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Sussex Healthcare Focuses On Continuous Improvement

Sussex Healthcare has always been focused on improving their services; after all, one of their main philosophies have been to never be left behind by other healthcare providers. Because of that, they’ve always sought to be as innovative as possible and to lead by example constantly. With that said, the company has recently been looking at what makes Sussex Healthcare stand out and what they could do to improve; furthermore, they’ve been looking at any weaknesses that they may have and improving these significantly.

This is because the management at the company has always been looking for ways to affordable, high-quality healthcare services and support to their clients. Much of the improvements have been led by Sussex Healthcare’s highly-trained staff. According to COO Steve Whittingham, each member of staff know how much of a difference the company makes to its clients; he also noted how proud everyone at the company is to serve the medical and physical needs of their patients. As such, any improvement to the level of service that the company can provide is extremely welcome. Read more health news about Sussex Healthcare at

However, Mr. Whittingham noted that this kind of change doesn’t come overnight; having said that, Sussex Healthcare has been continuously improving its services ever since being founded. The changes haven’t been well-received by everyone, though; as Mr. Whittingham has noted, many believe that the improvements and changes must mean that things were being done wrong prior to the changes being instituted. This couldn’t be further from the truth; however, that doesn’t mean that services can’t be improved upon. This is why Mr. Whittingham has placed a lot of emphasis on communication with everyone in the company.

The COO also noted that this had been something that has been important with Sussex ever since it was first founded. Because of that, management, staff, and patients at Sussex Healthcare communicate regularly so that everyone is aware of any upcoming changes. Furthermore, it’s also clear as to how this will affect patients and how it will be beneficial to everyone involved. Because of this, according to reports, many of the changes have been instituted without many hiccups and have been as smooth as possible.

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Excellent leadership has made InnovaCare Health attract customers

InnovaCare is a company that is renowned across North America for the provision of best healthcare services. The main offices of the company are found in Fort Lee, New Jersey. It is one of the companies that are specialised in offering managed healthcare services. It has also been helping customers by providing them with Medicare plan and Medicare programs in a specific way. Their services have been liked by all their clients, and that is why they have managed to attract thousands of members to their platform.




InnovaCare has attracted large membership because they believe in providing quality care services. They have done so through being committed to what they do. Since the company started, the leaders have been continuously trying to build a business model that is based on innovation and technology. They have succeeded in this because they have improved their business model and it is being used effectively to offer advanced services to clients. The leaders who are leading InnovaCare to success have been working for the company successfully. Rick Shinto is the man driving other leaders like Penelope Kokkinides ( to achieve success. He is educated and attended coveted institutions in the United States. The knowledge and skills he got in education have enabled him to accomplish a lot of things in the sector of healthcare. He knows what it takes for a large organization like InnovaCare to achieve success.




According to, since he started working for companies, he has enabled them to achieve various goals through his dedication to offer excellent services. At Aveta, he was working as the managing director. He also worked at MMM Healthcare where he held the same position. He also has the experience of working at Pathways where he served as the medical officer. At the same institution, he was also the operating officer. Rick Shinto has a lot of experience in clinical roles because he has worked in the sector for more than twenty years. That is how he has managed to be experienced.




Currently, the great leader is working at InnovaCare Healthcare. He is serving as the president and has achieved a lot since he joined the company. He has even been recognized and given several awards. Rick has helped InnovaCare Health to expand to several areas, and customers are happy with the excellent work he is doing as the CEO of the company. With the help of other experienced leaders like Penelope, he will take the company to the next level. Visit the website at


Care Services And Jobs In Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is an organization of care home that has been providing healthcare in Sussex for more than 25 years. It is located in Horsham, which is in West Sussex of United Kingdom. It was founded in March 1998, and it is still operating.

Sussex Healthcare has employees who range from 251 to 500 in number. It is an independent company dealing in care homes and other necessary services. It has 20 care homes which offer various services. Sussex Healthcare has a new Chief Executive Officer called Amanda Morgan-Taylor.

Sussex healthcare focusses on taking care of older people and on special care for adults having either physical or learning problems. It has received awards in Assisted Living, Health Care, Elder Care, Residential and Nursing Care.

Our customers have the reasons as to why they should choose Sussex Healthcare. They have the freedom to stay normally and receive total respect from the care providers. Sussex Healthcare is capable of providing care to senior service users with several complications. It offers respite and residential care. Sussex Healthcare has experts who can be accessed for various therapies.


Sussex Healthcare has the following jobs; Community Care Assistant-Non-car Drivers. This job is situated in Crawley. Being an assistant in community care, your work is to support vulnerable adults in the community to realize their desired results as well as improving their health, safety and independence. Its duties include; providing practical, physical, emotional as well as coaching to clients, ensuring that clients are free to choose the services to receive and the results they want have, uphold teamwork in assessing and recording progress of the customers and sensitizing good rapport with the clients, families and friends.

Primary Care Research Facilitator; his or her role is to help study teams and enable the working of NIHR portfolio learning. The holder will concentrate on basic care and other services when needed. He or she will work in hand with general practices and all NHS professionals to enable the involvement of professionals and patients in the clinical studies.

Senior Care Assistant/Level 3 Care Assistant is yet another job in Sussex Healthcare. Other jobs include Residential Deputy Care Home Manager, Payroll Supervisor/Team leader at the head Office, Care Home Unit Manager at Orchard Lodge as well as Activity Assistant based in Horn castle House.


Sussex Health Care: A Leader In Care And Support Homes Services Provision

The elderly and adult with learning and physical disabilities require specialized care that many of their loved ones and family may find challenging to provide efficiently. Some of their needs are arduous, with some requiring round the clock attention. One organization that is dedicated to providing quality and reliable specialist care for the elderly and adults suffering from mental and physical disabilities is Sussex Health Care; a Warnham, United Kingdom-based organization founded in 1985. Since its founding, the team has expanded into one of the leading providers of care for elderly services in the United Kingdom.

Towards Quality Service Provision

Sussex Health Care’s longevity and growth within the healthcare sector in the U.K. is founded on quality service provision. Since its founding, the organization has carved out a name for high-quality services that are customized to meet the needs of their clients. That has seen the team take a multi-pronged approach in its operations and management. It has strategically transformed and expanded its service base by incorporating technology while also understanding the emerging needs of their clients. Their comprehensive services now include respite care, palliative care, and dementia care. The organization is one of the leading providers of specialist adult care in the country. Throughout their facilities, patients and their loved ones also receive educational services while the adults and the elderly also enjoy recreational services. Their gyms, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment also allow patients access occupational and physiotherapy services.

The Success Story

Sussex Health Care has not pillared its success solely on comprehensive and quality services. It is also dedicated ensuring excellent human resource management practices are implemented all across its facilities. The management promotes an environment where collaboration and teamwork can thrive among the employees. They are highly qualified, well-trained and justly rewarded. These are critical factors when it comes to employee motivation and satisfaction. Additionally, Sussex Health Care has also expanded its services to various cities and towns across the country. That is part of the company’s customer-centric approach that ensures they take services to the clients. In addition to its Warnham main center, it also has facilities and care homes in Horsham, Purley, Billingshurst, and Nutley among others.


Sussex Health Care was cofounded by Shiraz Boghani who is a certified doctor with years of experience practicing medicine. Through its open talent search practices, it has hired some of the best talents in the industry to head various departments. That includes Dilley Carol who chairs the education and training department and Corrine Wallace who leads the operational care services.

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Innovacare Leading Provider Of Medicare Advantage Plans

The Medicare Advantage plan is a program available through the Affordable Care Act that gives those seeking medical coverage a private option instead of using traditional medicare. The care that each version of Medicare covers is divided up into portions. Traditional Medicare covers Part and Part B. Medicare Advantage covers other things that are covered under Part A and Part B doesn’t cover like vision dental. The Advantage plan can also cover other wellness and therapy programs. It may also cover some prescription medicines that Medicare doesn’t cover.

It is important to note that Medicare Advantage (MA) is also required to cover all the things that are covered in parts A and B if Medicare coverage. While it was an option for coverage before Obamacare was enacted, the number of people are enrolled in Medicare C coverage has increased dramatically since it was passed. There are reportedly 5.6 million more people enrolled in MA coverage than there was before the Affordable Care Act. This is 31% of the total number of people that are enrolled in Medicare as a whole. The number of people enrolled in the Medicare Advantage plan has increased in recent years. Those that have the plan should be aware of some up and coming changes to the program, though.

The MA plan will be more available in 2016. There will be more plans overall in InnovaCare Health. There will also be more private companies supplying the plan. It is important to note that the plan is more available in urban areas than rural areas.

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There will also be a slight increase in the cost of the premium for those that want Medicare D coverage on InnovaCare Health. Less and less people are going to have access to Medicare part D coverage. The average deductible in 2016 is $116. There is still a large group of people will that have access to Medicare Part D coverage with not deductible.

One private company that provides Medicare Advantage coverage plans to its customers is InnovaCare Health under the direction of Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. Shinto has over 20 years as a practicing physician. This is both in clinical and surgical services for his patients. Rick Shinto has also run a variety of different medical groups and medical manage companies.

Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administration Officer at InnovaCare. She has worked in various administrative and executive positions at the company for years. Her specialty is creating clinical programs. She is also very skilled in creating more efficient health care processes for clients.



Medicare Advantage Platforms Have Proven Track Record

In the United States there are a few ways an individual gets access to medical care, the emergency room, ability to pay, and managed care. Manage care is the foremost and prevalent form of physician healthcare, and Medicare Advantage is the managed care choice for millions of Americans. Medicare Advantage is a health insurance package. If one is an employee of a major company, then that employee has a good chance for access to preferred provider or health maintenance organizations through their company. Likewise, an individual can enroll in Medicare Advantage when they are eligible for Medicare. These popular two programs serve as a standby Medicare Part A and B benefits. If one is eligible for Medicare Advantage programs, then Medicare gives capital to the private health platform, a revolving payment every month for each enrollee.

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The mechanics of these managed care programs are complicated, however Medicare pays under a bidding process, and all bids that are submitted correctly are accepted. Consequently, Medicare Advantage platforms offer a medical insurance plan that is comparable to Medicare. Medicare Advantage has become a popular choice to many Americans; nevertheless, there are some pitfalls. People who have higher medical bills are more apt to switch from Medicare Advantage plans to Medicare. Remember the two programs are similar, but not exact. There is controversy over with is best for any one individual. A patient may find themselves with a physician practice service, in which two or more physicians have joint arrangements to work together to provide patient care.

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One such example in managed healthcare services is InnovaCare Health. InnovaCare Health is the prominent, and the largest provider in the United States. They deal with Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage platforms. With healing hands and hearts they provide medical care to thousands of patients. InnovaCare Health offers innovative health care models, sponsoring both physical and emotional well-being. They assure the best possible medical care available with reasonable rates. The flagship experts behind this successful organization are Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA, President and The Chief Executive Officer. Penelope Kokkinides the Chief Administrative Officer of the company.

It is no surprise InnovaCare Health is an industrial template for all other healthcare institutions around North America. Throughout many new releases, reports, and surveys it shows InnovaCare has a proven track record. They are critically acclaimed as professionals and experts in their fields. In conclusion the many professionals and executives can be very proud of their accomplishments, it is truly a job well done.

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