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Adam Milstein – Philanthropist, Innovator and Motivator

Adam Milstein founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000, referred to as the MFF. Milstein’s vision for the MFF is to strengthen the State of Israel and instill in its people’s minds their story of homeland, triumph and heritage. The Foundation also supports and nourishes ties between the State of Israel and the United States.

The Milstein Family Foundation focuses on US-based organizations whose activities are in the United States. The Foundation makes donations only to 501(c)(3) organizations.

Adam Milstein has implemented three principles as the foundation’s pillars of strength: Active Philanthropy, Life Path Impact and Philanthropic Synergy.

Adam Milstein believes in being an active philanthropist. He becomes involved with every organization he supports. He helps in tailoring the right program for each organization. He also helps them with the content of the program, the strategy, the marketing, and the funding. He follows through and makes sure it is a success.

In his hands-on approach, Adam Milstein eliminates redundancy while multiplying the organizations’ activities. Because he invests his own money, he can make fast decisions. His involvement goes far beyond just writing checks.

Life Path Impact continuously engages people of the State of Israel from young ages in school through adulthood and inspires student leaders to infuse the love of Israel in college campuses across the United States. Life Path Impact builds new community leadership rooted in Jewish heritage to ensure a vibrant and dynamic future and at the same time safeguarding Jewish values.

Philanthropic Synergy connects multiple philanthropic organizations whose combined efforts result in greater impact and effectiveness than the sum of individual efforts.

Adam Milstein is also a co-founder and Chairman of the Israeli-American Council whose mission is to build a nationwide community of interconnected Jewish people, young and old alike, in the true Jewish spirit. To achieve this end, the IAC has established well-embraced programs such as the IAC Keshet, an enrichment program highlighting the Hebrew Language and Israeli culture for families with children 2 to 8. The IAC Beyachad inspires volunteers to develop and sponsor grassroots events in their local communities.

Fox News, The Talk-over Network, Get Lesson From Founder Of Human Rights Foundation

Fox News is famous for being the “talk over” network. You can see it on shows like Bill O’Reilly, where the host talks over the interviewee when the two cannot agree. The network likes to use interviews to make a point to their viewership, whether or not that point is fair or balanced. But there’s a recent propaganda-like interview with Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen that seem to blow up in their face.

During a tense three minutes the hostess tries to get Thor Halvorssen to say that socialism is bad. Of course, the network is taking time to slam socialism because of the insurgent presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders who is a self-avowed democratic socialist. The hostess wastes no time in making her flawed point, asking Thor Halvorssen why socialism is a violation of basic human rights. A cool, calm, and collected Thor Halvorssen spends very little time being shocked or stunned and gets right to work qualifying that statement.

Socialism is not inherently evil, he says. In fact, countries like Denmark, Norway and Sweden are shining examples of socialist governments where human rights violations do not occur. Socialism is a form of government that can do good or bad depending on who’s in charge. Separation of power with checks and balances leads to a government for the people and by the people, even if it is socialist. Unchecked unilateral power can allow a dictator to use socialism in order to exploit people. But the Fox News hostess does not want to get bogged down in details and continually tries to make Thor Halvorssen say something bad about socialism.

According to, Thor Halvorssen tries to explain the definition of socialism or socialist agendas, but he gets talked over. Frustration leads him to declare his support for Bernie Sanders. The shock hostess squeals, “Why!?” This reddit thread shows how Thor Halvorssen then explained that he does not care what side of the political spectrum you come from and that you have his support if you advocate human rights, unlike Hillary Clinton and the leading Republican candidates. It turns out that Fox News couldn’t even slam Bernie Sanders with a “talk over” interview. It blew up in their face.

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