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EOS Lip Balm: A Hit With Millennial

Until the launch of EOS Lip Balm seven years ago, the lip balm aisles held little choice for consumers. Tubes and messy finger pots, in a small variety of flavors were all there were. But EOS wanted to create a product that women would love, taking lip balm from the realm of beauty necessity and elevating it to a beauty pleasure. They did this with their sphere shaped balm and women loved it.

Of course, few products become overnight sensations. The company knew that in order to compete with existing lip balm manufacturers, they would need to use specialized marketing strategies. Targeting millennial women between the ages of 25 and 35, EOS followed the traditional marketing plans employed by their competitors, but they decided it wouldn’t be enough. In order to truly create a buzz and take it to the next level, they would need to connect with millennials where they spent the most time – social media.

Utilizing beauty bloggers on YouTube and Instagram, landing endorsements by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, and sponsoring tours for musicians such as Demi Lovato, EOS became the biggest advertiser in their category. Using Instagram and Facebook, the company has built an enormous social media presence where they make announcements and offer sneak peeks at new flavors.

To further expand their reach, EOS has partnered up with other products in the industry, offering balm with tennis shoes, designer limited edition collections, and holiday specials. All these efforts have paid off, making EOS one of the top sellers on eBay and Amazon in the lip balm industry and inspiring other companies to bring out their own versions of the unique sphere.

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