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Discovering Freedom: The Yeonmi Park Story

Freedom in North Korea is unknown, however, hunger and fear is commonplace, according to Yeonmi Park, a courageous North Korean defector. As told in a article, Yeonmi’s tale is one of desperation, abuse and fraught with thoughts of suicide. It’s a story of a two-year journey that no one, especially a girl of thirteen, should have to make. Defectors from North Korea typically travel through China to reach South Korea, where they can live in freedom.

Park is a popular Youtube speaker, especially since the public rarely hears about what life is like inside secretive North Korea. She never misses an opportunity to speak about the brutal life, which she and her family endured, hoping to speak for all the people in North Korea who do not dare criticize the government.

While the NK News  government tries to discredit Park, it’s hard to imagine that she and her mother would undertake such a perilous journey, unless their lives were unbearable at home. Their time in China was terrible for both of the Park women; human traffickers prey on North Korean women, who cannot get help from the police since they are in the country illegally. Park’s father did manage to join his wife and daughter in China; unfortunately, he died there, before ever seeing his family find safety and freedom.

Yeonmi Park deserves a great deal of credit for telling her story on The Reason TV. She admits that she was hesitant to talk about being raped, both because in her culture, it was shameful and because she didn’t want to relive the nightmare. Nevertheless, Park realizes that what happened to her is happening to many other people, and it won’t stop unless someone speaks out.




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