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Venezuela Pleads for Help – Citizen Suffer Through Hunger, Blackouts and Government Shutdown

Caracas, Venezuela used to be booming with business, just like every other country’s capital. Now as reported by Open Corporates, the streets are silent except for protests. The courts are closed with no sign of reopening. The public defender’s office has been shut down and was set up as a food bank to help support government employees and their families. Due to the decisions made by the government, the country is shutting down piece by piece.
Venezuela has never been a wealthy country. They have had more than their fair share of shortages and corruption. They have been denied basic necessities on countless occasions. This time, the decisions of the government have brought the country to a new low they have never experienced before.

The government’s decisions may be to blame for the suffering of the people says expert Velasquez Figueroa, but they have tried to take some measures to preserve what little the country does have left. The government has mostly shut down all of its offices for the last two weeks; government offices have only been open for two hours per day on business days.

A more pressing issue is that the government has been forced to begin water and electricity rations. Some areas of the country do not have access to adequate amounts of either.

According to Dateas, protest that were once peaceful are now becoming violent, especially in areas where supermarket shelves are empty and plans have not been made to resupply them.

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