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Isabel dos Santos Incredible Vision for Africa

Isabel dos Santos is a great figure in international economic forums. She is the richest woman in Africa, which makes her a mentor and a role model for most women. Isabel is the daughter of Jose Eduardo dos Santos, the former president of Angola. She has proven beyond no reasonable doubt that her success strictly depends on hard work and commitment in her career (Africanews). 

Dos Santos was born on April 20, 1973. She pursued her education in London, King’s College, and graduated with a degree in Engineering. After completing her education, she joined the entrepreneurship world due to her passion for business. Isabel dos Santos´ career incredibly grew after owning various companies in Portugal, a bank, a cable TV Company, and other shares. She got married to an African man who had similar goals and objectives who ended becoming her central pillar of support. 

To progress, Isabel dos Santos firmly believes that Africa requires transformation into a digital era, or otherwise, it will lag behind other parts of the world. She widely focuses on technology development for Africa. Isabel is the chairwoman of Unitel, which makes her clearly understand the incredible impact of digital communication in the world. According to her, digital transformation will be the next African revolution. E-commerce will become popular once mobile technology spreads across Africa. Besides, the banking sector will expand across Africa, and most people will be able to open their first bank accounts. 

Isabel dos Santos was among the main speakers at 2019’s Africa Summit. She addressed all delegates that were in attendance and the European Parliament. Isabel noted that the population in big African cities is tremendously growing and it’s essential to keep up with the growth rate. She firmly believes that smart cities development requires sufficient and reliable public transport and technology that improves residents’ lives in general. To attain this, Isabel dos Santos affirms that these cities will need support to plan and implement everything successfully, which will eventually lead to a higher quality of life and a lower cost of living. 

To ensure successful technological developments, Isabel insists on consistent job creation, attracting investors, and well-structured legal framework to maintain the rate of evolution. Her main goal is to see improvement in everyone’s life across Africa. 

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