Life in North Korea

Yeonmi Park and Her Journey to Freedom

A Story About Defecting

The original story about Yeonmi Park and her journey to freedom can be found on Daily This is an amazing story about her defection from North Korea. This book is called In Order to Live. This is a story that will tell about a young girl who dared to take a risk and walk her way out of North Korea. Her destination was China. This is a journey that is like no other. Yeonmi Park did not actually know what freedom was before she became a defector from North Korea. Yeonmi dared to imagine that a better future was awaiting her.

Surviving the Impossible Journey

The long and frightening journey required a firm and solid strength of her own character. This young and daring girl faced unbearable circumstances as she made the choice to step out of North Korea in March of 2007. These circumstances included living outside of the law, the reality of nearby suicide, starvation, and a constant threat of abuse. Her own father even crossed the border to meet her. He, unfortunately, died a few months later due to an untreated cancer.

Her Own Father Did Not Know About Democracy

When Yeonmi’s own father had died, he did so without the knowledge of democracy. Her father was unaware of the fact that democracy even existed in this world. He did not even know that there was so much food available. She and her family had lived in desperate circumstances.

A Tale About The Human Spirit

This is a fascinating story on The Reason that will show off strength. It is a powerful reminder just how strong the human spirit really is. This tale is one that travels. It is speaking to millions of people who are still living in darkness. This is a tale that does set a standard. It is about the strength of the human spirit.


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