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Laerte Codonho Offers an Explanation of Soft Drink Industry Wars

In the last 20 years, large conglomerates have often muscled out the small business man. If you ask the large multinational company manager, he will always tell you that this is the way of modern business. However, small businesses negatively affected by BIG business are now speaking out. “It is only by being vociferous that we can stand up against these large conglomerates,” says Laerte Codonho, founder of Dolly Sodas in Brazil (Askreporter).


It is in telling his story that Mr. Codonho plans on creating awareness of what large companies like Coca Cola are doing to the small enterprise. In a recent article published at Premier Gazette, Mr. Laerte Codonho says that there is an increased threat affecting Brazil’s soft drink industry. He says the problem is unfair competitive practices and the manipulation of legal processes to create an obstacle course that small industry soft drink producers just can’t navigate. 


Codonho has had legal struggles for years, and has been repeatedly singled out by multinational competitors for legal issues. This type of issue hampers Mr. Codonho’s ability to grow his company into a larger soft drink provider. 


In The Beginning, The Future Seemed Bright


Mr. Codonho founded his company in 1987 and he found a substantial niche for his product in the diet soda industry which was virtually non-existent at the time. The company held a certain prominence in the 1990’s, and so it’s percentage of the Brazilian software market grew. This led to diminished profits for international competitors. In turn, this caused resentment as the Dolly company continued to gain favor among consumers, the displeasure of competing companies also grew. 


Legal Issues Arose


Laerte Codonho began to come under scrutiny for legal issues. He became suspect for wrongdoing and tax evasion. Mr. Codonho believes this excessive scrutiny is a result of being pressured by the large international soda companies like Coca Cola. Laerte Codonho says that former executives of this large multinational chan singled out Dolly as a wrongdoer. Mr. Codonho, like many other small businesses believes this to be an unfair practice made by international soft drink providers. 


The Bad Publicity Causes A Loss of Popularity


As the legal tax issues get resolved in the courts, the Dolly brand has been struck by the defamation caused by the larger companies, causing it to be derailed from its national rise. Dolly has now had to close a factory in Sao Paulo, an action that has hit the workers hardest. 


Despite the problems, Laerte Codonho, founder of Dolly, is informing everyone about the actions of his competitors in hopes of bringing insight to the unfair practices that plaque the industry. He uses various marketing means to show the public what is going on. 



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Why Randy Bryce Is The Perfect Choice For End Citizens United

End Citizens United or ECU is a renowned political action committee (PAC) committed to reforming campaign finance systems in the U.S. Randy Bryce, a Congress candidate, is the ideal candidate to fulfill ECU’s goal when he wins the elections. As a result, End Citizens United has declared its unwavering support for Randy Bryce. Randy faces stiff competition from his opponent, Paul Ryan.

About Randy Bryce

According to End Citizens United, Wisconsin’s congressional election could change the politic views of people. The election could also result in major impacts on social, legislative, and economic policy. Randy Bryce is popular because he has opposed the domineering system in Washington that supports the corporate greed rather than the citizens’ welfare. Randy has also shown bravery by speaking about the gap between the regular Americans and Washington.

An Overview of Paul Ryan

On the other hand, Paul Ryan has gained many awards and spent more time in the political sector. He has engaged in interacting with his fellow citizens. Ryan has also been involved with the special interest groups who have given him money to maintain his power. Unfortunately, Ryan lacks a deep connection with citizens. Moreover, he does not understand the daily struggles of people.

The Unique Distinction between Randy and Paul

Bryce may not be rich, but he has great support from people who believe that he will change their lives. Americans see him as a proactive and positive leader. He has pledged to more jobs and prosperity in Wisconsin to benefit the socioeconomic classes. Additionally, he has proclaimed his uttermost support of campaign finance reform.

Conversely, Paul Ryan has actively opposed constitutional amendments. The current constitution is meant to disclose campaign expenditure of a political candidate. Ryan is against any reforms because of his intent to benefit from rich donors without being questioned. End Citizens United is anticipating a change when Bryce wins the elections.

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End Citizens United

End Citizen United or ECU is a famed political action committee (PAC) that was started in, 1st March 2015. The organization was formed to oppose the decision of the Supreme Court in 2010, which allowed wealthy people to contribute money to the U.S. election. ECU is committed to eliminating the political funding groups who donate money with ulterior motives.

ECU is focused on creating a coalition that works towards reforming campaign finances. The organization is funded by local grassroots. Further, it supports Democrats who are leading in the battle against Citizen United and reforming of campaign finance systems. The organization endorsed the former Democratic candidates: Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and Wisconsin’s Sen. Russ Feingold. End Citizens United holds interactive conversations with its supporters on Twitter and Facebook. It also displays recent news and its activities on campaign finance reforms on the End Citizens United website.

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George Soros Uses Open Society Foundations to Eradicate Poverty in the Society

One of the leading organizations that promote human, civil and migrant rights is the Open Society Foundations. This may be in fact, the leading philanthropic organization that America has ever had in history. It has 37 branches across different states. Although other foundations like the Gates Foundation spends a higher amount of money in various projects, Open Society Foundations has managed to garner a larger footprint in the world through the various offices it has in Africa. Open Society Foundation’s budget is approximately $ 930 million every year. This budget is on the higher side compared to other organization’s funds.


Open Society Foundation’s budget is usually determined by George Soros, the founder and head cheerleader of the organization. George Soros joined charity years back when he flee Hungary during the Nazi Regime. Following his skills in economics and financial markets, Soros has been committed to expanding the services of the organization across different sectors. Soros who invested in business and politics is currently worth billions. His net worth is approximately $ 26 billion. Part of his income is channeled to Open Society Foundations. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.


Soros is a famous philanthropist and investor. He is a renowned activist for humanity too. Through the large organization, he supports education reforms, freedom of speech, sexual orientation, migration and cultural differences. Open Society Foundations spotlights some of the issues that contribute to societal injustices. Under the leadership of George Soros, the Open Society Foundations has delved into a different direction focused on expanding its map in the long run. Soros has been the lead champion in fostering reforms through the Open Society Foundations. Visit this site to know more at opensocietyfoundations.org.

Ferguson Protest

The Ferguson protest followed the shooting of a teenager called Michael Brown amidst a protest. Brown was unarmed during the shootout. The jury did not charge the officer who murdered Brown. Although there was a justice department investigation to oversee the case proceedings, the court did not charge the officer. This resulted in the widespread protest of people in the neighborhood of Missouri. According to the protestors, this was a racial card against the affected individuals. With the expenses that come with various protests, there was a question of who funds the entire process on different days of the week. It was none other than the wealthy billionaire, George Soros. He was moved by the passion for finding justice for the affected family and friends of Michael Brown. Since the beginning of the protests, George Soros has been the primary donor.


Soros was born in 1930. He is an American with roots from Hungary. Soros was born during the Nazi Regime, and he was raised at a time when the Nazi assassinated Jews, disabled and people from different cultures. His father protected the family by presenting falsified documents. Soros left Hungary for London. He pursued studies from the London School of Economics then left for America and established businesses.

George Soros Headlines Democracy Alliance Meeting

Politico recently published an article about a meeting of a group of liberal financiers known as the Democracy Alliance, which was founded in 2004 after George Soros and other major Democratic Party and progressive donors were unsuccessful in helping to unseat George W. Bush. At the dawn of a Trump presidency, the membership of the club, 100 or so wealthy magnates and financiers, met to analyze their failure to ensure Hillary Clinton’s election.

Soros does not usually attend DA meetings, and it is even rarer for him to address the group directly, so his role as a keynote speaker at the event suggests his investment in preventing a second Trump term. After scaling down his financial commitment to progressive causes during the Obama years, George Soros has once again pledged his financial support by contributing $25 million to the Clinton campaign as well as other liberal organizations endorsed by the DA, such as Media Matters and the Center for American Progress. During primary season, George Soros famously likened Trump and fellow GOP candidate Tom Cruz to ISIS.

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Membership in Democracy Alliance requires payment of a $30,000 annual dues fee and a commitment to provide a minimum of $200,000 in financial support to organizations approved by the organization. This post-election DA event brought together members and Democratic congressional leaders, such as Nancy Pelossi and Elizabeth Warren, as well as major union leaders and leaders of other major progressive organization. Some attendees felt that a complete overhaul of liberal strategy was called for, given that this was an election Clinton was clearly capable of winning. They believe that the strategy of appealing mainly to the “rising electorate” of women and minority voters was flawed as Trump’s victory relied on white working class voters. Others point to the fact Clinton was able to secure a majority of the popular vote as proof that current approach is working, and it is simply a matter of increasing turnout among key liberal demographics.

At the meeting, George Soros tied in his personal experience as a Holocaust survivor and his experience living under communist rule with the prospect of a Trump presidency. Whether liberal donors decide to tweak their strategy or completely re-tool, it is clear that Soros considers the election of Trump to be extremely dangerous, and if his level of financial commitment in 2016 is any indication, he will likely continue to ramp up his support to ensure Democratic victory in the midterm elections and four years from now.

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Rumors John Kasich Supported By George Soros False

There is a crazy conspiracy theory going around that liberal billionaire hedge fund magnate and political activist George Soros on politifact is secretly bankrolling conservative presidential candidate John Kasich. This wrong theory may have been started by the unethical television ad produced by the super PAC Trusted Leadership, Ted Cruz’s main support. The ad shows pictures of both John Kasich and George Soros, floating together on the screen. A narrator falsely explains that George Soros and other rich liberals are contributing dollars to Kasich’s campaign in the hundreds of thousands.

John Kasich is the Ohio governor running for the GOP presidential nomination on http://www.nytimes.com/topic/person/george-soros. The truth is that in fact, George Soros has not made any donations to Kasich or his New Day For America super PAC organization. These ads, which ran on television in Wisconsin right before the April 5th primary, are being investigated for a possible libel lawsuit. The very idea that anyone would use clandestine means to make a super PAC donation is ludicrous. This is because it would be a blatant breaking of national campaign finance law, according to political science professor Tom Sutton from Baldwin Wallace University. All such donations are made public and there is not rule about a limit for donations to super PACs.

Sutton points out that there would be no reason motivating George Soros to hide any such donations. Besides, he says, a look at what other donors have given shows many companies dissociated with Soros giving New Day For America much more money. The only shred of evidence for such a crazy conspiracy theory is that two donors who did give money to the super PAC in question who were formerly associated with Soros: Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller.

Bessent gave 200 grand to New Day For America and another $2,700 directly to Kasich. He is known to have contributed to both conservatives and liberals in the past, including 25 grand to Hillary Clinton’s super PAC: Ready For Hillary. Druckenmiller gave 450 grand to New Day For America last year.

After an investigation on biography.com of the false attack ad was started, some Wisconsin television stations stopped running the ads. Kasich’s campaign has filed records that show expenses at $14 million, but only about $10 million in contributions. This story first broke on PolitiFact Ohio.

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