Why does Jason Hope support anti-aging research?

Jason Hope is a futurist, author, and philanthropist. As a futurist, he is able to predict the technological innovations of the future. As an author, he has published an eBook that educates the people about the internet of things. Jason also loves helping the less fortunate in society. He has worked with various organizations that are interested in using technology to make human life better. There are technological innovations that if accomplished can help the people to live better lives than ever seen before. One of such initiatives is anti-aging research.

Rejuvenation technology

Jason Hope is supporting rejuvenation technology. He believes this technology has the potential to change the way people approach the treatment of old age diseases. These are diseases that make it impossible for human being to live a healthy and happy life until demise. Many people in the retirement age are suffering from numerous old age diseases. The diseases include Alzheimer’s disease, Parkison’s disease, cancer, diabetes, and others.

Any human being who is facing such diseases is likely to lead a miserable life. Unfortunately, this is a stage that almost every human being has to go through. Old age cannot be alienated from old age diseases. In most cases, they came as a package. These diseases lower the quality of life making affected people lead miserable lives at a time when they should be enjoying their retirement.

Anti-aging research

Hope is interested in addressing this issue. He believes that every human being deserves an opportunity to live a better life even in old age. To eliminate old age diseases, then human beings must deal with the cause of these diseases. Jason Hope with the help of SENS Research Foundation, a nonprofit research organization, currently carrying out research that could see the lives of the people change. They are looking for an anti-aging drug that will stop or slow the aging process in human beings.

Jason Hope is hopeful such a drug could be the best solution to the challenges that people are facing with old age diseases. Such a drug will bring quality into human life and even make it possible longer lifespan for human being possible.


Jason Hope; Preparing for IoT Era

The internet of things is a new technology that is gaining prominence in all parts of the world. With the changing technologies, we are now in a new era where electronic devices will be able to connect to the internet and communicate with each other without the need of a human user. What this means is that going into the future, electronic devices will be able to operate and do tasks on their own. Some of these tasks are those that have been done by human users. Although the internet of things is a relatively new concept, many companies are trying to adjust their plans to fit into the benefit that it will create.

Already some companies in the airline industry have identified the benefits they can accrue from investing in IoT, and they are aggressively pumping money into research that will allow them to develop products that are in line with the future technology. About Jason Hope is one of the people who has done exemplary well in spreading the word about the internet of things. He has tried as much as possible to educate the business people on how they can prepare themselves for the coming changes. From his business analysis, the era of the internet of things will come with so many changes that it will alter the way we are used to doing things. From household chores to industry operations, the internet of things will influence how tasks are performed.

Therefore it means that any business that would like to exist in coming years must align itself with this technology; otherwise, it will be rendered obsolete. Jason Hope has already published an eBook available on Amazon which contains information on the internet of things. Any person who is interested in learning the most basic information about IoT should find this eBook valuable. Jason Hope is a renowned futurist and philanthropist. He has earned and the futuristic title due to his ability to predict future technologies. Jason Hope holds a master in business administration from W. P. Carey School of Business. From a young age, he has always wished to become an expert investor in financial matters. Today, he is educating people in business on how they can prepare themselves for changes in technology.

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Alex Hern the great technological expert

Technology has led to the invention of many things which has made work easier. It is used in almost every field. It has led to the development of science where it has boosted research which has led to the unveiling of many hidden things in the technology world. In addition to that, technology is used in medicine and many machines have been developed that have made treatment of various diseases much easier and faster.

Technology is used in business to market the products of different companies through the e-commerce platform. The benefits of technology are very and cannot be exhausted. Alex Hern has proven beyond doubt to be good in both the field of technology and business.

He has led his successful career which has built a great reputation for him. He has gained a lot of popularity due to his ability to develop small business to great business empires. This has helped him build his extensive knowledge in business and has developed great business strategies. He is also good in technology and understands the various techniques used in technological companies. Due to his great success, he was selected to be the President of Tsunami XR. This is a globally known company which has built a great l=reputation for itself in the field of technology.

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Alex Hern Explains the Digital Workplace of Tomorrow

Alex Hern

Alex Hern believes tomorrow’s digital workplace will help enterprises to better respond to customer demands and business needs. Many companies face changing market conditions, and they are on a mission to adjust the abilities of their workforce to address those changes. Many of the adjustments made will take place in digital workspaces. Tsunami XR company is a leader in helping provide those digital solutions.

Tsunami XR creates best workplace software that companies can customize for their own needs. Industries that benefit immediately include aerospace, defense, healthcare, and life sciences to name several. The software enables workers from around the world to share PDF files, schematics, PowerPoint presentations, and other information. The virtual technology will change how people conduct business with each other.

Expert Alex Hern is an entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience helping stage companies that provide breakthrough technologies. He has his finger on the pulse, and he is able to tap into the trends of tomorrow and work on solutions today.

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Learn More About Liu Quiangdong, CEO of

Liu Qiangdong founded and grew his company to become the biggest IPO of 2014. He stressed good customer service from the start and made a pledge to make positive impacts through business.
After university, Liu Qiangdong worked for the herbal supplement company, Japan Life and climbed the corporate ladder to become the Director of Computers and Service.
Soon after, he ventured out with his own company as an entrepreneur. This venture was successful from the beginning and he continued his success when he turned his brick and mortar business into an online company.
Eventually, this company became and has a large drone fleet that is used for deliveries, he has continued to provide excellent customer service and is able to provide this top service to over 300 million customers. is planning to grow it’s service area to Thailand, Southeast Asia, Europe and more.

Securus Technologies’ Famed CEO, Rick Smith, is the Role Model of all Times

Rick Smith is the gifted Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, a famed inmate communication company. He was appointed to the position in 2008 because he had exceptional skills which would contribute to the company’s growth and development. He was the leader who would make the company successful and produce high-quality products. Smith has an excellent track record and a broad range of experience, for instance, in telecom.Previously, he worked at Global Crossing North America Inc., where served as the chief information officer (CIO) and the controller. Later, he joined Frontier Corporation where he served as the president. Smith has also been put in prestigious positions while working in the company. For instance, he was the vice president at Midwest Telephone Operations. Additionally, he was the director of business development at the Financial Management division. Rick Smith has also served at Eschelon Telecom, Inc. as the talented CEO, and helped the company’s revenue grow from $30 million to $350 million hence leading it to an impressive IPO in 2005.

Education Background

Rick Smith has been a successful academic scholar in many well-known institutions. He was a student at the renowned Rochester Institute of Technology where he obtained an associate’s degree. Smith was awarded a degree and masters in engineering from the prestigious State University of New York. Additionally, he acquired an MBA from the famed Simon School of the University of Rochester.

A Closer Focus on Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a renowned privately-held company and the provider of exquisite services to correctional facilities, public safety agencies, and law enforcement. The company has been successfully serving the inmate community thanks to Rick Smith, the company’s CEO. Securus Technologies provides services including emergency response, incident management, public information, and inmate self-service. The company serves the incarcerated community through its regional offices in Atlanta, Carrolton, and Allen. Securus Technologies resulted from a merger of two prominent correction companies including Evercom and T-Netix.

The Roles of Rick Smith

Securus Technologies’ operations have massively expanded across correctional facilities in the U. S and Canada because of Rick Smith, for example, it offers video visitation services. His leadership position has led to the implementation of managed access technology, which incorporates targeted signal blocking to eradicate the threats of cell phones in correctional facilities. Therefore, Securus Technologies is dedicated to providing services that make the world a secure place to reside.From 2013 to 2016, Rick Smith led the company to invest more than $600 million in top-notch technologies, acquisitions, and patents. Smith was also involved in the development of the LBS Software that has helped correction officials to gain valuable information through tapping prisoners’ phone conversation of drugs and illegal money transactions.

Eric Pulier Is Always On The Move With Technology

Eric Pulier is the man behind a new gaming app development company that takes the features and incorporates them into real world uses. That company is vAtomic Systems, a company Pulier says was born out of a disappointment he had when he founded another company that wasn’t used the way he thought it would be. He’s never been one to be content with things to stay as they are, so he’s decided to invest in disruptive apps and software. Pulier believes that technology such as Bitcoins will change the economy as we know it.

Eric Pulier was only a young boy when he began to program. He was raised in Teaneck, NJ and while attending elementary school he started teaching himself how to write computer programs. He then built an early database company when he was only in high school. His brilliance in technology and academics landed him at Harvard where he studied literature and was an editor and writer for the acclaimed Harvard Crimson. He took classes at MIT in advanced computer science and graduated in 1988 magna cum laude.

He moved to Los Angeles in 1991 and entered the IT industry by forming a group of young activists under the group name People Doing Things. Eventually their endeavors to bring technology to use for social activism led to the formation of Pulier’s company Digital Evolution. This company used interactive web design and video to cater to big name clients such as Microsoft, Warner Brothers and Toyota. Digital Evolution was also the host company for the 1997 Presidential Technology Exhibition.


Pulier became Chairman of US Interactive in 1998 when that company merged with Digital Evolution. The year they merged, Pulier brought the company into the major virtual reality and social media project at Starbright World. Starbright World helped chronically ill children speak about their illnesses with others like them through this platform. Pulier got into cloud computing in the coming years and built Akana, an SOA company that is now owned by Rogue Wave. He also built ServiceMesh which was bought by the Computer Sciences Corporation. Pulier is the co-author of “Understanding Enterprise SOA,” a book that explains important tech terms.


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