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Kevin Seawright Continues Working Hard For the City of Baltimore

If you don’t reside in Baltimore, MD or the New York tri-state area, which encompasses New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, you may not be familiar Kevin Seawright, but he held the title of Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation.

The Newark CEDC, as it is commonly referred to as, was founded in 2007 and is an economic catalyst for Newark, NJ. The organization is predicated on attracting, growing, and retaining business in the city of Newark, as well as encouraging and facilitating real estate development in the city.

Prior to his role with Newark CEDC, Seawright held varying high profile positions with the City of Baltimore; he served as the Managing Fiscal Officer for the Baltimore Commission on Aging and Retirement, where he implemented an accounting system that saved the agency an estimated $100,000.

He then went on to serve as the Payroll Director for the Housing Authority for the City, and soon after became the Finance Director for the Homeless Services Division for the Department of Housing. Seawright’s penchant for business management, as well as his commitment to fiscal responsibility, afforded him the opportunity to fill the role of Financial and Facilities Officer for the Department of Parks and Recreation. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Crunchbase reveals that Kevin Seawright’s work with the City of Baltimore is as impressive, as it is extensive; his work with the city culminated with his role as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer for the Baltimore Education System.

According to Kevin Seawright’s Linkedin profile, he currently holds the title of Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer of RPS Solutions, which was founded in 2015 and is focused on providing affordable housing solutions in the Baltimore area.

According to an article in PR Newswire, RPS Solutions hopes to partner with Baltimore City Officials, as well as Housing and Community Development, to customize underdeveloped housing units for first time home buyers.

Considering Seawright’s experience in finance, as well as business management, it won’t be long before the dream of home ownership comes to fruition for those seeking their first home.

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