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GPB Global Resources is Hard at Work to Address Issues that Beset the Company

An international company by the name of GPB Global Resources B.V. is engaged in the exploration of the precious oil commodity, along with several production projects around the globe. This firm was restructured in 2011 under the guidance of its founder and managing director, who is Boris Ivanov, a well-respected Russian businessman. The firm’s main location is in the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and it has achieved a lot of success with numerous oil production and development opportunities in South America and Africa.

GPB Global Resources B.V. has been very successful in navigating the legal and regulatory requirements that each nation needs whenever they set up their practices in the area. To illustrate, Africa alone has 54 countries, each with its own unique laws, customs, and practices. The more progressive Ethiopia already has an existing legal framework that is patterned after international standards, along with Namibia and South Africa with established extraction policies. In contrast, the lesser developed Mozambique, which just recently discovered their supply of natural gas has no legal paramaters in place or any form of legislation regarding the extraction of the gas. In spite of these issue, GPB Global Resources B.V. was able to successfully operate their exploration projects in various countries, while abiding with the proper permits and following cultural customs.

One challenge that GPB Global Resources B.V. is the physical challenge of doing business in places that are poor and have no existing road infrastructure. Sometimes, political climate plays a role because delays are made when things are turbulent. The lack of infrastructure also creates a safety and security issue for big companies and local communities. Sometimes, it is GBP Global Resources that has to put out their company funds to build roads, power plants, water systems, and other community projects like health centers and small schools.

On top of this, another disruptive trend for the oil industry is the increasing reliance on renewable sources of energy. Although major economies still use oil and gas for their energy needs, there has been a reduction in consumption to pave the way for these renewable resources. As a result, GPB Global Resources is hard at work in formulating improved efficiency to ensure the sustainability of their sector.

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