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What Is the Key To Bennett Graebner’s Sucess?

What Is the Key To Bennett Graebner’s Sucess?


The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are tied together by one man: Bennett Graebner. Graebner is an executive producer best known for his work on the later mentioned shows. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his two kids and wife. Although he primarily works on the Bachelor and Bachelorette he also has continued to develop and produce other various shows in Hollywood (Imdb).


While his two primary shows top ratings speak volumes of his work, he has also been presented a variety of awards for his outstanding work including a Teen Choice Award, ASCAP Film and Television Award and an AMI Film & TV Award. As you might have guessed from his winnings,  Bennett Graebner has managed to find success in a coved demographic of 18-34 year olds. And with his viewership rising even still, it’s not expected that his work will slow down any time soon.


While Graebner is obviously talented in many ways to have achieved the level of success he has, one element that he credits to his success is his ability to portray story and product a narrative flow that captures his audiences. While fictional movies and TV can rely on written scripts and contrived storylines, Graebner works with the real life. Taking real-people and their issues and drama and creating structure, plots and the tension needed for good story development.


Another element to his success could be the fact that he’s known as a team player with experience in a range of fields. Knowing from an early age that he wanted to have a career in a creative field, he has worked his way up the ladder from the bottom to the top. From experience collaborating on other film students productions, to working as a production assistant and later moving up to cinematography,Bennett Graebner has a large background that lets him understand the process in a way others may not.


Overall, Graebner’s success can be attributed to working hard, following a dream, and honing his best skills. To this day, he still keeps it humble giving back to communities that launched his success.

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