Talkspace: Keeping Mental Health on Track

Today, it seems as if mental health is all that is being talked about. That being said, there is a new technology that is allowing users who have a mental illness to get assistance from a therapist via text message. It even goes as far as sending video or audio messages to your assigned therapist who in turn gets you on a program of treatment that can get you through your day. Millions of users have hopped on board to join Talkspace. It’s an innovative genius way of getting people in contact faster with a therapist that can help ease their mental anguish that is crushing their daily spirits. The reviews about the platform seem endless in that people are sharing that the application is life changing. Read this article here.

Talkspace Reviews, as many have put it, is giving them their life back in way they could have never imagined. The platform is so easy that a representative can get you matched with a therapist who gets you set on an online therapy plan within days or much less. One user points out that its the privacy and texting sessions that allows her to feel normal even though suffering from mental illness.

Talkspace is giving an instant gratification to those waiting to talk to someone about their negative worries that is harming their positive thoughts. The ability to sign up for as little as $49 a week is exciting to many users. It opens the door to getting affordable mental health care from a trained professional right from your own computer terminal in your room. They can enjoy extensive chats either live or by typing their hearts away sharing some of their troubling obstacles that prevent them from being generally happy. Reviews are on-going about the Talkspace platform that has several matched with a therapist that they feel truly cares.

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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel- the Doctor who helps with Minor Cases

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an emergency doctor who works at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital in Florida. Having worked for a long time in the medical field, Dr. Forsthoefel has supervised hundreds of non-urgent situations at the emergency center. 

The Doctor says that this situation is caused by the fact that many people do not have access to primary health care. Because of this, many patients go to emergency centers seeking help. Dr. Forsthoefel said that it doesn’t matter how minor the cases may seem to be. As doctors, they always act to help.

In this pursuit, each patient that arrives in the emergency center will find that the medical personnel is ready to help. These include physicians, nurses, techs, and a host of support staff. Indeed, every such patient usually requires a bed. Dr. Forsthoefel, however, says that the increasing nature of such non-emergency cases flocking emergency centers is indeed a problem to ponder. It is a new challenge because resources that ought to go to emergency treatment eventually get used by relatively minor cases.

The entire staff that works at emergency centers end up feeling the heat. Regardless of the situation, Dr. Forsthoefel says, the team at emergency departments continue working hard to maintain efficiency and offer the best care. He says that it is understandable that many people face different kinds of barriers in attempts to access primary health care. 

Whatever the case, this is a challenge because non-emergent, chronic situations now consume time and resources that should be channeled towards acute and emergency cases. Because of this, emergency departments in many hospitals have become less effective and inefficient. It is often challenging to keep the flow of patients manageable. 

Indeed, Dr. Forshoefel says, this situation is becoming critical by the day. Just like Dr. Forsthoefel, many other caregivers and doctors across the US and Florida specifically have expressed similar sentiments. They say that the impact of minor medical cases being turned over to emergency centers is becoming a matter that should be urgently addressed. This is because it is has become a real problem, and the frequency increases.

Oren Frank Explains Why There Is Need for Affordable Mental Healthcare Services

Personality disorders, eating disorders, depression and addition are some of the threatening issues in the modern world. People have too much pressure from life due to lack of jobs, in addition to drugs and peer pressure among others. Therefore, mental health care is becoming a necessity for many. Oren Frank together with his wife Roni founded an online platform where people could access mental healthcare.

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The couple was inspired to start the platform after visiting a couple’s therapist. They found the session so amazing and insightful. They then thought of a platform where everyone could access cost-effective therapy services. It is then they decided to come up with a platform where people could access mental health service at a fair price. TalkSpace is an online platform whereby you text and a member from the team responds to you via a text.

TakSpace therapy services can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Therapists are always waiting to help you. You simply explain your issues to them, and they select the best therapist for you. Oren Franks notes that the therapists are highly qualified and licensed by the therapist’s professional body.

Oren Frank slogan is “therapy for all”. After the couple therapy, he discovered that mental health care is a moral right. In a recent study, it was found that 1 out of 5 people in the United Kingdom suffer from mental illness. The study also found that severe mental illness is likely to develop complications such as heart disease, diabetes or any kind of cancer.

According to the world health organization, most people don’t understand the consequences of suffering from mental health. Depression was found to be the leading cause of disability in the world. Oren Frank goal is to offer affordable and convenient mental healthcare services. This means that one can access the service any time of the day from any location. Find out more:

Talkspace – Reasons Why More People Prefer Online Therapy Over Traditional One

The millions across the globe today need mental health counseling, and as the cost of traditional therapy continues to increase, many people avoid it merely on the grounds of high-cost. Not everyone has the medical coverage that covers therapy or is in the position to afford it by them. Talkspace, a mobile therapy app, was developed and launched in the year 2012, to address this issue specifically. With the help of Talkspace therapy app, connect with the therapist through your phone any time of the day and get the answers you are looking for without being judged. No need to go anywhere or feel awkward discussing your most private feelings in person who was a stranger a few minutes back in traditional therapy. Read more Talkspace reviews at

With e-counseling offered by Talkspace, people can open up more elaborately as they can share what they feel through the text and even e-mail. It makes it easier for people to express themselves elaborately and it also helps the therapist to understand what the patient is going through to provide an effective diagnosis. Talkspace doesn’t cost as much as traditional therapy and the fact that you are able to reach your therapist any time of the day has made it a popular alternative to conventional therapy in the last few years. It continues to grow in terms of its membership base as more and more people are coming up to seek treatment at Talkspace.

Talkspace has been successful because it is able to provide an essential service at a less cost. The cost of in-person therapy costs have been on the rise, and not everyone can afford it. Even with insurance, the therapy costs are quite high. It is the reason why more people are switching to online therapy because it not only costs less but is also as effective as traditional therapy.



InnovaCare Health specializes in providing managed health care plans and operations to its clients. The company mainly operates from Puerto Rico but also has bases in other countries around North America. InnovaCare Health uses state of the art medical equipment to serve its clients, therefore, providing the best service in the health care business. In 2016, InnovaCare Health announced that it would be bringing in three new leaders on board. Among the three leaders was Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. Rick Shinto was given the position of CEO, and under his leadership, Innova has progressed a great deal. Before coming to InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto served as the CEO of Aveta, Inc. Shinto has held other leadership positions in various companies such as Medical Pathways Management, and North American Medical Management.

For Penelope Kokkinides, it is not her first time working at InnovaCare Health. She was the Chief Operating Officer of the company in the past. Penelope has extensive knowledge when it comes to developing and managing clinical programs. She specializes in managed care and government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Penelope worked at Centerlight HealthCare before moving to Innova. At Centerlight, Penelope was the Chief Operating Officer and the Executive Vice President. Penelope Kokkinides brings ideas to life by combining efforts with a team at work. They work together to come up with ideas and then expound on them. A day at the office is generally busy for Penelope Kokkinides. Each day comes with its challenge and Penelope loves that she is always on her toes. Her work involves a lot of traveling and Penelope tries to get a lot of work done in between flights.

Before going to bed, Penelope plans her next day in terms of what work needs to be completed and what meetings she needs to attend. This helps her to stay on top of things and to manage her workload. Penelope makes a point of always being informed of what is going on in the industry and country at large. She claims that as an entrepreneur, being in the know is a crucial part of the business. Penelope does this by reading articles, magazines and doing research.,28.htm

Talkspace significance to the health sector

Talkspace is a method used to enlarge treatment operations by creating sufficient communication between the patient and the specialists. The program links the ill to the health specialists through online conversation. By doing this, the stigma of treatment is broken and permits clients to operate on their own conditions. In case you are a licensed specialist, you can sign up an agreement segment in the program and indicate your available period. From there, you will be linked with clients in your smartphone.

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Marriage counseling is a service that specialists are given to handle among many more. The clients need to sign up to the program and pay for the services. They are then connected to their therapists in the shortest time possible. Confidentiality is a critical aspect of treatments and their patients. Talkspace sessions are fully compliant with encrypted links between the two participants. Online teletherapy is beneficial in that the client is free to communicate his emotions without fear. It is easy for patients to change their therapists online than physically. The suitability of the telemedicine program can maintain patients due to the services offered.

Majority of clients return when in need to be assisted in their conditions. Furthermore, it saves time and cost of both parties to meet and communicate in the offices. Besides online sessions, Talkspace has adjustable communication like text messages. For those who do not have internet access, they can get services through their devices. Both the client and patient can send each other audio messages in order to understand each other. The program is among the easiest methods for clients looking for mental assistance. Clients who have used the session are grateful since it made a positive impact on their lives. This method requires to be utilized in another health department to ensure they improve their services.

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Sussex Healthcare Focuses On Continuous Improvement

Sussex Healthcare has always been focused on improving their services; after all, one of their main philosophies have been to never be left behind by other healthcare providers. Because of that, they’ve always sought to be as innovative as possible and to lead by example constantly. With that said, the company has recently been looking at what makes Sussex Healthcare stand out and what they could do to improve; furthermore, they’ve been looking at any weaknesses that they may have and improving these significantly.

This is because the management at the company has always been looking for ways to affordable, high-quality healthcare services and support to their clients. Much of the improvements have been led by Sussex Healthcare’s highly-trained staff. According to COO Steve Whittingham, each member of staff know how much of a difference the company makes to its clients; he also noted how proud everyone at the company is to serve the medical and physical needs of their patients. As such, any improvement to the level of service that the company can provide is extremely welcome. Read more health news about Sussex Healthcare at

However, Mr. Whittingham noted that this kind of change doesn’t come overnight; having said that, Sussex Healthcare has been continuously improving its services ever since being founded. The changes haven’t been well-received by everyone, though; as Mr. Whittingham has noted, many believe that the improvements and changes must mean that things were being done wrong prior to the changes being instituted. This couldn’t be further from the truth; however, that doesn’t mean that services can’t be improved upon. This is why Mr. Whittingham has placed a lot of emphasis on communication with everyone in the company.

The COO also noted that this had been something that has been important with Sussex ever since it was first founded. Because of that, management, staff, and patients at Sussex Healthcare communicate regularly so that everyone is aware of any upcoming changes. Furthermore, it’s also clear as to how this will affect patients and how it will be beneficial to everyone involved. Because of this, according to reports, many of the changes have been instituted without many hiccups and have been as smooth as possible.

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Healthcare IT and Drew Madden

Healthcare is one of the most rapidly changing industries today. Changes to record-keeping, logistics and insurance rules have made new economies of scale possible. Because of this, mergers are becoming more common.

Non-medical companies like Amazon are delving into the medical space. The internet-based giant has taken steps like applying for pharmacy licenses in several states. Meanwhile, healthcare companies like CVS are finding new ways to expand their footprint. The pharmacy giant has taken over Target’s prescription business. They’ve also been in talks to buy struggling insurers like Aetna.

These moves by big companies are helping to streamline care in the medical industry. For example, if your insurer is the same company as your local pharmacy, you never have to worry about whether you’re covered. Amazon’s two-day Prime delivery revolutionized shopping. Their economies of scale and hard-won efficiencies could change the way filling prescriptions works, too.

Advances in technology have made it possible to have less friction in the healthcare space. Entrepreneurs like Drew Madden are a big part of that improved experience. His firm, Evergreen Partners, advises healthcare companies and helps them implement new solutions. A graduate of the University of Iowa College of Engineering, he studied Industrial Engineering with a focus in Medical Systems. Since then, he has been helping the industry transform.

At Nordic Consulting Partners, Madden grew the company from ten to 725 employees. They went from partnering with three clients to 150. Madden gets these results because his ideas work. As a consultant, he’s been able to find solutions that work for his clients and their end users. He takes pleasure in finding something that works for everyone. In fact, Drew Madden is clear that caring is what makes the difference at Evergreen. He knows that every patient is an individual with a family and community concerned about them.

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