from their experience. They have taken their idea for starting a health and beauty brand and brought it to the world. They did this all while being at retirement age! It is a great testament to the idea that it is never too late to chase your dreams.


InnovaCare Health specializes in providing managed health care plans and operations to its clients. The company mainly operates from Puerto Rico but also has bases in other countries around North America. InnovaCare Health uses state of the art medical equipment to serve its clients, therefore, providing the best service in the health care business. In 2016, InnovaCare Health announced that it would be bringing in three new leaders on board. Among the three leaders was Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. Rick Shinto was given the position of CEO, and under his leadership, Innova has progressed a great deal. Before coming to InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto served as the CEO of Aveta, Inc. Shinto has held other leadership positions in various companies such as Medical Pathways Management, and North American Medical Management.

For Penelope Kokkinides, it is not her first time working at InnovaCare Health. She was the Chief Operating Officer of the company in the past. Penelope has extensive knowledge when it comes to developing and managing clinical programs. She specializes in managed care and government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Penelope worked at Centerlight HealthCare before moving to Innova. At Centerlight, Penelope was the Chief Operating Officer and the Executive Vice President. Penelope Kokkinides brings ideas to life by combining efforts with a team at work. They work together to come up with ideas and then expound on them. A day at the office is generally busy for Penelope Kokkinides. Each day comes with its challenge and Penelope loves that she is always on her toes. Her work involves a lot of traveling and Penelope tries to get a lot of work done in between flights.

Before going to bed, Penelope plans her next day in terms of what work needs to be completed and what meetings she needs to attend. This helps her to stay on top of things and to manage her workload. Penelope makes a point of always being informed of what is going on in the industry and country at large. She claims that as an entrepreneur, being in the know is a crucial part of the business. Penelope does this by reading articles, magazines and doing research.,28.htm

The benefits of using Talkspace for mental therapy

Talkspace is an online platform through which people who are suffering from mental health issues are linked to professional therapists for help. It serves as an alternative to the traditional approach where you would have to visit a nearby clinic or call a therapist to your house. What happens is that you sign up and get your account. After that, the administrators will link you up with a selected therapist that they think suits your needs. Your sessions will include synchronous chats with this professional, and that is how you get the help that you need. Check out this article of talkspace at

Enjoy the anonymity

Many people do not like sharing their private information publicly. When it comes to therapy, you will be asked some questions that will make you uncomfortable. It is because the professionals want to know every aspect of your life so that they can figure out the best way to help you. When you are not comfortable sharing this information, it means that it will not be easy to find help. However, when you are using Talkspace Reviews, you are dealing with an anonymous person who equally does not know you. This anonymity makes it easy for you to share personal information.

Share media files

You can share many types of media files through Talkspace. These files will go a long way to help you in getting help. You can send audios, videos, pictures, and other file formats. For instance, you could record a video of yourself in a particular situation and send it to the therapists so that they understand what you are going through. It makes it easy for them to identify the disorders that are affecting you and therefore, the quality of services will improve. To make things better, there is no limit to the number of media files that you can send.

As you can see, there are many benefits that you are likely to enjoy when you use Talkspace. It is an application that is easy to use because it is readily available online. If you want to overcome those mental challenges, it is time to get your app and start chatting with professional therapists. Read more:

Sussex Healthcare Focuses On Continuous Improvement

Sussex Healthcare has always been focused on improving their services; after all, one of their main philosophies have been to never be left behind by other healthcare providers. Because of that, they’ve always sought to be as innovative as possible and to lead by example constantly. With that said, the company has recently been looking at what makes Sussex Healthcare stand out and what they could do to improve; furthermore, they’ve been looking at any weaknesses that they may have and improving these significantly.

This is because the management at the company has always been looking for ways to affordable, high-quality healthcare services and support to their clients. Much of the improvements have been led by Sussex Healthcare’s highly-trained staff. According to COO Steve Whittingham, each member of staff know how much of a difference the company makes to its clients; he also noted how proud everyone at the company is to serve the medical and physical needs of their patients. As such, any improvement to the level of service that the company can provide is extremely welcome. Read more health news about Sussex Healthcare at

However, Mr. Whittingham noted that this kind of change doesn’t come overnight; having said that, Sussex Healthcare has been continuously improving its services ever since being founded. The changes haven’t been well-received by everyone, though; as Mr. Whittingham has noted, many believe that the improvements and changes must mean that things were being done wrong prior to the changes being instituted. This couldn’t be further from the truth; however, that doesn’t mean that services can’t be improved upon. This is why Mr. Whittingham has placed a lot of emphasis on communication with everyone in the company.

The COO also noted that this had been something that has been important with Sussex ever since it was first founded. Because of that, management, staff, and patients at Sussex Healthcare communicate regularly so that everyone is aware of any upcoming changes. Furthermore, it’s also clear as to how this will affect patients and how it will be beneficial to everyone involved. Because of this, according to reports, many of the changes have been instituted without many hiccups and have been as smooth as possible.

Read more:


To Feel And Look Young Again, Look At Jeunesse Global

With the amount of products that are available on the market today that promise to reverse the signs of aging and revitalize your skin, it can be very confusing to find one that stands up to what it promises. Very few of the items that are available will give you the results that they say they will and many people have found that they have wasted their money on them. Jeunesse Global, however, is a company that can honestly say their products will help you to reduce the aging signs and stand up to it. The skin care line that they have available is outstanding and has been used by many women around the world who will tell you that the products do work.


Jeunesse Global has a line of anti-aging products that includes Naära, a supplement that you can take that will replenish the collagen in your skin. Over the years, our skin tends to lose collagen which allows those fine lines and wrinkles to appear on your hands and face. By mixing one packet of this powder into water once daily, you will find you are seeing results within a few short weeks. It will firm up your skin and give it back its elasticity. The taste of this skin care drink is a blend of vitamins and has a taste of citrus and berries. Users have said that it has a wonderful taste.


Jeunesse Global has been in business since 2009 and their product line includes not only skin care but hair care products. They have developed many of their own products in their laboratories and use only the finest ingredients. By keeping everything they produce all natural, they have avoided any products that contain chemicals. The company has many ways for you to get hold of their products, either by direct purchase on their website or through one of their many partners. They have locations throughout the world and are continuing to add new markets regularly. On their website, they include a list of upcoming events where you can see their products and try them out for yourself.

Neurocore’s Amazing Efforts to Curing Mental Health

Neurocore is a great company that through years of advancement in technology has found a way to treat depression and ADHD with the use of neurofeedback and neurotherapy.

Neurocore has made huge advancements in the process of helping cure depression in individuals through the use of a medication free treatment which can be seen as a very revolutionary treatment for many individuals in the United States and around the world. Furthermore, through the use of neurofeedback trains individuals, who suffer from depression, brains to learn how to overcome the state of their depression making their life a lot more healthy and happy all around. Depression, being a very serious disorder is first treated by Neurocore’s brain mapping technology to record EEG or electroencephalography activity on a monitor to help the doctor’s see and understand the individual’s brain activity. Doctors can then use this information to understand the next steps that need to be taken to help that individual overcome their depression symptoms. Moreover, individuals who decided to go through Neurocore’s full treatment for depression have had a high success rate with curing depression symptoms and around 50% success rate at fully curing depression all together.

Neurocore has also had success with curing ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, in both children and adults through the use of neurotherapy.. Through the use of using neurofeedback researchers have discovered that ADHD seems to be explained by an increase in theta brain waves and a decrease on beta brain waves. This revolutionary information has helped the company help reduce ADHD symptoms in over 80% of individuals who have used their treatments and has cured the disorder completely in over 50% of its patients. Neurocore has done this with the use of its brain mapping technology also known as quantitative electroencephalography. This process has helped many individuals due to the fact that many who suffer from the different types of ADHD, can also suffer from anxiety, have trouble sleeping, have eyesight problems, learning problem, and many other ailments. Lastly, so what Neurocore has done is really help brighten many individual’s lives from the many ailments that this mental disorder comes with.

Available Jobs At Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare has great belief in the staff it employs as they are the reason for the excellent service the organization provides. The organization fully invests in its workforce so that they attain their full potential. Education and training form a considerable part regarding their quality strategy.

Employees at Sussex Healthcare are entitled to numerous benefits including pension, paid breaks, an in-house training academy with several courses, uniform, reduced rate accommodation, subsidiary meals and free staff bus. Besides, the organization has referred friend bonuses, mentoring schemes, a unique career progression opportunity and many other attractive benefits.

Here are the jobs available at Sussex Healthcare.

• Accounts Assistant-Sales Ledger. The Job’s location is in Horsham, West Sussex and the position closes on 08 August 2018. The accounts assistant is responsible for maintaining daily running of the sales ledger and credit control.
• Care Assistant, Horsham, West Sussex. The job opening closes on 7th August 2018. The position requires a warm and friendly disposition individual with a caring personality.
• Payroll Administrator-Warnham, Horsham, West Sussex; the position is open up to 02 August 2018.
• Activity Assistant – Orchard Lodge, Warnham; the position closes on 02 August 2018.
Registered Care Home Manager, Forest Lodge, Nutley, Uckfield. The position closes on 02 August 2018.
• Care Assistant, Rapkyns Village, Horsham. The position is open up to 02 August 2018.
• Support Worker, Rapkyns Village, Horsham. The position closes on 02 August 2018.
• Chef Manager, Horncastle House, East Grinstead.
• Activity Assistant, Clemsfold House, Clemsfold.
• Care Assistant/HCA/Support Worker – Nights – Forest Lodge. The job location is Uckfield, East Sussex.
Qualified Dental Nurse, Horsham, West Sussex.
• Regional Operations Director, West Sussex.

The above five positions are open up to 31 July 2018.

• House Keeper/Head of Domestic – House Keeper – East Grinstead; the open position closes on 30 July 2018.
• Domestic Assistant, The Granary, Horsham. The position is open to 30 July 2018.

Sussex Healthcare has several other open positions accompanying the high value they give to their employees. The entity offers excellent career prospects as well as effectively encourages progression within the firm’s operations.

Learning International Relations With None Other Than Kamil Idris

Although various accounts differ, the most reputable of them – the United Nations – ascertains that there are 195 countries around the globe. Regardless of which particular account one chooses, there certainly isn’t a total of countries greater than 201 unique nations with their own sovereign governments.


In the United States, its 50 states never – or at least hardly ever – have any disagreements or fights with one another. However, states not falling under the umbrella of a federal government like the United States typically don’t get along with one another very well.


Kamil Idris, one of planet Earth’s leading references on international relations and their many intricacies, can attest to the true difficulty of trying to get nations to coexist alongside one another in peace.

Tune in to this rough-yet-accurate explanation of the problems with international relations in terms of the United States in 2018


Near the beginning of 2018, the United States decided to add relatively heavy tariffs on washing machines and solar panels – as weird or off-the-wall as that may sound – that came in from China. Keep in mind that the United States houses the most active, strongest economy across the globe and that China follows behind in a somewhat-close second.


When trade between the two countries is regulated – and especially when such regulations are heavy, whether one looks at it through a subjective or an objective lens – problems will certainly sprout up to accompany each of their woes.


Why did Trump kick tariffs into action?


Chinese companies, known for the world’s cheapest, strongest manufacturing, regularly required American companies to give over their intellectual property in an exchange to manufacture their products. Trump claims he simply wanted to get back at such wrongful treatments of American intellectual property.


Who is Kamil Idris?


Professor Kamil Idris is known around the world as the most recent Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization, though he also ran as a presidential candidate for Sudan.

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