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Online Reputation Management, A Job You Might Want To Leave To The Professionals

It seems that everyone understands the value of keeping your reputation safe online and offline. Although the idea of protecting your online reputation might seem new, this concept has been around since the start of the internet. Mostly, online reputation management was used by huge corporations. In recent years it has become more and more important for everyone, from small business to large business and even an individual all need online reputation management.You might get the idea that you can protect your own reputation online and this is true, however, you might want to engage the service of an online reputation management service. Search Clean Up is an online reputation management service that is worth taking a look at. You can find them at: to get started on cleaning up negative news online.

Being proactive is a great idea when your reputation is being attacked. Once your reputation becomes out of control on the internet it can take months to fix all of the issues. It is for this reason you should search your name online and be proactive in your online reputation management. Once you find anything that needs to be fixed, or even if you don’t, call in the pros. One thing you can do is brand yourself on social media. Even if you don’t want to use the social media accounts, you should claim them under your business name just to protect it from. Once someone else registers your business name or your personal name online, there is little that you can do to reclaim it. Another great idea is to own as many domain names as you can. This will help with branding and give you a position to fall back on if something gets out of hand.

Keep in mind, when you use a service like Search Clean Up, things will never get out of hand because they will be hard at work to keep your online reputation looking great. Remember that you can check them out at:

Regardless of how hard you try to manage your own online reputation, it is always best to have a professional online reputation management service on your side and working for you. They can work around the clock to keep your good name in a positive light, while you concentrate on running your business.

Ashley Madison Hack Increases Status Labs Business

For almost two weeks, phones in the offices of Internet reputation and public relations consultants, have been ringing off their hooks as people alarmed about the breach of security within the risque site of Ashley Madison.

Mixed Bag

Courtney Fitzpatrick, media director of Status Labs online reputation protection enterprise, advises in a 26 August Yahoo interview that the new clients needing Status Labs intervention are a mixed bag of clients of various backgrounds, culture and financial statements. However, she adds that they seem to be all men.

Men who at one time had registered with the “affair” site are now shaking in their boots over the release of their having been interested in the site, even if years ago. Status Labs has already accepted approximately 50 cases of victims of the Ashley Madison hack.

Status Labs Best in Industry
A reputation repair service that can quote Forbes and prominent celebrities as client testimonials must know what it is doing and do it very well. That is the secret of Status Labs Online reputation service. They are the only service of its kind with a guarantee. That certainly addresses their confidence in their procedures.

One watching from the sidelines must wonder if the fact most victims of the recent website hack are male means men cheat more than women. If so, the next question must be with whom are the men cheating, if not women? The answer must lie between the lines and between the registration forms of the subject website.

Status Labs Online Protection Procedures

The methods of Status Labs Online are to turn the same briars of the internet that are scratching their client today, and send them back into the browsers and Google paths to smooth the briar thorns away. If you have been “outed” in this website snafu or have had an unfavorable statement made about you that requires quieting, Status Labs will make it an intensely motivated goal to post bright and favorable information about you until the rogue statement or story is null and void, covered nicely by complimentary pieces.

Elizabeth Taylor’s famous quote was, “Success is the world’s best deodorant.” The lady certainly should have known the truth in that statement. Obviously, Status Labs know some industry truths and magic, as well. If the Business Wire and Forbes are going to be for Status Labs Online, who will be gauche enough to defy them?

Image Recognition Technology Sees World Clearer Than Ever Before

Product recognition technology by slyce is some of the most important technology that exists today. Law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and retailers have begun taking advantage of this software. It affects everything from keeping a community safe to giving you the best deal at the store. This software is able to detect what is in a digital picture after you take it. The computer uses lines and the edges of objects to determine the shape of the image. The software compares the original photographs with the sample images. Image recognition technology comes with sample pictures programmed into the software. The software determines the contents of the original picture. This occurs after a certain number of points match the sample pictures. This field is a growing industry that is bringing “convenience” back into your life with a quick press of a button.

The technology industry is one that is uses innovation to push an industry to places it has never been. Slyce Inc. uses recent advancements in image recognition technology to revolutionize shopping. The Toronto-based visual research and recognition company launched in February of 2013. This Neiman Marcus partner has hit the technology and online shopping industries by force. With smartphone technology brought to you by Slyce you can find any product you want. Take a picture of an item you see. The app will search for the product and allow you to buy it on your phone. Start by taking the picture using the Snap-to-Buy app offered by Slyce. The app will redirect you to that company’s website. You now have the option to read reviews on the product, find information on the product, or search the site for other merchandise. “The Shazam for shopping” is how many are referring to Slyce after their app made online shopping easy.

It is possible to detect logos, buildings, and people with this software. The capabilities depend on the customer’s needs. This software is becoming available into smartphones, tablets, or any device with a camera. Improvements in cloud software is making image recognition easier for computers. This technology can now sort through a larger mass of digital pictures faster than it ever could before.

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