Upwork Creating New Networks

For freelancers, Upwork is a paradise. A virtual marketplace for writers, graphic designers and web development, Upwork was formerly known as Elance-oDesk. The site allows businesses and individual professionals to interact and create networks through projects. With around 3 million jobs posted to 12 million registered freelancers, Upwork brings in approximately $1 billion annually through 5 million clients; this makes it one of the largest crowd-sourcing marketplaces.

Upwork profiles act as a résumé to draw prospective employers. The site operates on a trust basis, since everything is self-reported, being honest is key, failure to fulfil a job might lead to closure or suspension of your account. Upwork runs a blog that allows upcoming writers to showcase their works. Articles posted to talk about varying subjects that touch on everyday issues and have to be accepted by the developer.

Recently an article on preparing a to-do list drew attention as it spoke of the common errors made while creating a priority list for the various things that need handling. Time requirements for a to-do list are what trips most people up but nor just deadlines. The practical timing of how, when and when, to carry out different tasks is cited as the most fundamental aspect of creating the best lists.

Batching process that goes together and delegating tasks is also praised as a way to improve the viability of a to-do list. Instead of handling massive projects, breaking them up into smaller tasks is touted as a sure-fire way of avoiding stress and the risk of incompletion. Categorizing tasks according to context is another to ensure that tasks that can be accomplished together are grouped.

While prioritising, the urgency of the tasks needs to be taken into consideration. This allows for the inclusion of unplanned contingencies. Interruptions that may delay the accomplishment of a task need to be handled instead of derailing the list, and it should be expected. Though procrastination is considered bad, sometimes it can be good especially when setting priorities. Things that can be put off for a while should rank low on a to-do list, but the constant review will determine where a task lies.

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