Dr. Eric Forsthoefel- the Doctor who helps with Minor Cases

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an emergency doctor who works at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital in Florida. Having worked for a long time in the medical field, Dr. Forsthoefel has supervised hundreds of non-urgent situations at the emergency center. 

The Doctor says that this situation is caused by the fact that many people do not have access to primary health care. Because of this, many patients go to emergency centers seeking help. Dr. Forsthoefel said that it doesn’t matter how minor the cases may seem to be. As doctors, they always act to help.

In this pursuit, each patient that arrives in the emergency center will find that the medical personnel is ready to help. These include physicians, nurses, techs, and a host of support staff. Indeed, every such patient usually requires a bed. Dr. Forsthoefel, however, says that the increasing nature of such non-emergency cases flocking emergency centers is indeed a problem to ponder. It is a new challenge because resources that ought to go to emergency treatment eventually get used by relatively minor cases.

The entire staff that works at emergency centers end up feeling the heat. Regardless of the situation, Dr. Forsthoefel says, the team at emergency departments continue working hard to maintain efficiency and offer the best care. He says that it is understandable that many people face different kinds of barriers in attempts to access primary health care. 

Whatever the case, this is a challenge because non-emergent, chronic situations now consume time and resources that should be channeled towards acute and emergency cases. Because of this, emergency departments in many hospitals have become less effective and inefficient. It is often challenging to keep the flow of patients manageable. 

Indeed, Dr. Forshoefel says, this situation is becoming critical by the day. Just like Dr. Forsthoefel, many other caregivers and doctors across the US and Florida specifically have expressed similar sentiments. They say that the impact of minor medical cases being turned over to emergency centers is becoming a matter that should be urgently addressed. This is because it is has become a real problem, and the frequency increases.


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