Jason Hope; Preparing for IoT Era

The internet of things is a new technology that is gaining prominence in all parts of the world. With the changing technologies, we are now in a new era where electronic devices will be able to connect to the internet and communicate with each other without the need of a human user. What this means is that going into the future, electronic devices will be able to operate and do tasks on their own. Some of these tasks are those that have been done by human users. Although the internet of things is a relatively new concept, many companies are trying to adjust their plans to fit into the benefit that it will create.

Already some companies in the airline industry have identified the benefits they can accrue from investing in IoT, and they are aggressively pumping money into research that will allow them to develop products that are in line with the future technology. About Jason Hope is one of the people who has done exemplary well in spreading the word about the internet of things. He has tried as much as possible to educate the business people on how they can prepare themselves for the coming changes. From his business analysis, the era of the internet of things will come with so many changes that it will alter the way we are used to doing things. From household chores to industry operations, the internet of things will influence how tasks are performed.

Therefore it means that any business that would like to exist in coming years must align itself with this technology; otherwise, it will be rendered obsolete. Jason Hope has already published an eBook available on Amazon which contains information on the internet of things. Any person who is interested in learning the most basic information about IoT should find this eBook valuable. Jason Hope is a renowned futurist and philanthropist. He has earned and the futuristic title due to his ability to predict future technologies. Jason Hope holds a master in business administration from W. P. Carey School of Business. From a young age, he has always wished to become an expert investor in financial matters. Today, he is educating people in business on how they can prepare themselves for changes in technology.

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William Saito Provides Guidance to Russia and Technological Innovation

As an American Japanese businessman and entrepreneur, William Saito has authored several books on Japanese business practices with an emphasis on cybersecurity. Named Entrepreneur of the Year in 1998, William Saito also has an extensive background in government administration, most recently serving as an advisor on cybersecurity for Japan.


Because of his background working in cybersecurity with the country of Japan, William Saito is an expert in the field of how nations can use their natural resources and strengths to advance technology on a global scale. For decades, Russia has had the reputation of not delivering significant contributions to the field of technology. In recent years, Russian leaders have sought to bridge the gap between the developed nation and its prominence on the world stage as a technological innovator and leader.


EU is a great trading partner for Japan: William Saito

In town for Interpol World 2017, William Saito, special adviser to Japan’s cabinet, talks about the Japan-EU trade deal and the third arrow in Abenomics.

William Saito was brought in as a consultant with the Russian government when it was under the leadership of President Dmitry Medvedev. In this role, William Saito’s primary responsibility was to help Russia understand its position in the global technology surge. William Saito believes that Russia needs to lean on its creative thinking to leverage the power of its renowned gas and oil industries to advance its technology sector. Saito also recommends that Russia harness its knowledge of cybersecurity to jumpstart its path toward becoming a global leader in technological innovation. Because Russia has long been regarded as an expert in the field of cybersecurity, William Saito believes that this niche would be an ideal sector for Russia to take the lead.


Because of his work with the governments of both Japan and the United States, William Saito has built a reputation for offering practical solutions by identifying the key problems. William Saito believes that his expertise can help Russia to overcome the stigma it carries of being a country that is lagging behind the rest of the developed world in technological innovation and applications.


Securus Technologies highlights wrong doings of Global Tel Link

Securus Technologies is a communications company that offers many different types of communications services to inmates and correctional facilities in North America. Securus Technologies is located in Dallas, Texas and are responsible for providing services to over 3400 public safety officials, correctional facilities and law enforcement. In addition to providing great services for those facilities they also are responsible for the services to over one million inmates throughout North America. Recently there have been some reports about a company called Global Tel Link who have fabricated their billing invoices by adding time to phone calls in efforts to collect extra money. GTL is a communications company as well that provide services to inmates and correctional facilities. In addition to adding time to their phone calls, which was programmed in their software, they have also been charging for extra phone calls to customers when there was only one phone call made. Press reports state that they have collect over one million dollars in tax payer dollars that didn’t belong to them. Securus Technologies is taking control of recent press releases to take place in the next few months, highlighting their wrong doings.

Securus Technologies is a company that has helped many inmates connect with their loved ones and family members, and has taken great pride in providing exceptional services to the communities throughout the states. CEO of Securus Technoogies, Rick Smith is offended by the level of choices that GTL has made and is disappointed in what they’ve done to the industry. Rick Smith doesn’t feel that it should be based solely on collecting money, but they should all be striving to meet the needs of the customers and ensure that they’re satisfied and receiving the services promised through their mission. Securus has been in the industry for many years and will continue to produce quality level services in the future.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

The Success of Freedom Pop Company in the Provision of Mobile and Network Services

FreedomPop is a privately owned Company that offers the internet and mobile phones companies in the United States. The Los Angeles States headquarters the States. Freedom Pop technology was founded in the year 2011 by Cesar Steven and Stokols, who were co-workers.

FreedomPop serves esteemed customers who reside in the United States. The Company’s primary focus was extending and expanding the range of services offered to the United Kingdom. The company offers diverse mobile services that include free data packets and texts.

The Company also sells tablets and mobile phones that are compatible with their services. Mr. Stephen Stokols serves as the Chief executive officer of the Company. Mr. Sesar conducts all individual operations of this Company.

FreedomPop receives support from capital ventured companies such as Axiata Ventures and DCM financial institution. This Company has managed to raise a remarkable net worth of 59 million dollars since it starts its operations. For more information regarding the Freedom Pop operations, open the following link

Recently, FreedomPop Company launched discount deals to their esteemed customers. The deal included the promotion of selling tablets and mobile phones at a cheaper price and a serviced free month of usage.

The promotion, which is well known as Black Fridays, will attract a discount of 350 dollars to those who will buy Samsung Galaxy S4. The smartphone will be selling at 100 U.S Dollars. The devices are sold with unlimited voice calling and message texting services.

The Black Fridays deal will render the customers with an added five hundred text messages, five hundred free calling minutes and cellular data of five hundred Megabytes. Freedom Pop Company disclosed that it received funding from the Intel Capital. According to the Chief Operating Officer of Freedom \Pop, the company will use the funds to expand the smartphone department.

The Freedom Pop Company is also planning on the launching of a wireless fixed network model based on Intel. According to Executive Stokols, the Company took the chance to make other business ventured opportunities to promote growth and potential expansion in the future.

  1. Stokols also disclosed out that the funding that helped in developing the Company came from the investment made at Axiata Group. The group offers services to more than two hundred and fifty million customers ranging from India to Singapore.

For more information regarding the operations of Freedom Pop Company, open the following link

In conclusion, the FreedomPop Company has been among the top leading Companies in the provision of quality network and mobile services. Freedom Pop Company has encountered many accomplishments due to the dedications and leadership of Stokols.

Flipora Helps People To Discover New Things

Many people feel that there is no better way for them to spend their time than by checking out all that is happening on social media. The apps that they have on their devices come in handy when they are growing bored when waiting for a friend to arrive for a lunch date, and their apps can help to keep them busy on the long bus ride home.
Social media allows people to be able to share about themselves and to be able to learn about others. It allows people to have something to do when they would otherwise be bored, and it allows them the chance to just relax for a moment or two after a busy day. Social media is useful, fun and entertaining, and most people love it because of all of those things.
There are many reasons that people love social media already, and once they discover Flipora and all that this new social media app can do for them they will start loving it even more than they do right now. Flipora helps people to connect with things and brands that they will be sure to love, and it is a different kind of social media that people are going to want to get into. It’s something to keep them entertained, like all of the other social media apps out there, and people are going to enjoy all that they can do with it.
They don’t have to leave social media behind when they are going out to do anything, but instead, they can use it all the more for all of its benefits, with Flipora. They can use the new social media app to help them have more fun throughout the day, and they are going to be happy with all that it can do for them when they start discovering things.

Technology to the Rescue

Telecommuting prevented me from becoming a destitute shut in father. My daughter developed complications from being born prematurely. She was able to perform cognitively like other children, but she was a little behind in her respiratory system functioning properly. Because of this, even in elementary school any small change in climate could cause her respiratory issues that would prevent her from attending school for 30 to 40 days sometimes. Before forward advancements like Obamacare, this meant that my wife had to stay at a dead-end job because the job carried insurance. Any lapse in this insurance would have cause us to be unable to afford a policy because of her multiple preexisting conditions.

Because I was a contractor at the time, I did not have insurance, so it was obvious that I would be the one home during her bad episodes. I would do contracting jobs when I could or simply totally contract out jobs, but this required a vigilance that I was not able to deliver because of her health issues at the time, and I lost a lot of my business. However, her health steadied, and I was then able to retrieve much of the business that I had lost. For a while we were plowing along well. The Web began to become big, but it really had no effect on my life, but then my daughter developed epilepsy. We think that it may be further complications from her premature birth, but who knows?

This philosophy of utilizing the digital revolution for solutions and even more, as a way forward, was lost on even large corporations like Verizon. Pioneers like Shaygan Kheradpir integrated these technologies as executives for Verizon, and they made these technologies apart of Verizon’s core business model. This launched Verizon into being the tech giant that it is today. This was a feat considering Verizon was a very large communications company at the time. However, Shaygan Kheradpir on linkedin simply knew the issues and had a plan for making them advantages. This is the way that I have also had to pioneer my own life.

These problems kept me up many nights, but instead of laying down and whining, I was perusing the Web for telecommuting opportunities, and other occupations that telecommunications technologies could allow me to do from home based on some of my talents. The advent of the usefulness of smartphones and tablets further freed me to exploit some of the opportunities without failing other areas of my hectic life. Had I not pushed for a solution, I would still be mired in these issues, but because I utilized the available technology, I was able to succeed in holding up my responsibilities.


Forethought is the Measure

As a rancher, even the slightest technology has affected my business greatly. Simply having a smart phone has automated my truck enough to be a mobile office. I am three times as productive as I was formerly without this technology. For many, having a smartphone is an afterthought, but I am thankful every day that the technology on came along because it has increased my bottom line greatly in many ways. I have a multiple duties as a boss. I must direct personnel and supplies, and generally direct operations just like many small businesses. However, because it is a rural area, things like logistics and keeping up with people was a hard task because a landline phone was necessary to communicate even less than twenty years ago. So we were first to get those old brick cell phones.

Additionally, I still would not know where they were, and like all employees when the boss is away, they will play. So I would lose a lot of production, and I knew that I was carrying too many men on the payroll because of this. However, a smartphone has allowed me to cut staff greatly because I am able to optimize the necessary help that I still employ. By cutting the unnecessary help, people perform better because distractions are reduced. These distractions cause people to get hurt, break equipment, and extend, delay or simply not complete necessary projects.

Now I have a smartphone in every truck, and the tracking is enabled. Now I know where everyone is across this large county. This is not simply a matter of optimizing production, it is also a matter of safety. We have a dangerous job, sometimes people can be hurt, and I would not know where to find them or even that there was a problem until they did not return for several hours. These hours could be the difference in life or death, but most often it would be a vehicle failure or something that would have a ranch hand in the middle of nowhere until we found them by a process of eliminating the possible places that they could be. However, sometimes this would be well into the following day.

This would leave us, their families and community worried about them for long periods of time, and this all has been eliminated with the advent of the smartphone. I thought about this when reading a write up about Shaygan Kheradpir. He instituted technological advancements in many of the largest tech companies before they knew the viability and usefulness of the current available technology. This forethought and competence delivered these companies into the transformative digital revolution much like the smartphones have done for my ranching business and more importantly, to the safety of my employees and me.

Ashley Madison Hack Increases Status Labs Business

For almost two weeks, phones in the offices of Internet reputation and public relations consultants, have been ringing off their hooks as people alarmed about the breach of security within the risque site of Ashley Madison.

Mixed Bag

Courtney Fitzpatrick, media director of Status Labs online reputation protection enterprise, advises in a 26 August Yahoo interview that the new clients needing Status Labs intervention are a mixed bag of clients of various backgrounds, culture and financial statements. However, she adds that they seem to be all men.

Men who at one time had registered with the “affair” site are now shaking in their boots over the release of their having been interested in the site, even if years ago. Status Labs has already accepted approximately 50 cases of victims of the Ashley Madison hack.

Status Labs Best in Industry
A reputation repair service that can quote Forbes and prominent celebrities as client testimonials must know what it is doing and do it very well. That is the secret of Status Labs Online reputation service. They are the only service of its kind with a guarantee. That certainly addresses their confidence in their procedures.

One watching from the sidelines must wonder if the fact most victims of the recent website hack are male means men cheat more than women. If so, the next question must be with whom are the men cheating, if not women? The answer must lie between the lines and between the registration forms of the subject website.

Status Labs Online Protection Procedures

The methods of Status Labs Online are to turn the same briars of the internet that are scratching their client today, and send them back into the browsers and Google paths to smooth the briar thorns away. If you have been “outed” in this website snafu or have had an unfavorable statement made about you that requires quieting, Status Labs will make it an intensely motivated goal to post bright and favorable information about you until the rogue statement or story is null and void, covered nicely by complimentary pieces.

Elizabeth Taylor’s famous quote was, “Success is the world’s best deodorant.” The lady certainly should have known the truth in that statement. Obviously, Status Labs know some industry truths and magic, as well. If the Business Wire and Forbes are going to be for Status Labs Online, who will be gauche enough to defy them?

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