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Randal Nardone The Name behind the Growth of Fortress Investment Group

The primary aim of the investment management companies these days is to help its clients achieve the financial success they desire. The investments these days are necessary to achieve the financial success because the hard work alone is not sufficient for wealth creation. The range of investment options and tools available in the market may be confusing for an individual and even for an organization per se. It is where the need of an expert investment management companies come into the picture. The investment management company would search through the various available options in the market and build a definitive investment strategy that would align with the financial goals of the client.

Fortress Investment Group, founded in 1998 by successful business men Wesley Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffmann, is one of the most respected investment management firms in the United States, headquartered in New York. The company has a long history of providing effective and efficient investment strategies to its clients. The primary aim of the Fortress Investment Group has been to ensure that the investment risks are minimized, and new sectors of investments are identified ahead of time to allow the clients to make maximum profit from the surge in the financial markets. Keeping a watch on the direction in which the stock market is moving is necessary for success in the equity market, and there is an experienced and dedicated research team that critically analyses every move of the private equity market to decipher its next move and invest accordingly.

Randal Nardone has proved to be an asset to the company even though he does not have a financial background. He studied to be a lawyer and has his extensive knowledge of the financial industry as he worked with a number of investment firms while he was working as a lawyer. Randal Nardone has helped the company get many investment opportunities by identifying the areas that can provide great returns. He had a successful law career, but he wanted to do something of his own and had an interest in the financial sector as he thought it had a lot of potentials. For Randal Nardone, people are a resource, and they have to manage well if their true potential is to be utilized. Fortress Investment Group has a transparent and open communication system that allows different teams to collaborate with each other easily. Randal Nardone has helped build the company from scratch and is making sure that it flourishes in the days to come. Click here.



Richard Liu Qiang Dong Gives His Insight On Growth Potential

Richard Liu Qiang Dong is a very successful Chinese businessman and entrepreneur. He is the founder and chief executive officer of one of the biggest Chinese e-commerce platforms by the name of This platform evolved out of 12 brick and mortar stores that he opened and called JingDong. The country of China experienced a severe SARS outbreak and many people got sick including the employees of Richard Liu Qiang Dongs brick and mortar store. This is when he and his team decided to open an e-commerce store in 2005 was formed. The company is estimated to be worth 57.6 billion by Forbes and Richard Liu Qiang Dong is said to have a personal net worth of 7.3 billion dollars. Richard Liu utilized his sociology degree when it comes to his unique approach to marketing. He attended the Renmin University and graduated in 1996. has formed many different partnerships and they have major players that they are partnered with. A few of these players are as follows Farfetch, Walmart, and Tencent. The partnership Farfetch puts two of the top e-commerce companies in China on the same team and their partnership will focus on luxury fashion. Walmart increased its stake in the company in 2017 and now has a 12% stake. Tencent purchased a 15% stake in for 215 million dollars. Richard Liu is consistently working on becoming the number one ecommerce business in China. He is currently working toward his main goal but the three key aspects to make this happen is that he has to bring the customer value, improve on logistics globally, and improve on technology.

The company sells high quality products globally but the global delivery system is not as good as the local Chinese delivery system so this is an area that the company must improve in. The three best places where the delivery is best on a global spectrum is only New York, London, and Paris. If you order something from in the United States and you are not in the city of New York your purchase will definitely be delayed for up to 10 to 15 days. So this is definitely something that they are looking to improve on because when delivering products in China it only takes 6 hours. The company is doing what they have to do to close the gap on this issue. They are leaving a lot of business on the table that they could be capitalizing on if they had a better global logistics process.

Isabel dos Santos Significant Contributed in Successful For Women in Africa

Isabel dos Santos is a striking figure in entrepreneurship. She is the top wealthiest businesswoman in Africa. Having made her way up all by herself has earned Isabel a great name and respect in the entrepreneurship world. She is a mentor and a role model for women all across the globe. Isabel implements her acquired knowledge from school and vast experience to upgrade the lives of other people. She is the daughter of Jose dos Santos, the former President of Angola. Isabel pursued her elementary education in all-girls boarding school. She proceeded to London and majored in electrical engineering at one of the prestigious schools, King’s College London, UK. At this point, she met her husband Sindiki Dokolo, who hails from Zaire.

After her education, Isabel dos Santos ventured in business and established a great career in business. She earned her initial wealth from investing in Oil Company. Isabel also runs several posts in various high-end companies. Later on, she worked for her father and finally started her own companies. Isabel discovered her love and passion for development in the telecommunication industry through a strong partnership and investment in both Africa and various countries such as Portugal. Isabel dos Santos finally launched Unitel International in partnership with Telecom. Among her docket of ideas was to venture in philanthropic projects. The business became highly successful and paved the way for most of her concepts in charity and her charitable projects that she has initiated across Africa.

Isabel began to devote her impressive success and power to help the dwellers of her motherland Africa. She has engaged herself in successive prosperity since then. Isabel firmly believes in her potential to initiate jobs just by the use of computer and internet. It is an incredibly beneficial step towards creating an opportunity since it has a little opportunity cost with massive returns. Isabel dos Santos primary goal is to help the poor and oppressed women. She believes in herself and that her outstanding contribution can offer African women an opportunity in the world of business. She aims at promoting agriculture in Africa by use of modern technology and thriving for various investments in Africa. Isabel has tremendously contributed in sowing seeds to a strawberry farm since it’s currently among the most credible sources for income and nutrients.

Stratford Shields Interview

Stratford Shields is a Managing Director at Loop Capital Markets , which is a Public Finance Investment Banking group that is based in Chicago, Illinois. Stratford covers some of the major clients.

He starts his morning off really early in his office. He spends a lot of time thinking about his clients and ways to strategize for each client he has. He tries to find ideas that will benefit them. He tries to find ideas that worked best for previous client. The strategies vary from client to client.

A healthy habit he does to enhance his productivity is to read up on current events. He wants to keep up to date on what’s going around in the world. This helps him keep up with his clients. He believes he wouldn’t be as productive if he didn’t read and keep up with the current events.

In a busy world, Stratford tries many ways to keep organized. One of the ways he stays organized is by staying on top of things and paying attention to little details. He also pays close attention to the needs of each client; an he continuously follows up with them in order to stay up to date on their needs. A large portion of his ideas come from. He skims through the pros and cons of their ideas. He uses several web services regularly to help bring his clients ideas to life.

His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, is that it is very important to know your clients. Knowing them is a crucial part of success, You must learn the reasons why they want to do business with you. Especially with smaller firms. It’s important to also be realistic. You will always want to do business with clients that value your ideas. Knowing your clients can make or break your business.

Impressive Career of Paul Mampilly

For years, Paul Mampilly has been a successful and influential person in Wall Street. The tycoon began working at Bankers Trust, assisting in portfolio matters. He later began investing in large companies. However, after years of success in Wall Street, he shifted his focus to helping ordinary people in making better financial decisions. Everyone desires to have financial freedom, and Paul’s efforts in helping people on the matter are highly appreciated by many.

According to Paul Mampilly, working in Wall Street brought joy to him, but he noted that only the rich benefitted from it. Thus, he left Wall Street to start a newsletter called Profits Unlimited that details how people can best invest in funds. The newsletter gives tips on where ordinary citizens can put their money for better returns that will change their lives. Being financially stable, offers people peace of mind and the lifestyle, they want, and this is Paul Mampilly’s ultimate goal.

Paul Mampilly understands how easily one can make irresponsible investment decisions. He also knows that it is the lack of knowledge on making responsible financial moves that makes even the rich lose their money. This knowledge and his experience in the investment sector is what makes his services reliable. Since he can put a smile on the faces of those he helps, this work is more fulfilling to him than his experience on Wall Street. Read more articles at

About Paul Mampilly

In 1991, Paul Mampilly worked at Deutsche Bank, where he assisted in research matters. His commitment and dedication at work made him rise quickly rise through the ranks in Bankers Trust and ING. His roles in those companies entailed managing various million dollar accounts.

Paul Mampilly enjoys reading books. His advice to anyone who wants to invest or start their own company is to look at the emerging technologies and industries; they have to focus on where their investment will be in the future and what factors will influence their investments with time. He primarily focuses on technology because this is what runs the world now and will still do in the future. Reading books on the same can help people decide the best move to make.

To learn more, visit:

Matt Badiali and Globetrotting

Matt Badiali in the past functioned as a committed professional scientist. He’s equipped with a Pennsylvania State University Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree, too. This degree was in the subject of earth sciences. He also studied at Florida Atlantic University. That’s the school that enabled him to acquire a geology M.S. (Master of Science) degree. Matt Badiali was a pupil at the prominent University of North Carolina for half a decade. He was on track to earn a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from the school. His universe shifted dramatically in 2004, though. That’s the time one of his pals showed him everything there is to know about the financial realm. This buddy was equipped with a lovely finance PhD of his own. He had the desire to collaborate with Matt Badiali. He thought that Matt Badiali could assist him with the concept of coming up with investment practices that were suitable for normal people who wanted to get into the sector. He knew that Badali’s background in both geology and science could be a major component of in-depth investment guidance. His aim, simply put, was to devise investment guidance that could come in handy for standard individuals who were in the United States. This is precisely the reason that Matt Badiali frequently pens pieces while contemplating his dad. He saw his dad deal with all sorts of issues that involved investing.  View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

Badiali has been enthralled by the notion of aiding individuals with investment matters for a long while at this point. 2004 was a big game-changer for this man. He aids investors who wish to pinpoint incredible natural resource, metal and energy openings. He set up Real Wealth Strategist in the spring of 2017. This is a newsletter that’s associated with Banyan Hill Publishing. Badiali has rapidly put together a following that’s composed of readers who genuinely appreciate all of the things that he has to say. They keenly anticipate all of his suggestions that involve stocks and natural resources of all varieties as well. Badiali is a globetrotter through and through. He’s gone to Switzerland, Hong Kong and Iraq. To learn more, visit:

Peter Briger Is An Expert In Alternative Investment

Peter Briger is one of the leaders in alternative asset management. Peter has clients from all walks of life and can guide you as you plan to build your portfolio or take your investment venture to the next level.

Alternative investments can help to improve the risk and return profile of your portfolio. It is a good idea to invest in alternatives in order to get access to a broader set of investments. Having a diversified investment portfolio can offer several benefits to an investor.

There are several steps you need to take when you want to invest or grow your portfolio. You’ll need to talk to financial advisors, asset management experts and wealth building advisory professionals. It is extremely important to evaluate the professionals and choose one that has experience with entrepreneurs or investor seeking expert guidance. Also, consider the reputation of the professional you have in mind.

Many organizations and individuals choose Peter Briger for their investment and asset management needs. Peter has great expertise in financial services and focuses on alternative investments. He is a respected investment advisor and asset manager and has provided excellent services to a wide variety of clients.

Peter is on the Board of Directors at a well-known investment firm, Fortress Investment Group. He works with clients to determine the best strategy to address their financial management and investment issues.

Fortress Investment Group is a leading firm in the industry and provides services in the alternative asset management field. This renowned firm has been catering to entrepreneurs and investors for a long time and comes highly recommended.

Fortress Investment Group has the tools and systems that enable investment and financial service professionals to handle their clients’ issues appropriately and ensure a great

Peter Briger is passionate about his role in Fortress Investment Group and he is committed to guiding both beginners and veterans obtain a great outcome in their ventures or projects.

Peter Briger has the knowledge and experience to help put you on the road to investment success. It is crucial that you get in touch with him to discuss your needs.

Louis Chenevert- Former CEO at UTC

Louis Chenevert is a business executive who has set the best leadership record at United Technologies Corporation. He served as the CEO of this company for over half a decade and brought unprecedented changes in the company. It is through his leadership that this company managed to rise to the top of the American corporate sector. As one of the companies that are making the highest returns in the world, it needs a leadership team that is committed to the growth of the company. This is not a position that can be taken by someone who has no track record or the willingness to deliver. For a company that is recording billions of dollars in returns every year, the senior leadership needs to be well experienced to handle the operations of large scale nature.


Louis Chenevert joined UTC at a time when the company was in dire need of a leader who could set the foundation for long term growth. The world economic situation was in turmoil due to the financial recession of 2008, but he still went ahead to do magical work. He ensured that despite the depressing economic conditions, this business was still making sufficient proceeds. He had the requisite knowledge to lead the company through the tough economic phase. He accomplished his goal of ensuring that the company performed well until 2014 when he left.


Although Louis Chenevert became CEO in 2006, he had been with the company since 1993. He had worked with Pratt & Whitney, one of the businesses that make up UTC. It is through P&W that he managed to accomplish a lot. He changed the way things were done in this company by making the production work more efficient. He reduced the production time for a jet engine from two years to nine months. He was also behind a series of other achievements that saw the company lay a strong foundation that will move the company to a new level of growth.


Louis Chenevert is now working as an advisor with the Goldman Sachs. His experience makes him one of the successful leaders in business who can show others the right direction.

Paul Mampilly Shows New Investors How to Succeed

The Gazette Day website recently published an article about the expert stock market investor, Paul Mampilly, in an article titled, “Paul Mampilly Shares His Investment Success Secrets with his 60,000 Newsletter Subscribers.” Profits Unlimited is Paul Mampilly’s financial success newsletter that provides information to subscribers about the best possible investments on the market at the moment. Each month provides eight pages of his financial advice that highlights particular investments and explanations about why it might be a great investment. Paul Mampilly is considered an incredibly successful investor because of his proven success throughout the economic downturn. He won an award through the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition where he transformed $50 million of investments into more than $88 million. The 75% gain was incredible considering it occurred during the worst recession since the Great Depression.

He provides detailed information in each newsletter so even beginner investors can understand why they should make certain choices. Paul Mampilly says that in educating his reader rather than doing all the work for him. The newsletter has been circulating for several years and has been incredibly successful. Each newsletter provides one or two recommended stocks and has an online portfolio to demonstrate the performance of the recommendations. 85% of the stocks chosen by Mr. Mampilly have remained consistently profitable. Traditional brokers like to do all the work for their customers instead of empowering them so they will always need the services of a renowned financial advisors. Instead, Mampilly believes the readers should be educated about the entire investment process.

The readers are responsible for creating their own accounts and setting them up. They also trade their stocks on their own and manage their portfolios through their continuing education with his Profits Unlimited. Once the trades are completed, customers can stay up to date on the information through their tablets or computers. Profits Unlimited also provides samples to any prospective subscribers. This allows them to get a taste of the services provided with Profits Unlimited. Banyan Hill Publishing provides other an investment newsletters and research outlets. They have more than 200,000 subscribers around the country. Mr. Mampilly retired from Wall Street to help main street Americans learn how to invest.

Paul Mampilly, an Investment Advisor

Paul Mampilly currently works at Zilch Technologies; he is an investment advisor. Paul helps individuals discover valuable investment opportunities; he gives tips on how to work on these investment opportunities. Paul has worked for several leading organizations during the time he has been in the finance sector. He has worked with organizations such as Deutsche Bank and ING. Paul’ s work with various firms helped him gain experience and become an expert in his field of work. Paul’s skill gained him recognition and fame. Paul Mampilly is helping investors not only in person but also through his newsletter that provides investors with his investment insight.

The newsletter gives information on upcoming investment opportunities and also offers his financial tips on suitable investments one should venture into as business personnel. During a recent interview, Paul talked about the finance industry and its growth. He spoke on common mistakes that most entrepreneurs make will carrying out investments. One mistake he mentioned is putting all your money into one venture; this is risky since in case of failure one would have lost all his money at once. Paul Mampilly encourages entrepreneurs to invest in many businesses at once to increase their chances of making profits out of an investment.

In the case of investment failure, the industry, personnel will have another investment to fall back on. Another mistake investors make is carrying out very large investment in a particular business idea which will lead to significant losses in case of failure. Entrepreneurs also fail when choosing an appropriate time to carry out a successful investment. Paul Mampilly encourages investors to invest when market prices are low; this is when operations in the stock market are not running accordingly. Most business personnel do not consider this and end up using a lot of capital in a single investment. Paul Mampilly’s looks up to Elon Musk of his guts. He started Tesla despite all the limiting factors at that time in history. Paul has an MBA from Fordham University that he has maximumly used in the finance sector. His excellent success is attributed to his hard work and commitment.

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