You Can Declutter With Unroll Me

 Emails have become part of our identity as a society. We have come to rely on it for our day to day activities, whether business or personal. As a culture, we depend on email to notify and alert us of things going on at work, at home, school, and just life in general. 

The first thing people ask you for when filling out an application or shopping online is your email address. Certain websites may not even allow you to browse their sites unless you provide your electronic mailing information. That being said, your inbox can get cluttered fast. 

This is an ongoing issue that causes us to scroll and scroll through our inboxes until we get fed up and finally create a new email address. The emails never stop coming, so you have to make time to get your inbox under control. Between taking care of our families and working, there was no time to clean up our mailboxes until now.

You can now declutter your inbox by going to This is a great new kind of sorting service that will unclutter your inbox with just the click of a button. Finally, our email hero has come along. is a time-saver that you want to spread the word about. 

This service is absolutely free and extremely easy to use. Just sign in and start cleaning your inbox in seconds. It gives you just a few options to choose from. You just sort, delete, unsubscribe, or keep. Yes. It is that simple. This is the solution to a clean inbox, and you will not be disappointed.

Email is part of our lives that is never going to go away. It’s our very own personal digital space, and we should do our best to nurture and keep it as easy to navigate through as possible. This service is short, sweet and to the point. Go ahead and Unroll Me today.

Talkspace: Keeping Mental Health on Track

Today, it seems as if mental health is all that is being talked about. That being said, there is a new technology that is allowing users who have a mental illness to get assistance from a therapist via text message. It even goes as far as sending video or audio messages to your assigned therapist who in turn gets you on a program of treatment that can get you through your day. Millions of users have hopped on board to join Talkspace. It’s an innovative genius way of getting people in contact faster with a therapist that can help ease their mental anguish that is crushing their daily spirits. The reviews about the platform seem endless in that people are sharing that the application is life changing. Read this article here.

Talkspace Reviews, as many have put it, is giving them their life back in way they could have never imagined. The platform is so easy that a representative can get you matched with a therapist who gets you set on an online therapy plan within days or much less. One user points out that its the privacy and texting sessions that allows her to feel normal even though suffering from mental illness.

Talkspace is giving an instant gratification to those waiting to talk to someone about their negative worries that is harming their positive thoughts. The ability to sign up for as little as $49 a week is exciting to many users. It opens the door to getting affordable mental health care from a trained professional right from your own computer terminal in your room. They can enjoy extensive chats either live or by typing their hearts away sharing some of their troubling obstacles that prevent them from being generally happy. Reviews are on-going about the Talkspace platform that has several matched with a therapist that they feel truly cares.

To Learn More, Visit

Richard Liu Qiangdong is Confident About JD.COM Being the Next Largest Online Retailer in the World in the Next Few Years

Richard Liu Qiangdong attended the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting recently. He revealed a lot about his life and JD.COM, the largest online retailer in China. JD.COM has grown gradually from its official launch in 2004 to become a go-to shopping destination with more than one billion products. It boosts more than 300 million active shoppers. Born and bred in Jiangsu, China, Richard Liu Qiangdong hails from a humble background. His family was not well-off and his grandmother raised him up. At one point, his grandmother was sick and she could not get medical care because of financial challenges. Those are among the challenges that saw the entrepreneur get into business while still in school.

He tried his hand in business by starting a catering business in vain. The business failed because he could not strike a balance between studies and business. Richard Liu went to Renmin University of China. While at school, he recognized the importance of expanding his horizons. He taught himself computer programming, skills that came-in handy later in his career. In the wake of the difficult financial circumstances, a successful entrepreneur opened a magneto-optical product business in China’s technology hub in Beijing. After growing into twelve retail shops, the business was brought down by the SARS outbreak. The journey to e-commerce commenced as he sold a few products online. He only provided authenticated and best legitimate products.

Within 6 years in operation, the platform had many products that online shoppers could ever need. Today, JD is estimated to be worth $60 billion. According to Richard Liu, the focus is on bringing the best quality products from all-over the world to China. Once that is achieved, he will take the business through a series of expansion efforts to the Middle East, the United States, Southern Asia and the rest of the world. JD.COM grew tremendously alongside its logistic capabilities. It can deliver products across the world. Within Beijing, customers can receive their products in just three hours. Outside Beijing, they can receive their products within just six hours. He is now looking to make the company the largest online retailer in the world in the next few years. The businessman is confident about JD being the next big deal in the business world. He serves as JD’s Founder and CEO.

LocationSmart Will Assist Your Organization to Take Full Advantage of Geo-Contextual Technologies

The impressive popularity of mobile devices now offers some excellent new chances for business owners that wish to make use of geo-contextual technologies.

With the use of LocationSmart’s location-based targeting now offering hyper-local features, your Canadian business will be able to make a smart move into the modern age in how it interacts with users. Perhaps the advanced technologies offered by LocationSmart will help you to win over some potential customers.

LocationSmart will enable you to be in a position to fully identify the fantastic features provided as part of their geo-contextual technologies. They will also help you to take full advantage of the values provided by these technologies, and they will thereby assist you to fully understand the communities and networks that animate and structure these geo-contextual technologies.

To develop the totality of your advanced local digital services for the foreseeable future (which may include features such as business service provisioning, store expansions, product sales, training services, etc.), LocationSmart will help you to reveal how to map the features offered by geo-contextual technologies.

You should also be aware that, for the time being, and despite some scattered regional successes, it cannot be said that organizations have fully utilized the hyper-local information movement in recent years.

However, with their recent further expansion into the Canadian market, LocationSmart can now assist your company in taking full advantage of the geo-contextual technologies offered by this outstanding organization.

Furthermore, you should be aware that people are interested in using these features, whether they are users who are employees of your business, or perhaps they are potential customers who will be interacting with your geo-contextual technologies.

Either way, you can improve your business processes and increase your profitability by taking advantage of the hyper-local features offered by LocationSmart.

From an organization’s perspective, hyper-local mobile apps are similar to other types of targeting, and these geo-contextual technologies now allow a wide variety of different companies to be able to determine who sees the various features of their apps according to a detailed list of criteria that they will be able to customize. Read more: LocationSmart | Facebook and LocationSmart | Wikipedia

You should also feel free to contact the geo-contextual technology experts at LocationSmart to discuss all of the different ways that hyper-local features can help your company to advance into the modern world.

In other words, these functions will provide your organization with the ability to customize your apps according to the precise targeted audience’s habits. You can now enable specific features of your apps only to potential users in particular geographic areas.

Remember, LocationSmart’s advanced set of hyper-local functions and their outstanding geo-contextual technologies will help you to close the gap that may otherwise exist between the digital world and the real world.

Learn more about LocationSmart:

Serge Belamant Created Blockchain Before It Was Known As Bitcoin

Serge Belamant does not get the credit that he deserves for being one of the first developers or initiators of the blockchain technology. The two household names that the word usually give this credit to are Vitalik Buterin and Satashi Nakamoto. He is not recognizable as other technology giants like Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos but he is every bit as relevant. Serge Belamants experience and expertise is in the areas of engineering and technology. Mr. Belamant did attend college but he dropped out and received most of his formal education from taking various courses on information systems.

Serge Belamant is the co-founder of two different technology companies called Zilch Technology Limited and Net1 UEPS Technologies Inc. He is also the chief executive officer of Net1 UEPS Technology Inc. Mr. Belamant has put his stamp on the development of blockchain technology because he is a patent holder for developing the first blockchain applications which came in the form of smart cards. The smart card that Serge Belamant created is able to function on or offline and is currently being used by many banking institutions to this day. There has been many different patents filed over the past 20 plus years that led to the development of blockchain technology. A few examples of the patents filed are method and apparatus for controlling a gaming operation, verification of a transactors identity, designation of electronic financial transactions, and secure financial transactions.

When blockchain was being created it was a very challenging process and there was nothing easy about it. Most customers such as banking institutions were very apprehensive of the technology initially so it was a slow grind trying to build a customer base. Serge Belamant literally spent years marketing his universal electronic payment system to banks. He finally got his break in 1995 when visa hired his firm Net1 Technologies to create the chip offline pre- authorization card. Then four years later in 1999 he called caught another big business break and was commissioned to modernize South Africa cash payment services system so people could receive their welfare payment benefits correctly and in a timely manner. Building this technology was a long tedious process but hard work and dedication has made Mr. Belamant a multi-millionaire.


Shervin Pishevar: Why We Need Cryptocurrencies Now

Most people are more familiar with the word cryptocurrency than with blockchain. This is because cryptocurrencies are readily seen and used by individuals. Blockchains are digital ledgers that can run cryptocurrencies but have other applications.

Digital ledgers do not need a cryptocurrency to be valuable to an organization. They provide data management, efficiency, and logistical advantages. However, for individuals, a blockchain that is devoid of a cryptocurrency is often much less relevant.

Shervin Pishevar called attention to blockchain-based cryptocurrencies last year. Today, you might find yourself using a blockchain-based application without knowing it. For example, Amazon is invested in blockchain. The company already offers services based on its private version of the technology.

Founding Principles

Shervin Pishevar might point out that blockchains were initially designed to decentralize digital transactions. This is the express intent of cryptocurrencies. By centralizing blockchain applications, private companies, like Amazon, are essentially ‘hacking’ blockchain’s founding principles. Without cryptocurrencies to empower individuals with control over their own transactions, Shervin Pishevar’s call for small business innovation goes unheard.

Trusting Technology

Cryptocurrencies are powerful because they secure P2P transactions. They do more than this, but direct trades are their most profound application. By using a cryptocurrency, individuals do not need a third party to complete a secure transaction. The current method of digital transactions involves credit ledgers and third parties. With a blockchain-based cryptocurrency, individuals can trust the technology instead.

Decentralized Applications

Developers and other innovative thinkers grasp how cryptocurrencies can be used for P2P, decentralized applications. Consider email. By using cryptocurrencies and a decentralized blockchain, only the two parties to and from which emails are sent can access the content of the message. With Internet privacy issues in the spotlight and the subject of regulation, this become a profound application.


Shervin Pishevar recognized the need for cryptocurrencies in the global economy. He called for alternatives to the tech monopolies acting as third parties. They have a disproportionate amount of control over information for the services they provide. Cryptocurrencies would limit third party involvement to valuable contributors only.

Tidy Up Your Email Inbox With Unroll Me

Are you getting tired of email overload? Do you get too many emails yet you hardly need them? In this age of digital marketing, it is easy for someone to find your email and sign you up for a subscription. This means that you will be getting daily messages that you did not ask for. It becomes annoying when these messes are too many that you can hardly stand them. Sometimes, they make important emails invisible and so, you have no option but to find a way to tidy your inbox. You can easily do that by using a service called Unroll Me.

Organizing the inbox

Unroll Me works behind the scenes by checking every message that arrives in your inbox. They classify these messages to identify the ones that come from subscriptions. In addition to that, they will sort them according to the send and the number of emails that you receive. You do not have to do anything once you are logged in because it happens automatically. What you are required to do is to sit back, focus on your work, and wait for a report from the service.

Giving you Roll Ups

Roll Ups are reports that the service provides you after finishing a scan. They represent the results of a digest of your emails. These reports are usually sent to your inbox every day, and they will indicate how many emails you receive on that day. You can schedule the time when to receive these Roll Ups and customize many other things. By looking at the reports, you will know the actions to take. For instance, you can easily see messages that have come from sources you do not want to associate with and therefore, you can do away with them.

Sometimes, message overload can affect your work. It can make you miss an important appointment just because there were too many messages and you did not see the one that invited you to the meeting. If it is a business, it means that you will lose customers, partners, or other opportunities. Instead of going through all that trouble, you can use Unroll Me and have some peace.

Taking A Look: Unroll.Me

In this particularly fast-paced world email has become one of the fastest ways to keep in touch with people. One of the things that people like about email is that it can be sent and received in a moment’s notice. People and businesses receive a few to hundreds if not thousands of emails each day. One of the things that overwhelm a person is the amount of junk mail that can pile up. Lianne Cassavoy took a look at Unroll Me and she gives people an honest take on the service.

She says that there are many things to like about the service and one thing that could be improved. She says the way the service works is by scanning an email to look for subscriptions the person has. This initial scan of the account only takes a few minutes and can be completed quickly. She says the service works for Gmail, Yahoo, and Google right now but more services may be added in the future.

One of the things that Lianne really liked about the service was that she could schedule when her daily email can come. This can save people and businesses a lot of time rather than going through an exhaustive list. One of the things that she found was that some of her colleagues’ emails were being put in the subscription the service can be told to place those emails in the inbox.

She says that if you have more than one email each one has to be put in separately to Unroll Me. This way the service can determine which accounts the user has are still active. One of the things that can be improved on the service is the list of emails. There should be a priority list so people can find the email they need quickly rather than sorting through hundreds at a time.

She says the service has promise but it needs to be able to keep priorities in place. If the kinks can be sorted out in the coming months Unroll.Me is a service that could really come to the forefront of battling junk mail.

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