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New York City Real Estate Heats Up

New York City real estate is still in high demand, as economies around the world are in turmoil. With Britain exiting the EU, many are concerned the other countries will soon follow. France, Holland and Denmark have been named as considering leaving the Union. The Middle East being in disarray is another worry on investors’ minds. When uncertainty prevails, investors look for a safe haven. That is many times U.S. Treasury Bonds. That is the case once again.

Japan and German bonds currently carry negative interest rates, making everything in the U.S. look even better. Ten-year U.S. Treasuries recently dropped to 1.47 percent. That is about 1 percent lower than a year ago. Still, people are buying them in a “flight to quality.” This flow of money into the United States, heads mainly to New York City. With Treasuries fairly low, investors look for other income producing investments. This is pushing up real estate prices, as the New York economy shows signs of a continued boom.

Due to the recent trend, Town Residential has become one of New York’s top luxury real estate services. They offer a best-in-class customer service to real estate buyers in the city. They specialize in luxury residential sales, leasing, and commercial real estate. They offer a new standard to the industry.

Town Residential has a team of professionals who understand the New York marketplace. They are listed as one of the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City. With an excellent support system, Town’s Representatives are able to offer their clients a top level service and expertise.

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