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Impressive Career of Paul Mampilly

For years, Paul Mampilly has been a successful and influential person in Wall Street. The tycoon began working at Bankers Trust, assisting in portfolio matters. He later began investing in large companies. However, after years of success in Wall Street, he shifted his focus to helping ordinary people in making better financial decisions. Everyone desires to have financial freedom, and Paul’s efforts in helping people on the matter are highly appreciated by many.

According to Paul Mampilly, working in Wall Street brought joy to him, but he noted that only the rich benefitted from it. Thus, he left Wall Street to start a newsletter called Profits Unlimited that details how people can best invest in funds. The newsletter gives tips on where ordinary citizens can put their money for better returns that will change their lives. Being financially stable, offers people peace of mind and the lifestyle, they want, and this is Paul Mampilly’s ultimate goal.

Paul Mampilly understands how easily one can make irresponsible investment decisions. He also knows that it is the lack of knowledge on making responsible financial moves that makes even the rich lose their money. This knowledge and his experience in the investment sector is what makes his services reliable. Since he can put a smile on the faces of those he helps, this work is more fulfilling to him than his experience on Wall Street. Read more articles at

About Paul Mampilly

In 1991, Paul Mampilly worked at Deutsche Bank, where he assisted in research matters. His commitment and dedication at work made him rise quickly rise through the ranks in Bankers Trust and ING. His roles in those companies entailed managing various million dollar accounts.

Paul Mampilly enjoys reading books. His advice to anyone who wants to invest or start their own company is to look at the emerging technologies and industries; they have to focus on where their investment will be in the future and what factors will influence their investments with time. He primarily focuses on technology because this is what runs the world now and will still do in the future. Reading books on the same can help people decide the best move to make.

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Matt Badiali and Globetrotting

Matt Badiali in the past functioned as a committed professional scientist. He’s equipped with a Pennsylvania State University Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree, too. This degree was in the subject of earth sciences. He also studied at Florida Atlantic University. That’s the school that enabled him to acquire a geology M.S. (Master of Science) degree. Matt Badiali was a pupil at the prominent University of North Carolina for half a decade. He was on track to earn a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from the school. His universe shifted dramatically in 2004, though. That’s the time one of his pals showed him everything there is to know about the financial realm. This buddy was equipped with a lovely finance PhD of his own. He had the desire to collaborate with Matt Badiali. He thought that Matt Badiali could assist him with the concept of coming up with investment practices that were suitable for normal people who wanted to get into the sector. He knew that Badali’s background in both geology and science could be a major component of in-depth investment guidance. His aim, simply put, was to devise investment guidance that could come in handy for standard individuals who were in the United States. This is precisely the reason that Matt Badiali frequently pens pieces while contemplating his dad. He saw his dad deal with all sorts of issues that involved investing.  View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

Badiali has been enthralled by the notion of aiding individuals with investment matters for a long while at this point. 2004 was a big game-changer for this man. He aids investors who wish to pinpoint incredible natural resource, metal and energy openings. He set up Real Wealth Strategist in the spring of 2017. This is a newsletter that’s associated with Banyan Hill Publishing. Badiali has rapidly put together a following that’s composed of readers who genuinely appreciate all of the things that he has to say. They keenly anticipate all of his suggestions that involve stocks and natural resources of all varieties as well. Badiali is a globetrotter through and through. He’s gone to Switzerland, Hong Kong and Iraq. To learn more, visit:

Fund Manager and Philanthropist James Dondero of Highland Capital

James Dondero is the Co-Founder and President of Dallas Texas based Highland Capital. He has over three decades of experience in the credit and equity markets and is a pioneer in Collateralized Loan Obligation. In addition to Highland Capital, James Dondero is the Founder and President of NexPoint Advisors and a chairman of NexBank which is an affiliate of NexPoint and mostly owned by Mr. Dondero. James has been the Portfolio Manager and managing partner of NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund since September of 2012. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

James Dondero and Mark Okada founded Highland Capital together in 1993 and they manage over twenty one billion in assets. James oversees investment strategies at Highland for both retail and institutional products. Under James Dondero’s management various funds have been given prestigious recognition awards. In 2014 he received Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation award. He was given the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities that same year. At a subsidiary of Highland Capital Mr. Dondero serves as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Highland Acquisition Corporation.


Prior to co-founding Highland Capital James Dondero oversaw the startup of a Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary as a Chief Investment Officer. He was able to grow its net worth to over two billion dollars within the first five years of startup. James Dondero worked for American Express as a fund manager for over one billion in fixed income funds before he began working for Protective Life. In addition to extensive employment history, Mr. Dondero received his degree from the University of Virginia in accounting and finance and is a certified management accountant.

Mr. Dondero is a dedicated philanthropist and makes monetary donations towards education programs, the Dallas Zoo, The Perot Museum of Science and Nature, the Center for Brain Health, The George W. Bush Presidential Library, Various Veterans Resource Centers and the Education is Freedom Organization. Read more about James Dondero at


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