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The MAGFAST Charger Moves Fast to Change Tech History

The new MAGFAST charger might soon change the way people power up their handheld devices. People want conveniences, and MAGFAST intends to deliver.

Should charging your smartphone or tablet come with any hassles? Theoretically, the experience should entirely hassle-free. The difficulty level in plugging in your charging chords to the devices isn’t that high. When you discover that the chord is compatible with one device and not the other, the difficulty level switches over to impossible. At least for one device, it is.

And what about the terrible tangles the many chords deliver when they are compatible. Straightening out the mess brings about many hassles. You could even ruin a chord by getting too rough with untangling.

Don’t let these images stick in your mind. The new wireless MAGFAST charger arrives to move fans of consumer electronics beyond all these woes. The MAGFAST name represents a new line of wireless magnetic chargers. The elimination of wires and chords makes tangles a thing of the past. And the magnets do something else. Depending upon how you connect everything, the chargers could create something decorative. Yes, you can add a “little something nice” to a room, a functional something that charges your smartphone.

What about compatibility? Wireless charges can work with more than one type of device. Don’t worry about buying and saving tons of different charging chords.

The new MAGFAST charger puts all this innovation on display. Thank Seymour Segnit for his hard work. The entrepreneur raised the capital necessary to make MAGFAST a reality. He didn’t go to venture capitalists for the money. Segnit opted to employ crowdfunding strategies to raise money. He didn’t only raise funds. He raised around $250,000 in about 15 minutes.

The fundraising shows promise for MAGFAST. Fans of technology gravitate towards innovative products that make life easier. These chargers fit that category.


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