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Jingdong is Bringing Fresh Produce to Their Customers from New Zealand

It seems like everyone is trying to eat healthier now and this is especially true in China where there has been an increase in the demand for healthy food like fresh fruit. is making it easier for their 300 million customers to access fresh fruit from countries like New Zealand. Recently, Jingdong sold their first harvest of kiwifruit that they had imported from New Zealand. New Zealand is known for its high-quality produce and customers in China were excited to be able to add it to their diets. Data showed that the demographic purchasing the most imported fresh produce are mainly middle class, younger people who are putting a lot of focus on their health.

In 2018, fresh produce from New Zealand sales has increased by around 80 on Jingdong alone. While is currently selling kiwifruit and apples from the country, there are plans to increase the types of produce that are sold by the retailer in order to give their customers more options while they are trying to eat healthier. The company selling their kiwifruit to Jingdong is known as Zespri and they have been partnering with the site since 2017. The apples being sold on from New Zealand are from Rockit Global who just recently opened a flagship store on the site. This produce is not just available online, they can also be purchased offline at their new brick and mortar stores. People in China are demanding high quality produce that is still fresh which makes a great distributor as their logistics system is one of the most advanced in the world.

Jingdong is excited about the partnerships that they have formed with these companies are looking forward to where they will go next. is focused on being able to provide their customers with the products with a high degree of transparency. Quality is important and more than ever consumers are demanding to know where their purchases are coming from. There is already a strong following for the products that the retailer is importing from China and this demand is expected to keep growing.


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