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A New Clothing Line For Curvy Women Emerges

You may have seen or heard about the popular subscription retailer website, JustFab. Providing a huge variety of clothing, accessories, shoes and purses, this company will deliver monthly products right to your doorstep, based on your personal profile preferences. Even more excitingly, JustFab has introduced a line of curvy girl clothing, for women of plus size. This is perfect for women looking for trendy, current styles in a size fit for them.

With thirty five different items to choose from, JustFab is offering high slit skirts, basic tops and even dresses, among other fun items. And of course, you can still order shoes and accessories from this “Fab” website along with clothing that fits your styles. In a recent article, The Curvy Fashionista, a popular blogger, expressed her excitement over this new line of plus size clothing. The best part is that JustFab plans on extending this line of products, making an even bigger variety available to plus size women.
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JustFab is a great opportunity for a monthly subscription of outfit separates, shoes and accessories that are delivered to your door twelve times per year. With wonderful introductory rates, this plus size line subscription starts at a modest $22.95 per month, with other options available as well. But remember, all you have to do is create an account to purchase this new fashionable line. You don’t have to commit to monthly deliveries, you can simply shop as you wish.

This new plus size line is just the beginning for JustFab. The excitement of finding curvy clothes that fit women with larger figures is sure to give JustFab inspiration to make more styles. Finding plus size clothing lines that are reasonably priced is hard in general, and to find trendy current styles can be a challenge as well. Be sure to check out JustFab’s new line of clothes for curvy women, it’s surely going to add some wonderful additions to your wardrobe. Don’t wait any longer, and check it out!

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Visual Recognition Search Apps Will Change Online Shopping Forever

The way people shop is about to change in a big way. Image recognition software is being employed to make searching for merchandise a lot easier. Retail sites are loaded with all kinds of different types of merchandise. People may not be able to describe or categorize what they are seeking. With a visual (aka product recognition) search app, they have an easier way to do things

So, how does the app actually work?

Once downloaded on a smartphone, the app is integrated with the camera on the device. Upon coming across merchandise of interest, a quick picture can be snapped. The captured image may then be run to locate a similar product in the online catalog. Once the product is found, a decision about purchasing can be made. Hopefully, the search will be a quick one and the price of the merchandise is fair.

The fastest growing app in the visual recognition world is Slyce. Slyce is well on the way to changing the way the multi-billion dollar internet commerce world works. The company, based out of Toronto, Canada, is looking to make product recognition software as commonplace as any other form of searching for products online. Amazon Flow, essentially, introduced the software. While fine, Amazon Flow is not all-inclusive in terms of how searches are done. Unless a photo of a logo or fully packaged item is used, then Flow cannot locate anything. There is another obvious problem here. Searches can only be performed on Amazon’s site. Slyce seeks to take the flow concept and bring it to the entire internet.

About $10.75 million in capital has been raised to help further the goals of Slyce. That is a lot of money to put into any company. Clearly, those infusing the funds see a tremendous amount of promise in the Slyce concept. Based on current growth figures, the radical new image recognition and search function is going to start aligning with a number of top retail companies. Currently, several major retailers in the top 20 of online sellers are working with Slyce. All shoppers have to do is download the app and put it to use.

The arrival of the visual search programs and apps really has the potential to make life easier and more convenient for shoppers. As long as a lot of innovative work goes into the expert design of the program, the popularity of the concept will grow.

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