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Isabel dos Santos Contributions and Achievements

Isabel dos Santos is the richest woman in Africa with numerous accolades attached to her name due to her numerous achievements and contributions to society. She is the daughter of former Angola President José Eduardo dos Santos which positions her as a person of significant influence.

Her education background highlights her competency having graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electric Engineering from Kings College in London. Furthermore, she is a successful entrepreneur with a diversified investments portfolio.

Her career began as a project manager where she grew her skills and registered her truck company. She further invested in various businesses in different sectors such as energy, media, and entertainment where she amassed her wealth and built her name as a businesswoman. Isabel dos Santos has offshore investments that have facilitated her telecommunication business called Unitel.

Isabel dos Santos involves herself in philanthropic activities and charity in Angola. Also, Unitel has been at the forefront of corporate social responsibility. She is actively engaged in education programs, entrepreneurship and women empowerment.

Recently, she was involved in the European Parliament as a lead policymaker on issues affecting Africa’s Development. She highlights the main problems which hinder growth such as illiteracy, poverty, and overpopulation. She anticipates that with the rapid technological advancement in Africa, information will quickly be accessible leading growth.

Isabel dos Santos is an active participant at United Nations where she has been recognized for her empowerment projects to women across Angola. She advocates for teaching women business acumen skills and educating them on their human rights. This is because it will have an impact on a society perspective.

Isabel dos Santos also advocates for commercialization of agriculture since it is among the top economic activities in Africa. In her statement at the European Parliament, she highlights that Africa lacks sufficient planning in its commercial activities which lead to poverty (Linkedin).

She states that the digital shit will result in better life quality especially in agriculture where there will be massive production costs cuts that increase profitability levels. Isabel dos Santos is an inspiration to the African women who look up to her for advice. She is a pacesetter in the digital shift, and her efforts are admirable.

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Adam Milstein – Philanthropist, Innovator and Motivator

Adam Milstein founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000, referred to as the MFF. Milstein’s vision for the MFF is to strengthen the State of Israel and instill in its people’s minds their story of homeland, triumph and heritage. The Foundation also supports and nourishes ties between the State of Israel and the United States.

The Milstein Family Foundation focuses on US-based organizations whose activities are in the United States. The Foundation makes donations only to 501(c)(3) organizations.

Adam Milstein has implemented three principles as the foundation’s pillars of strength: Active Philanthropy, Life Path Impact and Philanthropic Synergy.

Adam Milstein believes in being an active philanthropist. He becomes involved with every organization he supports. He helps in tailoring the right program for each organization. He also helps them with the content of the program, the strategy, the marketing, and the funding. He follows through and makes sure it is a success.

In his hands-on approach, Adam Milstein eliminates redundancy while multiplying the organizations’ activities. Because he invests his own money, he can make fast decisions. His involvement goes far beyond just writing checks.

Life Path Impact continuously engages people of the State of Israel from young ages in school through adulthood and inspires student leaders to infuse the love of Israel in college campuses across the United States. Life Path Impact builds new community leadership rooted in Jewish heritage to ensure a vibrant and dynamic future and at the same time safeguarding Jewish values.

Philanthropic Synergy connects multiple philanthropic organizations whose combined efforts result in greater impact and effectiveness than the sum of individual efforts.

Adam Milstein is also a co-founder and Chairman of the Israeli-American Council whose mission is to build a nationwide community of interconnected Jewish people, young and old alike, in the true Jewish spirit. To achieve this end, the IAC has established well-embraced programs such as the IAC Keshet, an enrichment program highlighting the Hebrew Language and Israeli culture for families with children 2 to 8. The IAC Beyachad inspires volunteers to develop and sponsor grassroots events in their local communities.

George Soros Uses Open Society Foundations to Eradicate Poverty in the Society

One of the leading organizations that promote human, civil and migrant rights is the Open Society Foundations. This may be in fact, the leading philanthropic organization that America has ever had in history. It has 37 branches across different states. Although other foundations like the Gates Foundation spends a higher amount of money in various projects, Open Society Foundations has managed to garner a larger footprint in the world through the various offices it has in Africa. Open Society Foundation’s budget is approximately $ 930 million every year. This budget is on the higher side compared to other organization’s funds.


Open Society Foundation’s budget is usually determined by George Soros, the founder and head cheerleader of the organization. George Soros joined charity years back when he flee Hungary during the Nazi Regime. Following his skills in economics and financial markets, Soros has been committed to expanding the services of the organization across different sectors. Soros who invested in business and politics is currently worth billions. His net worth is approximately $ 26 billion. Part of his income is channeled to Open Society Foundations. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.


Soros is a famous philanthropist and investor. He is a renowned activist for humanity too. Through the large organization, he supports education reforms, freedom of speech, sexual orientation, migration and cultural differences. Open Society Foundations spotlights some of the issues that contribute to societal injustices. Under the leadership of George Soros, the Open Society Foundations has delved into a different direction focused on expanding its map in the long run. Soros has been the lead champion in fostering reforms through the Open Society Foundations. Visit this site to know more at

Ferguson Protest

The Ferguson protest followed the shooting of a teenager called Michael Brown amidst a protest. Brown was unarmed during the shootout. The jury did not charge the officer who murdered Brown. Although there was a justice department investigation to oversee the case proceedings, the court did not charge the officer. This resulted in the widespread protest of people in the neighborhood of Missouri. According to the protestors, this was a racial card against the affected individuals. With the expenses that come with various protests, there was a question of who funds the entire process on different days of the week. It was none other than the wealthy billionaire, George Soros. He was moved by the passion for finding justice for the affected family and friends of Michael Brown. Since the beginning of the protests, George Soros has been the primary donor.


Soros was born in 1930. He is an American with roots from Hungary. Soros was born during the Nazi Regime, and he was raised at a time when the Nazi assassinated Jews, disabled and people from different cultures. His father protected the family by presenting falsified documents. Soros left Hungary for London. He pursued studies from the London School of Economics then left for America and established businesses.

Discovering Freedom: The Yeonmi Park Story

Freedom in North Korea is unknown, however, hunger and fear is commonplace, according to Yeonmi Park, a courageous North Korean defector. As told in a article, Yeonmi’s tale is one of desperation, abuse and fraught with thoughts of suicide. It’s a story of a two-year journey that no one, especially a girl of thirteen, should have to make. Defectors from North Korea typically travel through China to reach South Korea, where they can live in freedom.

Park is a popular Youtube speaker, especially since the public rarely hears about what life is like inside secretive North Korea. She never misses an opportunity to speak about the brutal life, which she and her family endured, hoping to speak for all the people in North Korea who do not dare criticize the government.

While the NK News  government tries to discredit Park, it’s hard to imagine that she and her mother would undertake such a perilous journey, unless their lives were unbearable at home. Their time in China was terrible for both of the Park women; human traffickers prey on North Korean women, who cannot get help from the police since they are in the country illegally. Park’s father did manage to join his wife and daughter in China; unfortunately, he died there, before ever seeing his family find safety and freedom.

Yeonmi Park deserves a great deal of credit for telling her story on The Reason TV. She admits that she was hesitant to talk about being raped, both because in her culture, it was shameful and because she didn’t want to relive the nightmare. Nevertheless, Park realizes that what happened to her is happening to many other people, and it won’t stop unless someone speaks out.




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