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Some of you might have heard of the Real Estate Mavericks. Some of you might already know who Greg Hague is. It’s those that are not familiar that I am speaking with today.

Greg is the leader and founder of the Real Estate Mavericks. Greg found this group in hopes of achieving one goal. Greg is looking to change the way people look at real estate. We recently sat down with Greg to ask him a few questions. It’s through these questions and answers we hope to shed some new light on the real estate market and what it actually means for people.

“The real estate market has always been something of a fickle creature. We have people who are interested in buying, yet don’t have the courage to follow through. We have people who are looking to buy, but do not really know if they should. This is exactly why I set up this group.”

What is the one main point you want people to take away from your Real Estate Mavericks?

“Well, I am hoping people take away a few points. Real estate is not just a game that people play. There are those looking to make a sound investment for years to come. The issue lies in how the agents handle their clients.”

“Some agents like to nail it all down right away. Others like to play it safe and see what happens. It’s those agents who do the later that I am looking to train more. These agents have so much potential. The trick is getting them to handle the housing market the same way. These agents need to “sell” right away, if they are going to get a close. Some agents have become lax in this department. This is why the Real Estate Mavericks were formed.”

Do you think there is a shyness with buyers and sellers? Do you feel that some are not willing to take the gamble?

“Yes. This is exactly why our team needs to really step up to the plate. This is why our team needs to be the best it can be. Houses can’t sell themselves, they need help. This is why we have our team. If a house is not going to be sold right away, it will sit there. This is the worst case scenario, a scenario that happens all too often. This is also a scenario that needs to change.”

Greg Hague feels that by putting this training in place, agents can become efficient in their jobs. Agents can get more from their work and their clients. Through this training clients will either walk away interested or not. There will not be anymore in-between.

You can find out more about Greg Hague and his Mavericks at this link right here. If you are interested in joining his team and being part of something really big and special, you can visit the same link.

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