Rodrigo Terpins Finds Success Off Of The Rally Track.

The Sertoes Rally is one of the largest rally car races in all of Brazil’s professional rally car racing circuit. Rodrigo Terpins made his return to the rally car scene in order to compete in this massive race and he would end up taking 3rd out of 40 drivers for the T1 Prototype Class. While Rodrigo was thrilled to be back behind the wheel and ecstatic at his success, his heart is no longer solely dedicated to racing. In fact, even his 3rd place finish might pale in comparison to some of the other important work that he is doing in the entrepreneurial world.


Rodrigo Terpins spent his entire life working toward becoming one of Brazil’s premier rally drivers. Terpins had great guidance in the form of his older brother Michel who is also a professional rally driver. Additionally, Rodrigo and Michel both had the guidance of their father, Jack, who spent his career as a professional Brazilian basketball player. While Rodrigo is no longer solely focused on competition, you have to take into account that this kind of upbringing would teach Rodrigo the necessary effort and competitive tactics in order to succeed in any walk of life, including the field of entrepreneurial investing.


Right now, Rodrigo Terpins is gaining acclaim throughout Brazil for his work at the upstart wood production company known as Floresvale. Rodrigo Terpins established Floresvale, along with his team, in order to provide Brazil with a solution to their wood production needs that also catered toward being eco-friendly. Floresvale is a sustainable, environmentally friendly wood production company that focuses on providing certified wood to companies in both the national and international circles. Floresvale may be Rodrigo Terpin’s pride and joy but it isn’t the last company that he is going to make and potentially not even the most impressive.


Being an entrepreneur is as much about founding a successful company as it is creating the foundation of knowledge and technique that is needed to succeed in the business world. According to maringa.odiario.com, right now, Rodrigo is sharpening his mind and honing his skills in order to continue growing his business and brand.


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