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Jeremy Goldstein is a celebrated corporate lawyer based in New York City. Goldstein specializes in areas of company mergers and acquisition, also company governance and executive compensation. Generally, Jeremy Goldstein focuses on CEO guidance, company changes, and managerial governance. For instance, Goldstein offered legal counsel during the buyouts of J.P. Morgan Chase and Company, Alltel, South African Breweries PLC, and AT&T Corporation.



Jeremy Goldstein is an experienced lawyer who has practiced law for many years and gained a successful legal history providing counsel to biggest companies globally. Interestingly, Jeremy Goldstein has been termed as the Chairperson of prestigious Merger & Acquisition within the subcommittee of the American Bar Association. A recent report by Chambers USA Guide in collaboration with Legal 500 shows that Jeremy Goldstein is one of the most sought-after lawyers throughout the US. Goldstein and his partners founded a prestigious law firm in NYC called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC.



Goldstein serves on the Professional Advisory board for the NYU Journal (Law and Business section). Additionally, he serves as a board member of a charity organization known as the Fountain House, which helps adults suffering from mental sickness. Jeremy Goldstein visited to share his success stories as a lawyer to the world. A question on how he developed much interest and inspiration to law practice. Goldstein said that his interest in law was sparked with a desire to build a good relationship with his clients. His commitment to the legal profession that matches his personal life characteristics was the primary inspiration for Goldstein to choose a legal career.



From the interview, Jeremy Goldstein revealed how he had ventured into other types of business, such as legal consulting services to CEOs and other companies. Goldstein argues that monetary success is not measured by the amount of money the business generates. Instead, business success is the ability to plan for long-term goals, which makes the business self-sufficient. According to Goldstein, successful firm reinvests their profits the business. Goldstein admits that obstacles are the major problem in building a successful business. Internal personal battle (doubt) affected Goldstein, but he focused on the situation at hand and used all the tools available to solve and repair the situation. Jeremy Goldstein takes difficulties in business as an opportunity to learn and grow.



When asked about the best way to get clients, Goldstein stated that marketing via positive public relation is a significant way of finding the right clients. However, his first clients came from referral through a professional legal network. He further posits that its crucial to create the right publicity that involves choosing the right case based on the type of clientele one prefers. Goldstein is a dynamic person and updates his work according to the changes taking place in the corporate and legal world.


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Kisling Nestico & Redick is Akron’s Top Injury Law Firm

Kisling Nestico & Redick opened their law firm in 2005 and, as they say, the rest is history. The firm is now one of the most well-respected law firms not just in Akron, but throughout the state of Ohio. They’re such a trusted name that the firm now has 10 locations scattered about the state.

These offices employee more than 30 attorneys and 100 legal experts who work hard to get justice for injured clients. Over the years the law firm has recouped over $450 million in damages for injured clients and they have the aggressive fighting style that can help you get the cash needed after an accident.

Kisling Nestico & Redick provides expert representation to clients who’ve been injured in almost any type of personal injury accident. Although most common injuries and mishaps occur as a result of a car accident, trucking accidents, workplace injuries, assaults, and many other types of personal injury can leave a person with overwhelming medical bills, the inability to work, and other mishaps that turn life upside down. When it comes to making sure that injured people get their voice heard in court, Kisling Nestico & Redick knows how to go the extra mile to take care of their customer’s needs.

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Jeremy Goldstein: Helping the Mentally Challenged Through the Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein is an experienced American lawyer, and he is known for his philanthropic activities that aim to help people who are in need. One of the most recent events hosted by Jeremy Goldstein happened last May 21, when people from the upper classes were invited for dinner. The event, entitled “Mental Illness: You Are not ‘A Rhone,” was attended by a huge number of participants, each pledging their own financial assistance to the Fountain House, an institution helping people who are having problems with their mental health. The event happened at the Nomad Hotel Roofdeck, and the tickets cost $5,000 each. The event lasted for four hours, and the guests were given fantastic meals.


Jeremy Goldstein chose the Fountain House as the beneficiary for the event. The institution has been around since 1944, and people who are suffering from mental illness are being treated inside the institution for decades. He believes that mental illness is still a major problem faced by millions of Americans today, and the public must be enlightened about how they should treat people who are fighting these conditions. One of the main goals of the Fountain House is to assist people with mental illness on how they can buy their own home, or how they can be accepted in a job interview. The institution wanted to see these people to triumph and become successful in life, and they helped millions through the years.


The goal of the organization to help people with mental illnesses caught the attention of Jeremy Goldstein, and for so many years, the institution benefits from the donation given by good-hearted individuals who are attending lavish dinners organized by the lawyer. Jeremy Goldstein is an alumnus of the New York University of Law, and he is the founder of the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He focuses on providing legal services to those who are working in different financial institutions, and he aims to help the business sector in facing their legal problems. The last decade has seen a drastic transformation in the career of Jeremy Goldstein, as he became the official lawyer for some of the largest corporate transactions in the business sector.


He represented some of the top American companies, helping them in securing transactions with their business partners. Aside from his services offered to the largest companies in the country, he is also adept in public speaking. He provides tips and tricks on how entrepreneurs should deal with different transactions, and how they can overcome any legal problems with the help from professional lawyers. The choice to help the Fountain House is his personal preference, and Jeremy Goldstein said that he is affected by how the society looks at the mentally challenged, and he thinks that helping them financially would alleviate their status.


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Kisling, Nestico & Redick Law Firm Philanthropic Activities

The corporate world is always encouraged to take part in activities of giving back to the community. Kisling, Nestico & Redick, a law firm based in Ohio is a perfect example of firms that offer help to their neighboring community. The firm works tirelessly to provide legal services to those who have suffered or have been impacted by personal injury accidents. The law firm has vast experience in providing exceptional legal services to Ohio residents. The firm has experienced tremendous growth due to its strong desire to serve its clients with humility, respect, and dignity.

Prior to providing quality legal services, the firm also offers philanthropic efforts to the neighboring communities. Recently the firm managing director, Rob Nestico steered a donation of food to Greenbriar middle school. According to the attorney, the food will go a long way in helping kids during the spring break. Kids who came from underprivileged families will, therefore, have adequate food.

The law firm donated ready and preserved food. The donations included cheese, bread, fruits, peanut and 60 grocery bags filled with macaroni. To ensure that they offer their donations to the most deserving kids, they contacted the school district director to direct them to the most deserving school.

Just a few weeks after donating to kids of Greenbriar school, Kisling, Nestico & Redick law firm took another mighty step of serving the community children in need of help. The firm did this through its KNR cares about helping kids in need campaign. They planned fun activities for the kids by organizing a team to take part in the portage lakes polar bear jump.

This event started way back in 2014. The event kicked off with 70 participants who were brave enough to take a plunge in icy waters. This event supports charitable activities such as supporting foodbank. The main aim of the event is to raise money for the food bank and solve hunger problems in Ohio.

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Bruno Fagali and His Successful Law Career

Bruno Fagali is a well-known Brazilian lawyer and also the founder of Fagali Advocates which is a law firm. He has studied and acquired masters in law, and he mainly specializes in Administrative Law, and he has contributed a lot to the law industry where he has introduced the law in a new dimension.

Bruno has previously served in the Health Executive Council where he was a compliance officer with an advertising agency which has an excellent reputation within the country. Bruno Fagali ensured that there was transparency in the company as he worked there. His skills in Administrative Law have enabled him to earn recognition from other individuals in the law industry. He has been a dedicated lawyer from 2006 until he opened his law firm. Bruno works at Nova/SB as a corporate integrity manager.

Bruno also studied in The Pontifical Catholic University which is in Sao Paulo where he got his Bachelor’s degree in Law, and that is where he got the exposure to specialize in State law and Administrative Law. Bruno has been able to handle many cases where he becomes victorious, and this gained him recognition, and many individuals from Brazil would choose him to represent them especially in administrative affairs. He also focuses on compliance law, ethics, regulatory law, and urban law.

His long experience gives him skills to efficiently handle matters which are brought before him by his clients. Bruno Fagali has served in many organizations where he handled legal issues in a way that saw him rise through the ranks to become one of the most successful lawyers in Brazil. He has also been able to have a large number of clients because of his language skills. Bruno speaks French, English, Spanish and Italian.

Bruno Fagali also took time to do voluntary work while he was still studying. Bruno has also been on the forefront in fighting corruption in Brazil. He works with a highly skilled and competent team of lawyers who help him in the administration of his law firm and other legal activities. Bruno stands out as a very successful lawyer.

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Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy Goldstein and Associates LLC who graduated from the New York University School of Law.

He is working on companies that have stopped providing stock options for employees. If stock options are the only form of compensation from companies, employees know economic downturns can render stock worthless.

Jeremy Goldstein is working toward higher salaries that an employer would pay rather than stock options. Jeremy Goldstein comments that this sort of compensation can be preferable to additional wages or better insurance. Stock only helps an employee’s earnings if the corporation’s share increases.

Jeremy Goldstein is working on changes to pay structures in corporations. When an employee has stock in a company, it makes them a shareholder.

To engage shareholders, a company has to be able to trust them. Sometimes this is hard to do. Shareholders occasionally need to get in touch with company representatives.

He believes that many companies do shareholder outreach every year via management. Mr. Goldstein has been involved in many large corporate transactions such as Goodrich acquisition by United Technologies.

He is a member of the American Bar Association Business Section and is chair of the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee. He writes frequently on corporate governance. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

He feels strongly that you cannot eliminate benefits like shares of stock because the price plunges for a few hours or days. A solution to this problem is called a knockout where stock options have time limits, which employees lose if the share falls under a certain amount.

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