What is Privinvest?

Global shipbuilding group, Privinvest is a company that has been at the forefront of ship manufacturing innovation since its entry into the sector in 1990. The company came out of the gate purchasing a French shipyard and has grown into an international shipbuilding empire. The company has headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon, and facilities in the United Arab Emirates, France, the UK, and Germany.

For over two decades Privinvest has put together a group of affiliates that have taken the global shipbuilding industry to the next level. Together, the international facilities have engineered, designed, and constructed some of the most recognized aquatic vessels such as the Combattante, the Vigilante, and “Sailing Yacht A”.

These amazing designs have earned Privinvest the reputation as an industry innovator, under the guidance of CEO and co-founder Iskandar Safa. The ingenuity of the company has stretched the imagination of what developers thought was possible. Privinvest pioneered the development of the “Fast-Attack Craft” and set a benchmark for the worldwide shipbuilding market.

With over 2,500 employees around the world at its various facilities, Privinvest has allowed countries that wanted to engage in the global shipbuilding sector a chance to have a meaningful contribution to the industry. With shipyards in continents across the globe, this company is dedicated to keeping up with and leading the way in this area of the ship- manufacturing world.

Having delivered its international clientele more than 2,000 vessels, Privinvest supplies vessels to navies in 40 nations around the world, in addition to, designing cutting-edge commercial ships and luxurious mega yachts. Forever innovative, the organization advanced naval technology into commercial and securities installations.

As far as R&D goes, Privinvest has heavily invested in the renewable industry, in efforts to help provide a better tomorrow. Putting a significant investment in alternative energy startups, Privinvest has made substantial headway in terms of tidal and river turbine technology. The company has engineered and developed turbine parks worldwide.

As an industry leader, Privinvest Group has stood for innovation at every turn, by not only keeping up with the competition but also dictating the pace and going where shipbuilders in the past dared not venture.



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