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About FreedomPop’s New Wi-Fi Smartphone

FreedomPop is expected to expand its smartphone lineup by introducing a brand new phone that can use Wi-Fi for text, data and mobile voice. The Los Angeles company has always been on the front line in looking for ways to offer cheap phone services to the many customers it has. Though there are many companies offering similar services, FreedomPop has emerged the best because when compared to the others, it has maintained very high quality and low costs.

The company made a name for itself when it started offering low-cost and free mobile service that comes accompanied by unlimited data and text. Being the first Wi-Fi smart phone, it is designed to save the user money because it avoids the need to use a cellular network that ends up biting the given allowance of monthly data and minutes. With a Wi-Fi phone, a user can easily receive and make VoIP phone calls through a Wi-Fi hotspot and send and receive text messages using the same platform. In the event that there is no Wi-Fi coverage, the phone is also able to use a cellular network.

The phone is expected to launch in 2016 and will not be priced more than $199. It will be using a phenomenal technology that integrates the processor with the modem so as to cut on manufacturing costs and pass the savings to the end user. FreedomPop is expected to fund the development on engadget with money from Intel Capital, and it is expected to provide seamless cellular to Wi-Fi switching, very good quality VoIP calls and increased internet connection speeds. The phone will be availed to the US market through the company’s $5 monthly plan that offers unlimited data, text as well as talk time.

The best thing with the phone is the fact that it can tap to any Wi-Fi network using any of the company’s Wi-Fi hotspots in the US.

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